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Aluminum Can Crushers - Home Electric Soda Can Smasher Wall Mounted

Updated on February 23, 2012

Aluminum can crushers are a smart buy for the private individual who likes to recycle their waste metal or for businesses which produces a lot of empty ones in its day to day operations. Recycling aluminum cans is the green thing to do for the environment and if you take a bunch down to the local recycling plant you will make a few bucks too. However, many homes do not have the room to store waste metal in their home or garage and transporting them uncrushed may mean making several trips...which defeats the purpose of recycling in the first place both in terms of the cost in gas and the environment impact of burning that excess fuel.

Aluminium can compactors compress them down to around a fifth of their original height, or around 1 inch tall, leaving you able to store many more in a much smaller space. They are a fun way to introduce kids to environmental issues and to teach them the value in being green and environmentally friendly through recycling early so they'll hopefully continue throughout the rest of their lives.

These come in several main types for the home - manual wall mounted container crushers which operate using a pull down arm as a fulcrum to flatten a single regular size item, adjustable height smashers which can be adjusted to fit the larger size containers as well and then there are those which load several up in a row to be flattened at will. You may also find electric compactors and commercial aluminum compacting machines for business use too.

Recommended Manual Can Crusher Pairing

Easy Pull Auto Dispensing Can Crusher
Easy Pull Auto Dispensing Can Crusher

Made in the USA, this wall mounted 12oz crusher flattens the can and automatically dispenses it into the container below so there is no need to handle them after they are compacted and therefore no chance of cutting yourself on sharp edges or getting gunked up by left over stick soda. Made from durable steel, aluminum and nylon this product is built to last and receives excellent user reviews.


Combine your Easy Pull purchase with the optional collection bin for best results. This handy storage bin works perfectly in conjunction with the crusher to collect up to 44 crushed cans.

Pacific Precision Metals THE CRUSHER Aluminum Can Compactor
Pacific Precision Metals THE CRUSHER Aluminum Can Compactor

This all steel can compactor is capable for flattening 12 ounce to 16 ounce containers. There is no chintzy plastic here ust highly durable metal and it's simple to operate too. Wall mount it and pull the lever downward to flatten the containers to 1 inch in height with the minimum of effort. It gives the chance to store and take up to 5 times more to your local recycler in one trip.


Manual Aluminum Can Crushers

The cheapest and the most commonly type found in the home environment are the pull lever style. This style of drinks can smasher is manually operated and works by the user pulling a lever downwards to smash them flat. Typically these are wall mounted which are suitable for hanging in a shed, garage, utility room, basement or anywhere else where you'd be happy to see a bin full of scrap metal. Most people place an aluminum recycling bin directly below the can compactor rather than transporting the crushed metal to someplace else afterwards.

The manual style is meant for the home environment and many feature safety locking to prevent children from playing with them. The Easy Pull (above) also automatically spits out the crushed flat metal into the waiting recycle bin so there's no chance of anyone cutting themselves on the ragged edges, or of getting their hands dirty by touching the residual sticky liquids left over in the bottom. These family friendly features are recommended for the home environment.

Multiple Load Aluminum Can Smashers

Rack 'em up and smash them one after the other with a dispensing soda or beer can smasher. These automatic loading soda and beer can smashers hold 6 or more in a holding cage ready to be fed into the crusher one after another. This makes them much faster than a single 12 ounce presser by a factor of x where x is the number of cans the cage will hold. If you decide to save cans and then crush them all at once ready to be taken down to the recycler then one of these can speed up your day.

Automatic Electric Can Crushers

These are more robust heavy duty beer and soda can crushers aimed more at restaurant, bar, cafe and other environments which produce a lot of recyclable waste like aluminum cans but do not have the space to store them uncrushed. Hydraulic can crushers are way more expensive but are more powerful and much faster at doing the job for which they are designed.

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