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Can It Really Be So?

Updated on July 3, 2014
This partial list hardly tells the real story. Included should be the mass murders in China under Mao Tse Dung, the current mass murder in Papua New Guinea and the C.A.R among others now unfolding.
This partial list hardly tells the real story. Included should be the mass murders in China under Mao Tse Dung, the current mass murder in Papua New Guinea and the C.A.R among others now unfolding. | Source

Extradition to the Culling Centres?

There are those throughout history that have advocated for many reasons, the culling of the human population. It has also happened where genocide was the device used under a developing eugenics program to shape the human population with “racial hygiene”. The number of people who have been put to slaughter around the world throughout history, is likely incalculable and must number in the billions. Just in the 20th and 21st centuries, the numbers top a hundred million. Yet we have an ever expanding population now topping seven billion people. Many see that there needs to be some kind of correction in order to save what is left of the planet and environment. This means that a huge number of people have to be liquidated; eliminated; culled and disappeared. When you do the math, that means something like 93% of the world's human population has to be culled. One of these post modern projects for the culling of humanity is called Agenda 21, where to goal is to reduce the population to something around 500 million and no more. There is a shrine in Georgia, USA erected with the stated goals of reducing the world population to, and maintaining this figure. This shrine is the Georgia Guide-stones (1) that is also a large stellar, lunar and solar observatory done in the ancient monolithic style like Stonehenge, though with a radically different appearance. There are criteria that have existed from the time of the theory and practice of eugenics and even before as to who is to be allowed to live and who must be eliminated. Laws and extradition agreements are now being drafted in order to effect the culling and some is already under way. Those targeted for immediate or near future elimination include;

  • The physically infirm, deformed and ill (2)

  • The mentally infirm, challenged and ill (3)

  • The aged infirm and elders generally (4)

  • Homosexuals, transgender, transsexual, hermaphrodites (5)

  • Addicts of all kinds despite the false war on drugs that covers for gov't drug running (6)

  • The chronically unemployed (7)

  • Indigenous cultures considered too backward in the age of high tech and undesirable immigrants (8)

  • Dissidents and those labelled extremists of all kinds except the extreme right wing temporarily (9)

  • The weak (10)

  • Those insufficiently worshipful or disrespectful of authorities of all kinds (11)

  • The bankrupt except the too big to fail (12)

  • Those too knowledgeable for their position in society (13)

Culling camps have existed for a long time, but were inefficient until the Nazis perfected the art of factory mass production culling (14). These camps still exist and are found around the planet. Some are open fields capable of quick conversion, others are disused military camps, humanitarian camps, work camps, FEMA camps, Fusion camps, prisons and abandoned massive warehouses. Within the international world of today, secret agreements are made between about 150 countries to exchange prisoners for processing such as disappearing and torture. Though much of it is for torture, others appear to be for killing and processing excess human beings. Laws are now being drafted or have been drafted to ease the extradition (15) and trading of pre-culls to the locales where they are to be “processed”.

This map reflects more accurately the genocides that have occurred during the 20th and 21st centuries with some still going on right now.
This map reflects more accurately the genocides that have occurred during the 20th and 21st centuries with some still going on right now. | Source
Prior to the 20th century, the Americas experienced genocide on a colossal scale. The near extinction and extinction of first nations is not often mentioned in the history books.
Prior to the 20th century, the Americas experienced genocide on a colossal scale. The near extinction and extinction of first nations is not often mentioned in the history books. | Source

Everywhere One Looks, Minorities are in Deep Trouble

A group of laws now up for consideration and passing before the various parliaments of the UK have frightening implications when one connects them together. For clarification, the UK is made up of Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, all part of crown territories under the auspices of the royal family of Great Britain. It is important to recall that the crown has no real power, now being a mere PR symbol as the CFO of the private Bank of England now has the real power and that power in projected via the USA. In essence, a person can be spied upon, recorded, lose their citizenship if they are in conflict or critical of the ruling power and shipped off to an unspecified destination, possibly to a region that would be a specific killing/culling centre targeted for their specific condition, beliefs, race, culture, condition, beliefs, politics or ethnicity. For example, if a landed immigrant British citizen is critical of the parliament, they could be labelled as a terrorist, lose their citizenship and be extradited to Syria if they happen to be Muslim. The Syrian regime or rebels would take over from there. In another case, a gay person labelled as a terrorist and anyone not married for five years or more can be extradited to Uganda for the same purpose. In Canada, the bill before parliament is C-24 (16) that could produce similar results. This bill is increasing under focus and criticism, but judging by how the government is behaving in Ottawa, it is likely to be a shoe in despite protest. After this, the protestors, including scientists, would be among the first targets (17). In these cases, people are targeted for disappearance or killing by the use of law and the type of regime locale they are extradited to where laws would permit and encourage their execution. This sounds like a conspiracy of international organization, but it is more likely an assemblage of agreements post legislation particular to each region. This is in no way to imply that there is no conspiracy on part of the true and hidden rulers of the world against everyone else. Despite the attempt at organization fitted to a tight time line, the unexpected, disagreements and chaos creeps in to ruin the best laid of plans. In order to most efficiently affect the plan, the masses, especially the targeted, must be kept ignorant. In the world of the internet, that is almost impossible to keep such a secret. However, the role of disinformation must not be overlooked and in order to hide the truth, a mountain of half truths and lies are created to hide it. This activity is assigned to agencies such as Cointelpro (18) and its partners around the world. Meanwhile, the NSA is busy gathering information on everyone it can on a live streaming basis as exposed by whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden (19). Everyone is being monitored and watched, even in their most private moments, except for a handful at the top of the society hierarchy, who are exempt from all laws, spying and investigation. As the situation is unfolding in mid 2014, there are many huge crises unfolding all at once.

  • A mass fleeing of 500,000 people out of Iraq as the US occupation winds down and Islamist militants take US military equipment and begin their own war of conquest and occupation (20)

  • Some 4 million people (about 20% of the total population) internally displaced in Syria in a war over three years old; 160,000 dead, countless injured, Assad still alive and in power (21)

  • The genocide of hundreds of thousands in Papua/New Guinea indigenous folk (22)

  • Chinese attack on the Uygers (23)

  • The cutting off of water to the entire Crimea (24)

  • The cutting off of water in Aleppo, Syria (25)

  • Use of depleted uranium in Iraq, allegedly in Syria and in Libya (26)

  • Use of white phosphorus and chemical weapons everywhere such as Gaza and E. Ukraine (27)

  • The civil war and internal forced relocation of 250,000 W. Ukraine Russian ethnics to E. Ukraine and the massive military bombardments of places like Lugansk and Odessa in E. Ukraine. Tens of thousands flee to Russia (28)

  • Chaos in Libya that won't end and a ruined water delivering infrastructure (29)

  • Increasing use of UAV/drones and the development of autonomous killer robots targeting 2017 (30)

  • The Sudan mess that is decades old with millions starving and dying (31)

  • The culling of ten million people in the Central African Republic (C.A.R.) (32)

  • France's mass deportation and expulsion of all Roma gypsies (33)

  • Growing anti-Semitism and Jewish racism (34)

  • Racial hygiene, eugenics and ethnic cleansing are making a strong comeback (35)

  • The world wide ban on immigrants unless they can work for next to nothing (36)

  • The move toward slavery, slaves in private for profit prisons and brutal treatments (37)

  • The gutting of education, censorship, dumbing down and the rise of massive student debt (38)

  • The unchanged situation in Haiti post earthquake and rampant starvation and disease (39)

  • The extreme radiological hazard of Tepco in Japan that is being botched (40)

  • The ruination of the Gulf of Mexico by BP's irresponsible handling of a mega spill (41)

  • Shipping volatile fossil fuels by rail that derail and explode (42)

  • Fracking is killing people all over the world (43)

  • GMO crops leading to ruin in so many ways and the suicides of hundreds of thousands in India (44)

  • Pipelines rammed through regardless of concerns by anyone and almost everyone; only economics prevail for or against (45)

  • The fear of civil war as US pulls out of Afghanistan (46)

  • The rising of anti-gay sentiment and the culling of gays and so accused in Uganda (47)

  • The literal burning alive of anyone accused of witchcraft in Uganda with video recording (48)

  • Canada's Bill C-24 that threatens the cancelling of millions of citizenship statuses on bogus terror charges, other countries considering like legislation, Ukraine already doing it; extraditions galore (49)

  • US-EU-NATO-UN build up in Poland, Balkans and Ukraine threatening an invasion to Moscow (50)

  • Emergence of far right extremist planet wide with extremist solutions and by that appearance, the unspoken presence of and an emerging left (51)

  • Economic sanctions that hurt the world's poor (52)

  • The treatment of prisoners by forcing them to live in faeces, starving them and torture (53)

  • Refusal to allow those discharged by law to leave confinement (54)

  • Ostentatious displays or grandiose wealth in a sea of poverty such as in Brazil (55)

  • Subtle and open attacks on the poor world wide (56)

  • Austerity and the widening gap between rich and poor since the crash of 2008 (57)

  • Record high unemployment world wide and the destruction of the social safety networks (58)

  • Crop failures due to climate change, bee colony collapse, droughts; natural and manufactured (59)

  • Stratospheric geo-engineering, blocking the sun, masking climate change, poisoning the sky (60)

  • Big oil, gas, coal and nukes ploughing ahead with cooperative consent of governments and finance by big banks (61)

  • Environmental collapse in the midst of denial (62)

  • Bank funding for R&D of WMDs like nuclear weapons and bio-weapons like AIDS/HIV (63)

  • Wall Street's and the Feds periodic fleecing of the 99% (64)

  • The debt bomb is more threatening than all the worlds nuclear weapons (65)

  • The nukes used in Damascus and in Oman across the Straight of Hormuz nearest Iran (66)

In bad and austere times, this is usually the beginning of what happens to minorities. Usually their fate is to be liquidated. In this case, this phot is of Japanese interred in US concentration camps in WWII.
In bad and austere times, this is usually the beginning of what happens to minorities. Usually their fate is to be liquidated. In this case, this phot is of Japanese interred in US concentration camps in WWII. | Source

Charting Eugenics

Who is worthy of being eliminated from life? Are you in this list?

See results

The Real Stories that are Often Horrific, Are Ignored

This frightening but partial list of a who's who list is just what has been revealed in 2014 via media outside of the world corporate media that keeps most of it hidden, preferring to cover stories such as the football matches in Brazil, stupid political scandals in Canada (67) and the gossip scandals of the stars (68). Clearly priorities are upside down. Distraction ranks higher than truth. This condensed list may be hard to appreciate completely with clarity unless one tracks each story in full. Each one of these points would take a book in itself to clarify the subject. This list covers a window in history for the most part that is brief, from 2011 and looks forward to no later than 2017. Each of the targets are either “processed” domestically, or relocated to camps for “processing”. Though some of them appear to be doing the best in the worst of humanitarian crises, the truth on the ground is far worse. The conditions for most in the world go from bad, to worsening to absolutely appalling. From the homeless in the US and Canada that live on pocket change and are forced to sleep on spikes, to the war on the poor everywhere, to prisoners forced to live in faeces, to those force fed against their will, these and much else is an indictment against civilization that has proven to be barbarity beyond imagination. The very worst of horror films are tame in comparison to reality. George Orwell proved to be short in his descriptions

It is said that in the time of war, the first causality is truth as this is increasingly censored in favour of propaganda, the big lie, false flags and distractions even in the face of heavy opposition. Wars are no longer declared, but humanity finds out after the first bombs detonate. In wars alone, the culling is going on at a rapid pace. The last war period in Syria alone was close to half a million people between 2004 and the present, most of whom were civilian. Those war loses were created by the US occupation. There are similar figures for other wars. There is a rising tide of ethnic hysteria where minorities find themselves targets for all sorts of difficulty. Black Jews from Sudan face deportation from Israel and are held in miserable, squalid camps in dire circumstances (69). A test case has been flown to see what kind of response would be created; that is, the deportation of a gay person to Uganda from the UK (70). The masses petitioned en-mass against it and the program for that gay person and potentially all gays has been placed on a back burner until a work around is created. Why work around? Consider the case of free speech on the internet and how various governments continuously strive to censor and block it. When one attempt fails, then they immediately repackage it and try again and again until they succeed in part or in whole. One person has already died in the quest to maintain a free and open internet, namely Aaron Swartz who was suicided (71). As it now stands, the net has been made multi-tiered and those who can pay the most, like large transnational corporations, get the fastest and most open internet service and those on the bottom get almost nothing except that which is heavily controlled and slow as molasses (72). Once more, the cash gets the vote and those without the cash are targeted for elimination, even if by the lack of cash to buy a bottle of water, now a heavily controlled substance, like heroin. Guess who gets culled first and it matters little as to what else is the reason? It is the poor! The wealthy and powerful are doing the culling and making a fortune in the process. We like blind ignorant sheep, kill one another like ravening, rabid wolves. It has been said that a gun is a killing tool with a worker on both ends.

In WWII, the Nazis relocated millions to murder factories and perfected assembly line mass murder. Pol Pot killed one third of the entire population of Cambodia during his reign of terror and died of old age and health related issues and not from an assassins bullet. A similar thing can be said of Augusto Pinochet who seized power in Chile with US backing in 1973 in a long history of foreign regime changes by the US that still goes on. Hundreds of thousands were disappeared in Chile. Similar situations unfolded in other central and south American countries and territories. Since the end of WWII, the US has been involved or attempted regime change in 55 countries. These are nothing new to history as we can look to facts like the Indian Removal Act, the transport of slaves from Africa to the Americas and endless wars. Even in the world's “holy scriptures” we find injunctions for war and genocide, justified by the gods. The modern take on genocide is nothing more than a rehash of ancient and not so ancient practices.

The mass cull of contemporary humanity is now at hand (73). In a group of 100 friends, 93 will be slaughtered. Will you be one of the survivors? Unless you are part of the elite, the chances are that all 100 will be slaughtered. The most effective way today is what is going on now with meltdowns, use of depleted uranium, poisoned water, air and food and a psychological war that will drive many to madness and suicide. As a last resort, a full scale nuclear war will do the rest all the others have failed to do (74). We have walked far down the road and by some reckoning, the situation is already too advanced to reverse. Almost everyone of us is targeted by someone for elimination for one reason or another. Look at the list above and ask yourself which targeted category do you belong. When the day of chaos comes home to roost as in Iraq, Libya, Syria and now the Ukraine as well as many other places, will you somehow escape? One way is to be constantly aware of your surroundings and the threat level you are under. Be prepared to leave at a moments notice. Do not wait until someone kicks in your door at three in the morning and drags you off, kicking and screaming to an unknown destination and awful fate while neighbours turn a blind eye. By and large, we already ignore the plight of those cast off by society in austerity mode. It has happened before and is happening now and will happen again! Be aware and make others aware. Organize! Fight this monstrosity while time yet exists.

Don't Believe Me; Research For Yourself!












































































Canada to strip citizens of citizenship under bill C-24 as deemed fit.

UK to deport lesbian woman to Uganda, where she was raped to cure her.


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