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Can looks kill? Well...Yes, they can!

Updated on September 8, 2016

It was morning, mom called me downstairs for breakfast and I rushed downward not wanting her to start a lecture on how slow and clumsy I am. Though I'm not any one of these, she just don't like to wait. Anyways coming back to the story.

I took my toast, reading the newspaper simultaneously, ignoring comments from my mom. That's when my eyes landed on the bold highlights on top left corner. "16 year old, victim of Eve teasing committed suicide." It sounded equally weird to me as it would have been to you people. The highlights caught my interest so I decided to read it further.

A girl about 16 in age, who went to a big educational city for further studies, committed suicide. She was originally from Bihar, possessed a sharp mind. With her high hopes she went there, her aim to achieve her dreams. She was residing in a hostel, at about 10 minutes distance from her coaching classes. Since the distance wasn't that great she used to walk her way to coaching and back.

It went great for some time, but the problem started the day she of her encounter with a troop of boys. She was walking her way to home, she heard wishtling sound as she passed by them. They were eyeing her hungrily. She lowered her head and moved her legs faster. This now became a daily routine, they now started passing dirty comments at her. She was a girl of morals, a girl whose parents would feel proud to have her. She was now scared, she can't concentrate on her studies, her grades were falling down. All these things started to give her depression.

she thought of telling this to someone, but who? She can't decide. Her parents lived far away and she didn't had any relative here. Who could she share it to? She tried to talk about this to her friend but all she got as reply was, 'Ignore it.'

If only her friend would know that ignoring such issues never help.

She now felt helpless,to her it seemed like no other choice was left than to what her friend has said.

Things got worse with time, the bullying was reaching to its height. The started following her, calling her names, trying to get close to her and what not. Her depression too was now at it's max. She stopped talking to people, disconnected herself from the outer world. And when she just couldn't take it anymore she decided to end her life......

This story made me think for a minute, even in the 21st century women aren't safe! She was just a girl not even an adult, a teen girl, a perfect daughter, a great student, and she could be a great doctor too. But those boys took it all away from her. They took away her dreams, her family, her freedom and her life.

Eve teasing, bullying, sexual harassment and hineous deeds like these are ruining the society. They are turning our society for the worst. But what are the basic causes of such things? Well, according to me the one and only reason is thinking and mentality of people. Nowdays people are forgetting what the morals are, they want to dominate over everyone without thinking of the effect it would have on others. Such people are generally those self who don't care about the society. But since they are still a part of the society, we have to bear the ill effects of their deeds.

Friends we have to raise our voice together. Alone we won't be able to get a result, if we want to change for the better we have to make a step right now. Fight against such things today so that you can give the future generation a better place.

Stop all these hineous deeds and make a place which is safer,better and happier for us all.


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