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Can someone explain why some laws seems to support crime?

Updated on December 8, 2013

It seems some laws are in support of crime. I recall a hub that was published on in which the writer told a story of her friend that was shot and killed by her ex-husband. The man shot her simply because he did not want to see her with another man. He reported himself to the police and he was jailed for 14 years. The writer was not happy because he saw the man walking freely in the streets after serving the jail term.

The above case is one of the numerous of such cases in which someone was killed intentionally only for the culprit to serve a jail term and join the society once again. Some people have argued that capital punishment won’t bring back the dead while others asked if serving a simple jail term or life sentence is enough to pay for any human life. It is for same reason that some people claim “there is no justice for the dead” but we have not wondered if the dead will rest in peace if they are denied justice by the living.

Some countries have realized that some people take to crime simply because the punishment is easy to pay. That is why these countries increased the penalty for kidnapping, and other acts of terrorism. Some of these countries give capital punishment but some people still go against such decision especially human right activist or those that think they are/will be affected directly or indirectly by such decision/change of law.

The fight for human right is one of the best struggles man has ever undertaken. We know that one of such rights is the right to life. Then why fight for the life of someone that has denied others their own fundamental human right, a right which is the greatest gift given to man? It may be understandable to defend someone that accidentally kills another man but when the act is intentional then the decision becomes difficult. This is because there is the urge to rehabilitate the person when this is possible but most at times it does not work that way because they do not want to be rehabilitated. An Authority may decide to keep a culprit alive if they want to get more information from him or for other reasons.

It is always important to consider the situations surrounding any case of murder before the appropriate punishment will be determined. The rising shooting crime in the United States and other terrorist activities across the world as can be seen by activities of Boko Haram sect in Nigeria calls for urgent actions. This is because if the law should fail to protect all other rights of her citizens, it should not fail to protect the lives of her citizens and each citizen’s life should be considered important.

The citizens should know that the only way they can be protected, if the society can’t protect them, is to protect the society. There are cases in which people were punished for killing an armed robber in self-defense. This goes further to show how the law seems to protect the wrongdoers and not the good citizens.

It hurts when people say, “I will kill you and go to jail” that is why the writer of this hub wants to know if jail term is enough as a punishment for intentional murder and how can the law help to combat crime and encourage the good citizens that the law is really made to protect them and not the wrongdoers as the outcome of some court cases seem to suggest


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