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What is Cap and Trade?

Updated on March 12, 2019
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James Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, historian, and author of three non-fiction books. James enjoys people, music, film, and reading

What Is Cap and Trade?

What is Cap and Trade? Cap and Trade refers to legislation designed to raise the cost of energy for Americans. The purpose of the Cap and Trade bill is to force Americans to use less energy and thereby reduce emissions to the level of 100 years ago.

It is estimated that between one million and 2.5 million jobs will be lost each year in America if Cap and Trade legislation passes. Amazingly, President Barack Obama calls it a "jobs bill."

This continues the "DoubleSpeak" that we are growing accustomed to coming from this administration. For instance, President Obama claims the Health Care Bill will cut health care costs. But the Congressional Budget Office says it will increase health care costs by $1,600,000,000,000.

President Obama also claimed that he would balance the budget better than former President Bush. But his latest budget shows a deficit of $1,800,000,000,000—more than ten times higher than the last year the United States had a Republican-controlled Congress. It is estimated that the Cap and Trade bill will add a further 26 percent to our national debt.


The Cap and Trade Bill

The cost of implementing Cap and Trade legislation will be borne by consumers of energy, of course, not the bogeyman of the New Left—Big Business.

It is estimated that if the Cap and Trade bill is made into law, it will cost every American family a minimum of $1600 per year.

Peter Orszag, the former budget director for President Obama, testified to Congress last year that "Those price increases are essential to the success of a cap and trade program."

The Cap and Trade legislation supposedly targets polluters. But the concept behind Cap and Trade is based on considering Carbon Dioxide to be "pollution."

This is simply not so. Carbon Dioxide is in fact essential to life on earth.


Who Loses?

The greatest inequities of the Cap and Trade bill are geographic and would be imposed on the parts of the U.S. that rely most on manufacturing or fossil fuels—particularly coal.

Coal generates most of the power in the Midwest, Southern, and Plains states. It is no coincidence that the liberals who are the most aggressive about passing Cap and Trade legislation—Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Ed Markey, for example—come from California or the Northeast.

Coal provides more than half of the electricity in the United States. 25 states get more than 50 percent of their electricity from conventional coal-fired generators. According to the Energy Information Administration, ratepayers in these states are going to get soaked.

Indiana gets 94 percent of its energy from coal; Missouri 85 percent; New Mexico 80 percent; Ohio 86 percent; Pennsylvania 56 percent; West Virginia 98 percent; and Wyoming 95 percent.


Cap and Trade Legislation

What Cap and Trade legislation will really do is eliminate what is left of American manufacturing. Many companies will close or move overseas.

It is overregulation and closed union shops that caused the tragic decline of American manufacturing, which dominated the world economy as recently as the 1950s.

Russia, India, and China—the latter now the biggest "polluter" of all nations in the world—are not being asked to participate in Cap and Trade legislation because they have all three made it clear that their nations will not even consider such a thing.

If Americans want to truly be carbon free they are free to move to Papua New Guinea and live as primitives.


Global Warming

If the proposed Cap and Trade bill is implemented, it is estimated that the sacrifice of Americans will lower the temperature of the Earth by nine one-hundredths of one degree by the year 2050.

Cap and Trade legislation is based on the false doctrine of Global Warming. The truth is that the temperatures on Earth have never been constant; they have always fluctuated. Just a few decades ago scientists announced that a New Ice Age was upon us.

In the last decade, temperatures have actually lowered on earth. The earth was warming before this most recent decade, which many scientists blamed on sunspots.

Dr. Kiminori Itoh, a Japanese environmental physical chemist who contributed to a United Nations climate report, has called the very idea of man-made Global Warming "the worst scientific scandal in history."

Norway's Ivar Giaever, Nobel Prize winner for physics, decries Global Warming as the "new religion."


The New World Order

If signed into law, the Cap and Trade bill will require a new and huge federal bureaucracy.

All homes will undergo an inspection by the federal government before they can be sold or renovated—and the improvements required by the Cap and Trade bill are estimated to cost $6800 per home.

The ultimate goal of Cap and Trade proponents is to eliminate American sovereignty and make the United Nations the global government of a New World Order. Then Cap and Trade will be used to redistribute American wealth to Third World peoples.


Who Wins?

The Cap and Trade permits will be awarded by Democrat politicians to the gigantic corporations that supported Democratic candidates in the last election cycle.

In other words, Cap and Trade legislation is not meant to benefit all Americans.

The permits will specifically be awarded only to corporations that are unionized, for instance to companies that do business with President Obama's Marxist friends at the SEIU.

Anyone who doubt this will come true should study which automobile dealers were closed by the administration of President Obama shortly after he took office.

Not one of the dealers forced out of business by the government—that is not supposed to pick winners and losers in business—was minority owned and not one was a dealership that contributed to the election campaign of Barack Obama.

Money is even allotted in the Cap and Trade bill to be granted to Community Organizations such as the fraudsters of ACORN.


Cap and Trade is a Scam

Soon after the election of Barack Obama, a friend of mine who has been an electrical contractor for 30 years, got me pretty excited about starting a new enterprise together to take advantage of the grants offered by the $787,000,000,000 Stimulus Package to make homes and businesses Green.

One reason I was excited is that, along with millions of other Americans, I had been out of work since not long after the Democrats took over Congress in 2007.

I knew that our local college, Central Florida University, was heavily involved in technology and research regarding Green Issues.This is the 3rd largest University in America, though few know this outside of Orlando.

I am acquainted with a couple of researchers at the university and so I visited with them. They write grant proposals such as the one I was hoping to submit.

When I told them our idea, this is what they said: "Are you a registered Democrat? If not, you have no chance of getting money from the Stimulus Package. The contracts are awarded only to supporters of Barack Obama, who sign a contract that stipulates they will not use any non-union workers, which also has quotas for minority workers in your company."


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