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Casey Anthony Movie

Updated on May 11, 2011
Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

Will You Watch the Casey Anthony Movie?

Who will play Casey Anthony in the Casey Anthony movie? Will you watch it?

No one knows when the Casey Anthony movie will be made, or whether it will be made at all, but one thing is for certain - there hasn't been this kind of media sensationalism over a child's death since the JonBenet Ramsey case.

Directors, writers, movie producers and actors see dollar signs and contracts when there's a high-profile crime committed against a child. Worse, the families of these children profit from the crimes (could you place a dollar amount on your child's life?)

Child holds a sign in front of Anthony home
Child holds a sign in front of Anthony home
Anthony's confront protesters
Anthony's confront protesters
Media with caution tape from property
Media with caution tape from property

Can the Story be Told Accurately?

Could you tell the entire Casey Anthony story if you were given 2 hours and a camera? It's highly doubtful.

Let's recap:

There's an imaginary babysitter, a bounty hunter in a cowboy hat, cadaver dogs in the Anthony's back yard, pictures of Casey Anthony partying while her daughter is missing, and bounced checks stolen from friends and an elderly grandfather.

Protesters flood the sidewalks of Hopespring Drive daily, holding signs that read 'baby killer', throwing rocks, and scrapping with the Anthony's.

Then, there's Cindy Anthony, the mother of Casey Anthony, who hammers no trespassing signs into her lawn daily.

Cindy's husband, George Anthony, claims that he is 'watching' the 'people' who took his grandaughter - but he fails to mention who these 'people' are. Months later, George Anthony attempts to commit suicide in a hotel.

Let's not forget the media - parked across the street from the Anthony home - running a live webcam feed 24 hours a day. How do you even begin to tell this story?

Movies = Profit

Casey Anthony's movie would not be the first of its kind. While there hasn't been a movie made about Casey Anthony's life, thus far, many parents of slain children (some who have even been suspected of involvement in the death of their child) have sold their stories to Hollywood.

Take, for example, John Mark Beyers, the stepfather of Christopher Beyers, a child murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas, in 1993. Brad Pitt is among those being considered to portray Byers in a movie about murder and injustice, focusing on the incarceration of the West Memphis 3.

If and when a movie about Casey Anthony is made, will you watch it? Who should receive the profits from the Casey Anthony movie? A missing children's fund? The Anthony family? What say you?


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    • profile image

      Maria 5 years ago

      I agree i myself am a mother of two daughters and i have followed this movie since day one im here in florida not to far her house and my one daughter was 2 years old when this all started the same age as poor little caylee it broke my heart and you know whatever happens with all the books and movies and fame and all one day there will be just some random mom waiting around a corner for that sick bitch and the truth will NEVER come out casey will have to live with the real truth the rest of her life. As a mother myself yes i have read both of the books about her not to let her make money but to know what is being said differently about the story that wasnt said in court. It makes me sick but i have to know as a mom and if and when that movie comes out i will most definelty see it and own that too KARMA will get that sick mom and i like that title MONSTER MOM

    • profile image

      trulyunbelievable 5 years ago

      The media and movie industry is always sinking to a newer low. How disgusting! It's all about that almighty dollar, isn't it?

    • profile image

      Christina 5 years ago

      I think that this movie is a terrible stain on America. I think that American media has dropped so low that they have to take a terrible story such as Casey Anthony's and use it to make a profit from her followers just like the JohnBenet Ramsey story! I am sorry but I believe that she killed her own daughter.

    • profile image

      sam 6 years ago

      Not until she is in Prison for her life or worse, would I ever watch a movie about Skank.

    • profile image

      moejoe 6 years ago

      i would watch the movie only if i know she and her family will not profit from it i wish her the worse luck ever what goes around comes around they should name the movie monster mom that sure suits her caylee is in heaven now smiling down on the whole world thanking us for hating her horrible physco /MOTHER/

    • profile image

      mama of two 6 years ago

      This is sick!! Lets give a baby killer a movie, well first lets let her go for killing her baby!! Now lets make her more famous, by making a movie?? Seriously? She should rot in hell for killing her baby! No movie!!! And if there is a movie, theres not a chance in hell i would watch it! No way no how will i make that women famous!!

    • profile image

      Kimberly C 6 years ago

      So u dumb ass people believe that she didn't kill that girl her daughter I believe she did I know she did and how do that make u all look like u all are say to others go and kill your kids it Ok you will get off just like Casey Anthony

    • profile image

      Love Children 6 years ago

      I would watch the movie but no one knows the truth because all this family has did was lie. I think that the money the movie makes should go toward a missing children fund

    • profile image

      mawmaw 6 years ago


    • profile image

      baby girl nee nee! 6 years ago

      Casey was found not guilty! Do not judge! I hope she does make a move!

    • profile image

      roadrunner 6 years ago


    • profile image

      joey 6 years ago

      yes you would make a lot of money if you make this movie, and yes I vote that the money go to the lost children's foundation. I think she had something to do with the disappearance of her daughter. But now we don't have the right to judge her for her evil ways, only God can judge her and believe me she will get what is coming to her. God bless.

    • profile image

      joey cuoco 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Pinkleo 6 years ago

      If they do end up making a film, the money should definitely go to the Missing Children's fund. Neither Casey nor her parents should benefit from any money made.

    • profile image

      Rachel 6 years ago

      Alyssa Milano as Casey. She looks like her.

    • profile image

      Brooke 6 years ago

      Casey- Jessica Lowndes


      The only other one I have thought of is the role of Ashton the prosecutor- the guy from Law and Order Sam

    • profile image

      dff 6 years ago

      I agree. Haylie Duff looks just like her.

    • profile image

      cRIS 6 years ago


    • profile image

      amd1916 6 years ago

      joie minozzi and guys like him crack me up. go ahead, have sex with casey anthony but don't be surprised if you find your mouth and nose wrapped in duck tape the morning after. seriouly guys, stop making your gender look stupid.

    • profile image

      jewell 6 years ago

      hell no see all i wanted to see you no she did it or her dad help her too why els would he want to die think about it

    • profile image

      RobertS 6 years ago

      People keep talking about who would preform well in the role of Casey but who would really want to? Could you imagine showing up for an audition and you introduce yourself by saying, "Hello, I'm ---. I'll be auditioning for the role of Casey Anthony."

      "Uh-huh... And why would you like this role?"

      "Well I've always felt that I fit the role of a psychopathic Mother perfectly!"

      Then of course you'd be known the rest of your life for that role...

    • profile image

      SCee 6 years ago

      Im sorry but am I the only one who thinks this movie idea is insane? WTF is wrong with people and saying that they will actually watch her movie and buy her book!? Way to make the woman rich off of her daughter's death. She is loving every minute of this and all you morons are gonna support her and help get her rich! If she was innocent, her focus would be more on that little girl and less on getting rich and famous. Fuckin pathetic.

    • profile image

      Dahlia 6 years ago

      ONLY if the story is truthful and shown for the sociopath that she clearly is. Only if it provides a modicum of justice for Caylee.

      No sympathetic "I Want To Tell You," please.

    • meteetse profile image

      meteetse 6 years ago from Foxboro ma.

      If Casey Anthony will profit in anyway from this movie, I will never spend a dime too see it. I will do my best to criticize and urge people ban her movies, Tv show appearances and book deals that may benefit her lifestyle.

    • profile image

      william sieberi 6 years ago

      Am pointing my finger to the strong lawyer who finished the statement defending casey that, at the end of the day when he go home, his daughter will ask him what he did at work, he will answer the daughter that he safed life and Americans are not there to kill the American. That's a stupid comment from his note. Now I know that there's no justice in American courts. Look the world is looking at you to what you came out with in this case. God above will punish you. This ugly judgement is unwanted, unproffesional to the jurror. The world will condem you forever.

    • profile image

      joie minozzi 6 years ago

      I think everyone should mind their own business.Leave the girl alone.She was found not guilty in a court of law that you people hold so high and mighty.Let her live her life.I understand theres a little baby that lost her life and that is disgusting,but according to the wonderful judicial system that you people give so much power to she's not guilty.Maybe you people should pay this much attention to your own life and family's.I for one am happy for the girl.Congratulations Casey Anthony.Oh yeah,and I would love to be that first guy she's alone with after 3 years in prison.Maybe I'll get lucky and some guy will video tape it and can enjoy her from the privacy of my living room.

    • amymarie_5 profile image

      amymarie_5 6 years ago from Chicago IL

      I think the only way the movie can work is if it is told by Cindy and george's perspective. Maybe during the trial they can show possible flashbacks. One with the pool scenario and another more likely one is Casey feeding chloroform to the child. I don't think Casey should profit, but I don't have a problem with her parents making money. They've been through hell and they are practically bankrupt. The case made Nancy (dis)Grace a millionaire. I find that to be more disturbing, considering she exploited caylee and milked the story for three years.

    • profile image

      terry 6 years ago

      I would definately watch the movie.

    • profile image

      Emporia, Va 6 years ago

      I think Casey Anthony knows exactly what happened to her child and for the jury to find her not guilty but to say it made them sick is ridiculous! How can ou let your child go missing for that long and not report it?!?! The parents never defended Casey sayig she was innocent they just skated round the subject how pathetic!!! There are other things besides killin a beautiful little girl!! ADOPTION... there are ppl out there that CANT have children that would have loved little Caylee. I think its sorry as hell shes going to walk for this and get what she wanted to begin with. I can almost guarentee you though there will be a hit out on her so shes gin to need to watch her back.. people are crazier than she is!! And this country has gotten too involved with this case to just let her get by with it

    • profile image

      Corndog 6 years ago

      I'll say it if no one else will: Lindsey Lohan

    • profile image

      Jennyfer1029 6 years ago

      Shame on anyone that would read or watch anything by this family! Gee I do not need a movie or a book to tell me how the child was killed she either drowned in a swamp after someone put her their like trash or the tape suffocated her, or she baked to death in a trunk of a car! That jury disgusts me. I am a mother and know where my child is every second of the day.. I could not imagine not knowing where my child is for 30 days ! I will never watch or read anything about this case or listen to anything that lieing family has to say ! No one will ever get the truth and to let Casey that monster get rich is disgusting !

    • profile image

      Kate 6 years ago

      I heard that they might want Kristen Stewart to play as Casey. Idk if she will.

    • profile image

      justice for the child 6 years ago

      anyone that is invovled with this movie will be boycotted by many

    • profile image

      Guilty 6 years ago

      Jessica lowndes, definitely best choice because of her personality on 90210 and also her looks because she also looks the right age. Jennifer live Hewitt? Courtenay cox? Seriously? They are way too old to play Casey. She's guilty and as soon as she's convicted they should start on a movie. A mother who doesn't report her daughter missing and lies about it is 100% guilty in my book, no doubt about it.

    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      The defense lawyer should be played by Alec Baldwin. The judge could be played by Cee Lo Green.

    • profile image

      Wendy 6 years ago

      Juliette Lewis the actress would be awesome as Casey, she is probably a bit too old for the role though.

    • profile image

      TrialFollower 6 years ago

      Movie Suggestion:

      Casey - Zooey Deschanel

      Roy Kronk - Tommy Lee Jones

    • profile image

      BLASe 6 years ago

      A movie? Why not? Once there is a decision made in court.

      Name: Justice for Caylee

      Casey: Anne Hathaway

      Cindy: kyra sedgwick

      George: jim Byrnes

      Lee: The part is too small and too young for George Clooney so Joe Rogan may be able to pull it off.

    • profile image 6 years ago

      casey. you are vary crazy you need to be lockt up and naver get out see you do need to die but if you die you will not suffer at all so you need to suffer, you need to ask GOD to for give you and realy mine it. caylee is in a good plays she is with JESUS he will take good care of her she is having fun with JESUS it is sad that she is gone but it is better there then with you, You do not need to have her with you .you are to crazy to have her people are vary mad at you people say thay hope thay say kill her,you need to stop like you are having fun it is not funny you killed your baby you know you did and your lawer dose to evey body knowes you did ,GOD knows you did it just tell them that you did,if thay put you in preon i know that the ladys in there. you need to look over your back thay do not like mamas kill at all, I cryd then i seen that baby that happen to her i no that baby before she died i beat she was saying why is my mama is hurting me what did i do to my mammy that she is killing me all i did is to love her my mammy, And when i pass a way i got to see JESUS, said to her come on in baby your mammy did not want you no more i love you my baby i will take good care of you, I do not understand why would some people kills babys and little girls GOD said that when the end is near people will be killing wars rapes storms fighting lieing bad reaning just look a round in the would people do not belive in GOD and no more praying in schools kids do not behave thay are bad to the familys thaere are more read the BIBLE in Rev GOD is telling to read it,He is telling what will happn and he is telling use that if you take and put on your forhaed 666 you will naver go with JESUS in the clouds with him i would never take that 666 thay would have to kill me but GODS people will be with him thay well be with him not down here when GOD comes that will be the baet it will be the happes,,,,,,, casey that is it for now,,THE END YOU ARE THE KILLER,

    • profile image

      Jenna515 6 years ago

      I personally think the whole family had something to do with it! And I think Hillary swank would make a good Casey!

    • profile image

      Pixie  6 years ago

      Jessica Lowndes would be perfect. Not only does she look like Casey but her 90210 character is self-centered bitch so she'd do great at playing Casey.

    • profile image

      jolala 6 years ago

      let natalie play the part. not, portman. turlich. an employee of disney radio.

    • profile image

      Jackie 6 years ago

      I think people without some kind of relationship with God/Jesus are capable of doing crazy stuff like this and then wonder why this is happening.. I don’t mean like gossip, have a bad thought, bitterness or unforgiveness, because people who do have a relationship with God struggle with these kinds of things, what I’m talking about is murder, rape etc.



      Yes, I would watch the Casey Anthony story and I think Jennifer Aniston would be perfect to play Casey Anthony.

    • profile image

      a parent  6 years ago

      soleil moon frye would be a good actress to play casey.

    • profile image

      david garcia 6 years ago

      the movie. Of course. Hollywood will make it any way they please, factual evidence or not. Movies are made "Based on actual events" supposedly but the truth is otherwise. It's all about the almighty buck that's all. Like vultures ready to pick a carcass.

    • profile image

      Kim P 6 years ago

      I have been following the case since day one. It seems to be the trial of this century. They make movies all the time and I can't see why they wouldn't eventually make one for this case. I think we all have a pretty good idea of who really did it but the one true god will judge. If a movie is ever made I would love to be apart of it and play the role of Casey, either way I will watch it. God is a just god and will make justice for that little girl.

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      LOL. I am sorry but I can actually imagine half of these actors portraying the people involved. I think Christina Ricci could play a good Casey. She played Wednesday Adams really well!

    • profile image

      Jim 6 years ago

      Judge Perry: James Earl Jones

      Prosecuter Ashton: Chevy Chase

      Prosecuter Linda: Bonnie Hunt

      Jose Biaz: Alex Baldwin

      Cheney Mason: Chris Christopherson

    • profile image

      elliswrite 6 years ago

      A Movie about Casey?

      Name: Lying to Death

      Casey: Courtney Cox

      Cindy: Meredith Baxter Birney

      George: James Brolin

      Lee: ? hmmm, let me think....

    • profile image

      james crawford 6 years ago

      you know who would be the perfect actress to play casey anthony how about lindsay lohan she already got the drinking part of her down pat

    • profile image

      Rachel Alvarez 6 years ago

      they need to give her life soshe can SUFFER every day of her life.Shes going to be tortured so much.she will wish to be dead.

    • profile image

      Sue 6 years ago

      One doesn't need a shovel.Break the neck of a little girl.Caylee was only 2 years and 10 months old.The searches was done by Casey to try to get information to help her get rid if her parents.The sweet child was just in her way.Casey wanted evert thong her parents had worked for

    • profile image

      Charles 6 years ago

      I am not saying she is innocent, however I do not understand why everyone is always presuming she is guilty before her trial is over. If found guilty after the trial is fine but everyone should not condemn her before the trail and say she is guilty when she has not been on trial yet. As far as movie Jennifer Love Hewitt would totally play her in a movie I bet she already has a deal in place to play her

    • profile image

      Guilty_As_Sin 6 years ago

      Sociopath. Period.

      I hope the women of the Florida prison, where she will be housed the rest of her sorry ass life, torture her in all ways possible.

      Counting the days until you are a 'dead woman walking' - into the execution chamber!!

    • profile image

      kristy N 7 years ago

      Any true parent would report their child missing as soon as it happened.If she didnt kill the poor angel why would she lie. She herself may not have done it, but she sure knows who did.I myself as a mother would go to hell and back to find my baby as soon as she went missing. I have 4 kids and if anyone ever hurt them I sur as hell would speak up, to police or to anyone that would listen. Shes obviously at fault in one way or another. I am a christian woman, but this is so disturbing and i believe anyone who kills a child should be punished in the same exact way.That poor little girl never got a chance at life. I hope the truth comes out and i hope she stands up and tells it so there is justice for that little girl. Caylee God Bless You little girl

    • profile image

      me again 7 years ago

      could be a good movie??? are you people dumb or what. a mother killes her baby an your talking about making a movie?america is dumb. making movies about killing your kid??? money money money..............................

    • dseigler2 profile image

      dseigler2 7 years ago from all cties

    • profile image

      ChaChaCha 7 years ago

      Jessica Lowndes from 90210 looks exactly like Casey!

    • profile image

      PCbytheSea 8 years ago

      I think Jennifer Love Hewitt looks more like Casey Anthony than Haylie Duff does, but...whoever plays her, I'd watch it, regardless. But yes, I too believe, she killed her baby, because why all the lies if she didn't? And why not report your own toddler missing? Please... I still cannot believe that some people out there actually believe she's innocent. Why?

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      Jennifer Love Hewitt is a shoe-in to play Casey Anthony ... looks just like her.

    • profile image

      TINIA 8 years ago

      JUST SAD!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      jenlove 8 years ago

      i know someone who was best friends with casey up until a month before caylee went missing....this story will be made into a tv movie because of all the media attention it has pick for who would play casey is haley duff (if she dyed her hair) the resemblance is heart goes out to all those involved but my heart drops when i go over to the house where i know that casey has been and has spend the is just unreal

      i by no means feel sorry for casey, as she has made her bed, but the amount of protesters on the Anthony property especially those with the "baby killer" and "how could you kill a baby like me?" signs in toddlers' hands, is extremely unnecessary and insensitive to the family still grieving Caylee

      this story may never be fully understood but i hope that one day casey's sick mind will grasp the severity of what she did...oh i'm sorry zanny did it my mistake....she needs to wake up because THERE IS NO ZANNY THE NANNY AND THIS IMAGINARY PERSON DID NOT TAKE CAYLEE...

      i really used to believe that maybe a severe mental disorder played a role in Casey's web of lies and Caylees diappearance, like DID, dissociative identity disorder, in which things done by one personality are not remembered by another... this disorder stems from traumatic experiences that may have been suppressed

      all i know is that my publix is the one that the anthonys first started passing signs out at....i live 2 minutes away from where the body was found .... i know someone who used to hang out in that same wooded area with Casey....

      the connections and craziness surrounding the murder of a sweet innocent little girl is crazy.... here's to the hope that a crime like this will never happen again

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 8 years ago

      Bobby, I agree with you.

    • profile image

      michelle 9 years ago

      I think there will be a story but I don't think we will ever know what happened to caylee.. think about it she doesn't know how not to lie and I don't even think she even knows what is true any more.. I believe she acted like she wanted to be a mother because her mother wanted her to live out her mistake. Then when caylee got all the attention from her mother she used that to her advantages until it got to be too much then when she met someone caylee was always in the way because she met someone else and always complained that she couldn't go out cause she didn't have a baby sitter and I think when casey and her mom got into she took it out on caylee blaming her for feeling trap and taking away the attention from her. I believed she snapped and killed her and then carried her body out and was going to bury her but then realize that they would find her so she just put in her trunk and left and came back a couple of days later and dragged her into the woods...

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 9 years ago

      I wonder, even if Casey Anthony did confess, would she have to sell her story? I mean, if it's a true account of events, anyone can tell it, right? I'm not really sure how that works. The example I gave above, with WM3, is similiar in that it's an unsolved case (in my opinion) at this time. So I guess film people decided to 'buy' stories from the people involved.

      Makes you wonder who profits from these crimes when films are made...

    • profile image

      TinyMouse 9 years ago

      I personally would watch it...IF it brought money in for a "Trust" to help children of abuse and help parents of missing children, to be able to pay for (legal) investigators...not rip-offs to work the field.

    • JRChicagoGyRL profile image

      JRChicagoGyRL 9 years ago from Chicago


      I agree.  We've all been mesmerized (or used to be, at least) waiting with bated breath for every next bombshell and yep, all the bombshells haven't amounted to an ounce of story or motive beyond what you just said:  Casey Anthony killed Calyee Anthony because she felt like it.

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 9 years ago

      Bingo - IF this story ever finds the truth. I just don't see it happening. I see more twists and turns coming (bogus bombshells, as usual) and an ending too simple to absorb - Casey Anthony killed Caylee Anthonyr because she felt like it.

    • JRChicagoGyRL profile image

      JRChicagoGyRL 9 years ago from Chicago

      It could be an awesome film if this story ever finds the truth; if there's another twist before or during this trial; such as Casey Anthony surprising the world by telling what happened to Caylee. If not, I don't see the point in watching an entire year of lies (and other 'bombshells') stuffed inside of two hours. This story, this child's story, needs a real ending -- in addition to Casey Anthony's conviction for her murder. There's no nanny and there's no dingo.