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We the People Find Casey Anthony Guilty of Murder in the First Degree

Updated on May 23, 2011
Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

Can prosecutors prove that Casey Anthony murdered her child?

Prosecutors intend to use over 500 pages of circumstantial evidence to prove Casey Anthony killed her daughter, Caylee Anthony, in 2008. In addition to circumstantial evidence, Judge Belvin Perry ruled to allow prosecutors to use the results from air tests. These results may prove the existence of chloroform and human decomposition in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car. The ruling is very significant because the testing has never been used in any United States criminal trial case.

Still, proof of human decomposition in the trunk does not prove that Casey Anthony murdered her child. Yes, we all know it smelled "like a dead body in the damn car," but this doesn't *prove* Casey Anthony killed Caylee Anthony.

So, if most of the evidence is circumstantial, how will prosecutors get the jury to find Casey Anthony guilty of murder in the first degree? Will the Defense team paint Casey Anthony as an insane victim of an unstable family? Perhaps Casey Anthony's defense attorney, Jose Baez, will wrap up his closing argument with this quote from Cindy Anthony: "Lying doesn't mean that you're a murderer."

Will we ever hear the jury say, "We the People Find Casey Anthony Guilty of Murder in the First Degree?" Or will Casey Anthony get away with murder?


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    • profile image

      Disillusioned 4 years ago

      After all this time it still sickens me that these jurors were idiots. It sickens me that this bitch is free. It sickens me that two stupid parents have not come to the aid of Caylee in death by saying what they know. It sickens me that there was no justice for this innocent child. It will be up to a God I guess to deal with the "tot mom." Thank God for that. She's been found not guilty and cannot be retried so why doesn't she come forth with the truth. No one would believe her anyway though.

    • profile image

      paul 6 years ago

      what the hell are u talking about how can u say we are as bad as she is u make me fill with anger u peice of **** she killed a 2 year old girl its clear i have a little boy myself and if he went missing for 5 mins i wouldnt ****ing lie about shit its straight to doing everything i can the month gap was clearly to hide any eveidence on the poor girl u8 make me so angry she should be ****ing killed

    • profile image

      dhillbiss 6 years ago

      Let's get real people! First of all,you can't put Casey Anthony away for this crime any more! Second, why are people persisting to hate on the jurors and the defense attorney? Cause the real hate should be the District attorney! If they would of done their job right,it would be all said and done! It not the jurors fault that the district attorney couldn't get their crap together! So, before everyone starts with all hater crap, think before you hate!! I don't condole with what she did, but the district attorney knew what was all at risk,think about that!? What right do have to take a life, for what everyone hate her for taking a life!?? That makes everyone just as bad as her!Use common sense,before you talk!

    • profile image

      Monica 6 years ago

      How can we help put Casey away ?

    • profile image

      Cheryl Fitch 6 years ago

      I am so outraged that she gets to go free. Casey is guilty of more than lieing. Look at the things she was doing while her child was laying dead in that trunk. To me that is not a careing mother. All the mothers I know would have been over whelmed with greif. Then again within an hour of a 2 year old missing it would have been reported. The fact that it was 31 days tells me that it was no accident and Casey knew something. As far as that goes as a grand parent not seeing there grand child whom lived in the home with them for that long of a time. Something there isnt right either. In my opnion everyone in that little angels life let her down. I pray that Caylee's Law is passed so no other child has to go through this.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I wouldn't necessarily say that she's insane or that she murdered Caylee (although the evidence seems to point to that.) It's just we need something indicting sociopaths and psychopaths.

      Too many innocent people (myself included,) have found themselves so profoundly affected by the lies and deceit created by the people who continue to live their 'normal' life as the others suffer in the process.

      It's obvious that Anthony is a sociopath, and I wish that in this case it could be something to find her guilty for.

    • profile image

      james scruggs  6 years ago

      please help we the the peopal to over turn caseys verdict and find her gulity of muder in the 1 dagree and charge her with all 7 charges please help us put casey away for ever and make her face the death pently and over turn the verdict email rick scott the florida gov thank you

    • profile image

      marilynn 6 years ago

      Never have I felt as sick about a b--ch getting away with murder since Karla Holmoka,aka lianne teale, walked away.I hated the smile on casy s face, and it is my hope she dies of an overdose while partying.As for the jury, live with the knowledge that you are completely useless.

    • profile image

      Kay 6 years ago

      It's to bad a killer is going to be walking the streets. She will someday do something wrong again I just hope she doesn't kill another child. She will have another baby just as soon as she can. Just to show everyone that she can. I don't blame her parents for what she is. A person can be the best parents in the world and still end up with bad kids.

      I don't think she is insane, sexually abused or anything else. I think she was just a girl that didn't want her baby. The girl slept with three men after Caylee was gone. I'm sure that little girl got in her way.

      Susan Smith killed her little boys because her boyfriend didn't want children.

      My family were all sure Casey would get off it's rare that much is done to baby killers.

      We have a baby killer in our town. He killed his baby because he wanted to and knew exactly what he was doing he's walking the street now.

      Sad part is she will be making money off of this smiling all the way to the bank.

      That jury needs to be ashamed of themselves.

    • profile image

      Leopold 6 years ago

      I hope: 1- She will never be able to forget her child. 2- Everybody around her will never be able to forget her child, making her feeling it clearly until the very day the f...t dies

    • profile image

      subnbellle 6 years ago

      well, i guess the fat lady sang. maybe someone with more good sense than myself can answer a few questions that are disturbing me. WHY were there no investiations of the 'red flags' that came to fruition before the trial? ex: 84 sites on the net re chloraform, how to obtain it, make it, etc., (she said she looked it up due to her dogs eating bamboo)... she lied about the nanny (lying doesn't make you a murderer was the atty's response) and did ANYONE have the sense to look into her lifestyle after discovering the site look ups? sex with chloraform is a common BDSM kink, "slaves" are never to quibble with their Master's orders, children are bred by "breeders" for sexual purposes, the pictures depicted common "garb" donned by BDSM'ers at what i know personally are DEFINITELY private "play parties" the multiple "play partners" in dominant/submissive "scenes" (i pierced at many of these parties, the photos are all too commonplace) and did anyone think she could have been "ordered" to chloraform her daughter gy one of the "masterdudes" or was jealous of her daughter, as is common since children are "delicacies" of this lifestyle? she claimed parental abuse which is common among submissives, "subspace" is a term for the state of mind a "sub" goes into when these sick activities occur, this state of mind held in high esteem. had too much time passed, thus compromising the integrity of the police, investigators, etc.s' and their fear of exposure of 'blunderers of major proports' to backtrack? was it more palatable to take it to trial (although the crime and all it's physical and spoken elements were now down the drain) and spare their, along with all counsel's reps and jobs to go thru the motions of letting the jury finding at least one of the MANY GLARING 'BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT' GOLDEN OPS to find her 'not guilty'? now that gives new meaning to 'covering your collective asses' in my world. if this BDSM theory i have has a modicum truth, she should have let it be known (although hiding the behavior is common, as danger is huge, considering some of the activities, and prosecutable... as death is not uncommon [ask James Robinson of Kansas City, prosecuted for the discovery of several "slaves) dismembered in 55 gallon drums several years ago.) people involved in BDSM are considered insane and are not allowed to testify in a court of law. instead, she was examined and found "psychologically sane" when she could have played the BDSM card and THAT could have been her "out." the dedication to that screwed up lifestyle and those sanctimonious brainwashers called "masters" was never considered. is there ANYTHING she can be tried for at this point that would not put her in "double jeopardy?" ANYTHING? maybe i'm insane even considering this as a major faux pas, who knows. I'M PIS*ED OFF THO, i do know THAT. (my irst post and i come off lookin' like'ah psycho. i'm a friggin' genius, huh?)


    • profile image

      Star B 6 years ago

      Only Casey Anthony & God Knows The TRUTH. In The End God Is The Only One She Has To Answer To & His Judgment Is The Only One That Matters!

    • profile image

      Ilian 6 years ago

      I apologized for my mistakes, my first language it is not English.

      I never had fallowed a case on TV or in any other way, but for the last 31 days I have seen a lot of it. There is not a piece of evidence put by the state that doesn´t race eyes browse, if I were a member of the jury and really deliberated under oath I could not find one evidence beyond reasonable doubt

      As much as I dislike Casey and empathized with the Anthony family, I could not believe that Casey put a ¨fast one ¨on her parents for 2 years making them to believe all those fantasies. Casey has serious issues before Caylee die and I could believe that her family didn¨t recognized them. Her parents didn´t strike me as naïve or easy to be foul, they are educated people. Common George is a former detective, detectives by nature are curios and intuitive.

      George lost all credibility for me when he testified that ¨he can still closes his eyes and feels the smell of a dead body on the trunk of Casey’s car¨. His granddaughter and daughter were still missing when he drove the car to his house, why he didn´t immediately drove the car to the police??

      In my son school sadly, 3 boys ages between 16-17 years old, kill themselves in a period of 4 months. Expert in suicide came to the school. I remember very vividly that they said that some body that starts making unusual calls to relatives and friends is an awake up call, they are calling for help, they might contemplate suicide and they want to be stopped. In the other hand who wants to really kill them selves just do it without much warning...

      George’s suicidal note, I am sorry, for me is writing to neat and coherent, like written for an audience it is not resembles some body that is in distress and about to kill himself.

      The tape on Caseys remains, George knew that when somebody dies some fluids come out of their nose and mouth specially water if the person drowns.

      I think that although George knows that it was an accident and much likely it was a drowning. They testified that they always lived the door a little bit open for the dogs to come in and out of the house, any small child could squized out, they forgot to take the ladder from the pool!!!He blames Casey for the letting this happen, he blames Casey for the dead of Caylee, he could not forgive her, she let die the person that he loves more than anything in this word, he wants her to be accountable for no matter the price that she had to pay. No body¨s behavior in that family couldn¨t raise eye brows, there are lies upon lies.

      Here it is not a matter who score more points, here is to prove guilt or inocence under the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a wonderful country!!!!!

      I been praying to GOD for wisdom on the jury and not to find her guilty or innocent because we said so.

    • profile image

      deedef 6 years ago

      If there is justice in this world the jury will find casey Anthony guilty of Murder.We will never know what that poor little girl went threw ever before she was murdered.Casey Anthony can rot in hell, prisoners will take care of her.

    • profile image

      ROSANNA KELLEY 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Barbara 6 years ago

      I have been following much of the "court transcripts" since the beginning of the Caylee Anthony disappearance and on-going trail of Casey Anthony. Facts do not lie, but rather tell a story. Forensic evidence at the crime scene, the car trunk, and eventual resting place of the body of Caylee Anthony do not lie. It is apparent that there are many inconsistencies from Casey Anthony as to what really happened, but I can surmise that most probably the child was drugged to keep quiet, while Mom, Casey partied hardy. When the child was unresponsive, in a panic realizing what had happened this elaborate web of lies about the Nanny surfaced, and a month went by. Finally almost six months later a meter reader reported seeing what was now as we know the remains of Caylee Anthony. I am not familiar with the statues and laws of the state of Florida; however, the charges should stand as child endangerment, child neglect and abuse, unintentional murder (in the 2nd degree) and perjury. I am sure that anyone would have been happy to have adopted the little girl. Such a brief little life, and I am sure that her grandparents and family are heartbroken. I think that the only time the little girl was happy is when she was living at her grandparents home. Totally, totally sad, and I hope that the little girl did not suffer or was scared while lying in that hot car trunk, wondering. And that she just went to sleep.

    • profile image

      karen 7 years ago

      i they think she is guilty and it makes me sick how each day she sits and reads paperwork like she is a attorney herself, and who gets her clothes ready for court each day. do they go and buy her things at the taxpayer expense or do they go to cindys.

    • profile image

      eclark 7 years ago

      I think she is guilty. Why else would a mother not report her daughter missing. And I can't believe that she is trying to throw her father under the bus to save her own behind. She is nothing but a selfish unfeeling little b!@#$. I feel for her parents. They lost a grandchild they loved dearly, and they may lose their daughter to the death penalty. I know they want to believe in their daughter. But I know they must have doubts. The only wrong doing her parents have done is love and spoil Casey too much. I think she likes all the attention she is getting. Bet she thinks she should've killed her daughter a long time ago.

    • profile image

      john 7 years ago

      You people forget satan is alive and well in our world.

      People who stray away from GOD, use drugs (pharmika)

      which GOD warns about, have children without being married which GOD forbids, participate in lewd acts,etc.

      All this kind of behavior is just that. No behavior can be or can ever be a disease. It is a choice. A GODless choice. Satan is a murderer and a liar from the beginning. Does Casey's behavior seem to match with what

      satan does??? You people all need to stop pointing

      your fingers and start praying to the GOD of the Holy Bible; as without GOD in one's life we will witness much

      more of this behavior taking place. People who murder and lie are not "mentally ill" they are evil. They all know exactly what they do when they murder someone, and they all know they are lying when they lie. Now stop judging Casey Anthony as GOD doesn't allow us to do.

      Vengence is mine says the LORD. GOD will take care of Casey and all the thousands of murderers before and after

      her. GOD knows all. He is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and

      Omnipotent. Casey answers to GOD, not to you or me. Understand this and stop judging. Casey is obviously a miserable young women, you can't be happy without GOD

      in your life. Leave her alone and let GOD do the punishing. Watch out for your own children, today it is Casey. Tomorrow it could be one of your own. Don't state what they should do to her. Only GOD can decide a person's fate. And no I am not judging Casey, judging is when you determine what her fate should be. I am simply knowing the tree from the fruit it produces. Peace!

    • profile image

      Zuny 7 years ago

      What's the point of duct taping a mouth of a dead body...i mean it cant scream for whats the point.??..the baby was alive when the duct tape was placed on her mouth...and no real loving mother will ever go partying if their child have been missing for 31 days no matter what your parents did to you when you were a tattoo of "bella vita" beautiful can i go get a tattoo saying beautiful life if my daughter is "missing" thats not a beautiful life to have your only child gone...come on..she is how can she be so relax and chill back partying it does not fit in my head.. the defense is just crazy thinking they gonna get away with the.."DROWNING ACCIDENT" I just cant wait to see her testify...hopefully she does...

    • profile image

      Carol Walsh 7 years ago

      Both sides left that juror on who said she could not hudge anyone.Did they do this to get a hung jury?Is the outcome already planned.?Maybe a lesser charge?

    • profile image

      deaconess  7 years ago

      Kill her with a picture of caylees decomposing body in front of her then FRY HER ALREADY id love to b the one pulling the switch

    • profile image

      max 7 years ago

      poor people

      i am sorry for casey too, she should have benn on the limit to d o it

      she should have been too much freefeaing to do sauch a sutpid thing

    • profile image

      Yvonne 7 years ago

      I like to be in that cell for 5 min with this socalled mother she sit there with no emotions but she smiles and laughing with her wannabe famewhore lawyer and not a very good one at that we the tax payers are the ones that are going to pay for her to sit on death roll for ever casey anthony do the state of florida a favor duct tape your mouth and end your life

    • profile image

      Angela 7 years ago

      As far as I am concerned, the defense threw Casey under the bus in opening statement saying that this was a drowning putting Casey there at the time of caylees death, with no denying it.

      After all the lies, deceit, professional testimonies, police, tow truck drivers and more, it's been stated this IS a homicide, no doubt about it, so as far as I see it, the defense put Casey first and foremost at the time of the homicide.

      Did they as well implicate George? Yes, but he denied it, leaving only Casey present.

      There is no need to duct tape a dead child's mouth, and bury her in the woods if she accidentally drowned. This was no accident. And the last one with caylee was casey according to the defense.

    • profile image

      Angela 7 years ago

      As far as I am concerned, the defense threw Casey under the bus in opening statement saying that this was a drowning putting Casey there at the time of caylees death, with no denying it.

      After all the lies, deceit, professional testimonies, police, tow truck drivers and more, it's been stated this IS a homicide, no doubt about it, so as far as I see it, the defense put Casey first and foremost at the time of the homicide.

      Did they as well implicate George? Yes, but he denied it, leaving only Casey present.

      There is no need to duct tape a dead child's mouth, and bury her in the woods if she accidentally drowned. This was no accident. And the last one with caylee was casey according to the defense.

    • profile image

      Joy Vradenburg 7 years ago

      I am so sick of this. This is about a little girl name Caylee. What kind of Mother would wait for 31 days, for her Mother- Not Casey. Cindy to call 911- The garbage in the trunk was clever to throw the cops off? No one has thought of that. The Defense is acting like lunatics. She's crying in Court because now Reality has hit home!

      And for the one who said' You without sin cast the first stone." The Bible also say's. "You shall even judge Angels!" Read your Bible. Jury number 4

      May God have mercy on KCs Soul, and I Pray for justice so little Caylee can rest in peace....

    • profile image

      Catherine Hill 7 years ago

      My heart will forever ail for Caylee. The fear she must have felt. That poor child. Her mother, of all people, her mother. Casey is a cold calculating murderer. She planned and executed this plan. She deserves the death penalty and I hope she gets it. I would like to see her fry ASAP!!!! I cannot even begin to fathom how she thinks or feels. There is no way your child could be missing for 31 days and you dont ask anyone for help my god i would be out of my mind. My child is out of my sight for mere minutes and my heart races in fear. My daughter at 4 years old in a store walked away as I was talking to a store clerk and it was only seconds and I was borderline hysterical. She was feet from me at the end of the aisle but the fear I felt was something I'll never forget. Now how in the hell can you go out and party not knowing where your child is? You cant is the answer, but she did know where her daughter was, she was dead, because she killed her. I hope she rots in hell and very soon. She has done nothing but waste the peoples money and lie. Shes a worthless sorry excuse for a human being. When she cries I cant help but think its because shes caught not for her actions. Thats sad.

    • profile image

      DIANE TILTON 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Rainy 7 years ago

      Um, chronsweet, you would have to make sure the nose and mouth weren't covered up even if she didn't wake up. People breath when they're asleep too you know. But I know what you mean and agree. I completely believe that she killed her on purpose because Caylee was getting to the age where she was going to start telling people the truth about "Zanny" and what mommy did during the day - which was not go to work. Caysee wouldn't give her to Cindy because she couldn't stand the thought of Caylee being loved and cared for by Cindy. It was supposed to be all about Caysey all the time. The "good mother" crap was just an act.

    • profile image

      chronsweet 7 years ago

      She is guilty. The question is what of, an accident or a murder. I say MURDER. IF you could possibly bring yourself to chloroform your precious child, and THEN go to the lengths to put duct tape over her mouth so she 'wouldn't wake up'... wouldn't you MAKE SURE that her freaking nose AND mouth weren't covered up in case she did wake up that she could breath????

      And if it was an accident, how could you bring yourself to wake up on a daily basis, get ready, meet up with friends, party, shop and tell nothing but lies, while never ever mentioning YOUR BABY that you accidentally killed.

      People have a hard time accepting that she murdered her I think because of her outward physical appearance. People think she is attractive and therefore couldn't do such a thing, IMO.

    • profile image

      steven 7 years ago

      in my opinion she was giving caley xanax to nock her out so she could go out to the club zanny the nanny come on its so obvious i also think she went to the club one night forgot caley was in the trunk of the car there for she sufficated and died in the hot florida sun one of her boyfriends said casey left one night and came back he asked were caley was she claimed that she droped her off at her mom cindys house cindy said oh no she did not so you get what she was into putting caley in the trunk of the car doping her so she could have alone time with her man im a guy and let me tell you if i meet a girl and she has a 3 to 4 year old child i will give the child my out most attention i think she was getting so fed up with caley stealing her attention that she either murderd her or she killed her by her ridiculous ways

    • LULU SUE1987 profile image

      LULU SUE1987 7 years ago

      All of the evidence seems to be circumstantial. I really think this was a horrible accident. The cover up is the crime.

    • profile image

      Nrunwfgfegmfb  7 years ago

      I think she was chloroforming cayle and keeping her in her trunk while she was partying with her friends. She accidentally overdosed the little girl or forgot about her bring in the trunk and she suffocated. The duct tape was to keep her quiet in case she did wake up and make noise. She's a sociopath and she was jealous of her own daughter. If these accusations are true of her brother and father then why on earth would she let her precious baby girl live with the same evils? She's a murdering lieing sociopath who wanted to party instead of properly take care of her child. There is a special place in hell for people like her.

    • profile image

      Denny 7 years ago

      Drowning? Why would she chloroform and duct tape the mouth and nose of a drown child. Jose Baez is turning this trial into a circus.Convict her already so little Caylee can FINALLY rest in peace.

    • profile image

      Pam 7 years ago

      She's guilty. Plain and simple. The problem being, no one is going to be able to PROVE it. Without a reasonable doubt..............

    • profile image

      Olena82 7 years ago

      I can only hope the jurors see it the way you guy's do! As a new mother, the thing I absolutely cannot accept, is the idea that Kaylee died accidentally and then AFTER the fact, her own mother (or grandfather)had enough ignorance, audacity and sheer lack of compassion to actually 1.) THINK of the idea to stage a kidnapping, 2.) Get duct tape and rip 3 pieces off, and 3.) Place it over the mouth and nose of that poor little child's DEAD body. I don't care who you are...if you gave birth or loved your grandaughter like you claimed would not even be able to fathom the idea of abusing her poor corpse.

      And isn't the defense saying they staged the murder because of how Casey's MOTHER would react??? So they are saying that telling the grandmother she was MURDERED by suffering a horrible suffocation and being dumped in a swamp and left for decomposition in the hot Florida sun for GOD KNOWS how more ACCEPTABLE then telling she, and the rest of the family that she accidently fell in the pool, drowned (which is insanely common in Florida)and thus being able to have a normal memorial service and proper burial for her??? How on Earth is that gonna fly?

      Let me not even get started about her actions during those 31 days. Let it be up to Casey and she would have STILL been partying like that. It only became 31 days because the GRANDPARENT'S got suspicious of Kaylees whereabouts..NOT Casey. Who's to say if she ever would have reported her own baby missing.

      And lastly..I do not buy the whole sexual abuse thing...again, as a mother...if that really happened to you, then why in the HELL do you have pictures of that alleged PEDOFILE holding your daughter in a pool? If Casey can speak up now and admit that what her father did was wrong and horrible and effected her that much when she was 13 (as per the Defense's opening statement), then why allow that man to be a part of your daughter's life if you LOVED her so much? As a mother you should have wanted to protect her from ALL things evil..PERIOD.

      My idea:

      She got this new boyfriend, moved in with he and his partying friends, and no longer wanted the responsibility of motherhood. Is it a coincidence that the murder/accident happened only a month after she and this guy became romantically involved and she moved in with him??

      Rot in Hell Casey.....

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 7 years ago


      Good point. I can't even begin to imagine the explanation for her behavior during those 31 days. She didn't give a rat's ass about her daughter; if she did, she had a helluva way of showing it.

      Re: George and Cindy Anthony

      I know they're not on trial, and I feel nothing but pity for them, but their statements/behavior have been so bizarre and inconsistent throughout this whole case. Of course, I never suffered their loss (I hope I never have to go through anything as awful as what they've been through), so I shouldn't pass judgment on their behavior... but I just don't understand why they would want to protect/save their daughter:

      She stole money from the elderly grandfather, lost (and possibly murdered) her child, and claimed her brother (and possibly her father) molested her.

      She damaged so many lives. Her friends, her family -- these people haven't had normal lives since 2008. I can't imagine loving/supporting someone so selfish and cruel. Even if she doesn't confess to the murder, she hasn't even expressed remorse for hurting the people closest to her. A true sociopath.

      This is going to be one crazy trial...

    • profile image

      David Garcia 7 years ago

      futonfraggle, I think the parents are trying to protect their daughter, unless they were in on it too but why would anyone want to kill that child? If the prosecutor does his job right, he'll hound her with the 31 days and keep at it. That alone warrants a guilty verdict. I believe that will be the prosecutions argument. Those 31 days that Casey Anthony will be hard put to explain or her defense attorney Baez. He'll come up with the abuse bull, try to justify her actions but those 31 days. Not 2, MAYBE 3, but 31. that should be the nail on her coffin if the jurors have any sense at all.

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 7 years ago


      That's the thing, she lies about everything. It's so hard to tell fact from fiction. I'm sure her Defense team will have a hard time persuading the jury to see "the truth." Because, uh, she hasn't been truthful about anything since 2008.

      Re: "Somebody knows something that's for sure." -- I totally agree. I also think it's so crazy that Cindy Anthony washed pants that came out of a vehicle that "smelled like a dead body." I never understood that.

      Of course, I'm not saying that Cindy (or George) Anthony had anything to do with the murder, but I still think they know more than they're letting on.

      Re: "Her actions tell me she probably killed the child." I want to agree with you, because she (allegedly) acted so cold and calculated -- creating an imaginary babysitter, placing duct tape over the child's mouth to make it look like a kidnapping -- but I just can't imagine dancing, getting a tattoo, preparing romantic dinners for my boyfriend, etc. if I murdered my own child. Even if it was an accident.

      If she walks from this like O.J., her parents' lives will be destroyed forever. Can you imagine what the streets of Hopespring Drive will look like if she walks free? O_o

    • profile image

      David Garcia 7 years ago

      FutonFraggle, Casey Anthony says she passed out and Caylee was gone. She could be lying about that too. And I don't buy the so called "abuse" either. Why would the grandparents put the child in the trunk of the car? Why would Casey, instead of calling the police? I mean, her child was dead for Christ's sake. Instead she let 31 days go by. Somebody knows something that's for sure. To expect 12 jurors to believe that for 31 days, Casey Anthony was torn between reporting her dead child for fear of her "abusive" parents is a bit too much to ask. Her actions tell me she probably killed the child. She can't walk away from this like the O.J. Simpson farce. At least I hope she won't.

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 7 years ago

      David, I keep wondering how they'll explain that, too. Casey admitted (in a letter to another inmate) that she lied about Zenaida. Linda Baden said the same thing on 48 Hours.

      So, we know Casey wasn't looking for the imaginary babysitter for 31 days. When she admitted that ZG didn't kidnap the baby, she pretty much admitted that the child wasn't kidnapped at all. So, what happened to Caylee? Will they say she wandered off? Will they say that Casey didn't report the baby missing because she was "afraid" of her "abusive" parents?

      Baez promised more twists and turns, and I have a feeling he won't disappoint. Defense can't do a damn thing to make this story make sense, though. They know it, too. That's why "mitigating factors" have become a hot topic in the Casey Anthony trial this week.

      It's going to be difficult for prosecutors to *prove* that Casey killed Caylee. Defense can counter these arguments with reasonable doubt:

      Casey found her child dead and put her in the car. Casey's parents had copies of the keys to the car, maybe one of the parents put the baby there.

      Casey got wasted and passed out at a friends house, when she woke up, she couldn't find Caylee and her car was parked in a different spot.

      These are just a few wacky examples Baez could offer the jury. Of course, it's not likely that any of these scenarios played out in the summer of 2008, but we have nothing concrete (fingerprints on tape, trash bag, etc) to tie Casey to the murder.

    • profile image

      david garcia 7 years ago

      How will she or Baez explain the 31 day period where she apparently didn't miss her child she was so busy having a good time? She's an unfit mother in my book and Caylee paid the price for her immaturity and irresponsibility. She's not insane, she knows what went down. Unless the jurors are bought off she should be given life with no parole.

    • profile image

      barbara watts 7 years ago

      i hope they gave her life i am sure the women in prison will make her life a living hell just like she made that sweet baby,s


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