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Cat Food For Grandma? Adopt Paul Ryan's Path To Prosperity, And Grandma Can't Even Afford Cat Food!

Updated on July 21, 2021

Wrapped In The Flag, Carrying The Bible, Dressed To Kill!

Wrapped In The Flag
Wrapped In The Flag

Transform Medicare! The Bold Approach To Killing Grandma!

Does Paul Ryan, the ultimate GOP Transformer, have an issue with old people? The evidence says yes, and it is outlined in Ryan's latest version of "Weaning Grandma From Welfare And On To Cat Food!", otherwise known as "The Path To Prosperity". John Boehner, the Weeper of the House, calls the plan a transformation of Medicare. Transformation or Destruction, the Path will alter Medicare so much so, that it will not only bankrupt average seniors, it will ultimately kill them. According to to the website, the average monthly Social Security benefit is $1177, as of January of 2011. According to the Path, seniors will be given a 'premium support allowance' (coupon or voucher in real talk) to help them purchase insurance from private health insurers(some of Ryan's biggest donors). But the additional cost to each senior is estimated at $6000 per year. If the average senior receives a benefit of $14,124 per year, it will require that seniors spend almost half (42%) of their benefit just to buy their Transformed Health Insurance. That will leave them with roughly $8124 to live on. That is $677 per month.

How much of that $677 will be spent on copays for doctors or medications? Can you stretch $677 per month and even be able to afford cat food? The average 3 ounce can of cat food typically costs anywhere from 38 to 73 cents, depending on the brand. Cat food for grandma?Grandma might find it cheaper to stick to a diet of beans, lentils and carrots. Yummy! How long will grandma be able to live like this? The Path does not provide statistics for survival.

The Next Ten Years Under The Ryan Path!

Before outlining some the the key elements of the Path, let's just summarize the next ten years under Ryan's folly!

Ryan cuts taxes to the wealhtiest of corporations and individuals by $4.2 Trillion dollars.

Ryan pays for the tax cuts by cutting programs for the poor and middle class by $4.5 Trillion dollars.

Ryan's Balancing Act! 

The Ryan Plan Doesn't Kill People Currently 55 And Older! 54? Tough For You!

Paul Ryan and the GOP do NOT believe in killing current grandmas as long as they are 55 and older. Why not? Because they are a huge voting block! Notice that when defending Ryan's Path, every member of the GOP points out that it will not affect current seniors or those that are within 10 years of qualifying for Medicare. They know that current seniors would drum them out of office if the Path attempted to destroy their current Medicare benefits.

The destruction of Medicare has been a goal of the Republican party since Medicare was passed into law. Mother Jones Magazine has an issue written in 1996 that spends most of the issue discussing Newt Gingrich's Plan to Kill Medicare. Written 15 years ago, it could have been written today. Substitute the name Ryan for Gingrich, and you have the same old song...

The difference will be the names of the donors. Golden Rule was the contributor to Gingrich, while Ryan has contributors from many, many health insurance companies.

Just a few years ago, Ryan wanted to eliminate CHIPS. is a program administered by the Department of Health and Human services that provides matching funds to states for health insurance to families with children. The program was designed with the intent to cover uninsured children in families with incomes that are modest but too high to qualify for Medicaid. Talk about compassion! Ryan seems to care about no one but himself and his own.

AARP has come out against the plan, and the CBO says it goes even further to cripple programs than the scoundrel Ryan says. AARP's headline reads the following:

AARP Calls on Lawmakers to Oppose Unbalanced Budget Proposal

Bush Tax Cuts To Wealthy Create How Many Jobs?

Jobs Lost Chart From Bush and Obama Terms
Jobs Lost Chart From Bush and Obama Terms | Source

Ryan Will Also Destroy Social Security! But He Will Save The Wealthy Job Creators!

Paul Ryan's father died when he was 16. Social Security Survivor's Benefits were used by Ryan to pay for his college education. His mother and his other siblings received benefits as well, but Ryan and his GOP cronies not only seek the destruction of Medicare, they seek the 'transformation' of Social Security. Privatize, personalize, the wording doesn't matter. The effect is the same: the disappearance of any safety net for the least powerful in America.

The Path does provide one safety net. It is called 'tax breaks for the wealthy'. Not satisfied with extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, which added to the deficit to the tune of $700-$800 billion dollars, the Path calls for even more tax breaks for the highest income brackets. The wealthy, who have created literally millions of jobs with the Bush tax cuts, will create even more jobs with the hundreds of billions that Ryan's Path provides. Economist Mark Zandi predicts that the Ryan plan will eliminate 1.7 million jobs in its first two years. Now that is the kind of progress that we want to see!


Who Will The GOP and Ryan Save; Who Will Get Kicked Off The Lifeboat?

If Paul Ryan and the GOP were on a lifeboat and there was room for one more, who would they pull into the lifeboat? Who would they save?

Ryan and the GOP, after capsizing their 'Core Values' cruise ship and comandeering a lifeboat, see an elderly widow, a young child with disablities and the CEO of a fortune 500 company floating in the water. All of them are panic-stricken and screaming. All of them know that without the help of the GOP, they will die. There is no need for discussion. Ryan and his fellow GOP survivors instinctively know what must be done. They pull the elderly widow to safety, hit her over the head and throw her back into the water. Next, they grab the child, remove his Medicaid-financed oxygen tank, and throw him to the sharks. The CEO is the only one left. He is wearing what appears to be a backpack, and for a moment, Ryan and his GOP buddies think to themselves that the extra weight from the backpack might be too much for the lifeboat to handle. But they pull him to safety anyway. Once on board, the CEO opens the golden backpack. Inside, they all see what he has brought with him. Another inflatable lifeboat, which he stole before jumping from the ship, and stacks and stacks of cash, which he proceeds to divide among Ryan and his buddies.

Yep, the GOP, once again, has made the correct decision...the traditional GOP decision...


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