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To Catch A Criminal

Updated on June 20, 2016

Caught Red Handed

Caught In The Act!!!
Caught In The Act!!!

Criminals Are Smart!

Not all criminals are dumb, in fact some of them are actually smart! The criminal element is ready to steal your hard earned things at every waking minute. Criminals are not your friend! That unfamiliar guy in your neighborhood, walking by at 11 o'clock P.M. looking around, smoking a cigarette butt that he found on the ground moments earlier, he is not your buddy! He is looking for an opportunity. Not a job opportunity, not a business opportunity but the opportunity to rob your home or vehicle as soon as he can! Next, I will describe the event that happened to me and show you how smart these guys really are....

How A Criminal Attempted to Burglarize Me.

Hide Your Belongings
Hide Your Belongings

Caught In The Act.

Let me begin by saying....these criminals are smart! This encounter happened on a dreary Sunday night...It was raining and just plain miserable outside. This my friends... is burglary weather, the criminals use the cover of darkness and the presence of rain to cover their tracks when committing these crimes. The darkness conceals their illegal actions and the rain plays two parts. Number one, the rain will wash away any evidence of fingerprints and also make it impossible for officers to dust for prints. Number two, A dreary, rainy night helps to keep the owners, "US" tucked peacefully away in our comfy warm homes, we tend to relax a little more and sleep more soundly on those rainy evenings. Exactly what "THEY" want. On this particular evening, at around 10:30 P.M., while watching TV, I heard the sound of a loud truck or tractor trailer pass by, followed by a loud bang! I immediately went to the door and looked around...nothing. I went back to watching TV. 15 minutes later...the same thing... a loud truck goes by and then BANG!...I run to the door and look outside...what do I see???? An unfamiliar African american man sitting on the curb in front of my house next to my car. I observe him for a moment to get a description of him locked into my brain then I put my shoes on and turned on the front porch light. The suspect then flees the area and I notice gouges and a white powdery substance on the passenger side window of my car. (This I found out later was crushed rock/brick material from the rock/brick he used to throw at the window.) I immediately ran inside for the phone and called 911.

Police On The Scene!!!

The Timely Arrival Of The Local Police!
The Timely Arrival Of The Local Police!

Police Arrive, Suspect Apprehended!

After dialing 911, I ran back outside with the police dispatcher on the line, I wanted to give the police a solid time frame, description of the suspect and his direction of travel. It appeared that this particular criminal was not very fast as he only ran about a half a block before slowing down and walking. I followed him for about 50 yards with the police dispatcher on the line. He continued down the street for about two blocks and that's when I saw the police lights of approximately 3 units activate. I told the dispatcher that I was pretty sure that the suspect was apprehended, thanked him and hung up. I walked back to my house to inspect the damage and wait for the arrival of the officers to give my statement. All of this couldn't have taken more than 2-3 minutes.

Arrest Made!

In Custody!
In Custody!

Positive ID And Evidence Found At The Scene.

After patiently waiting for the Officers to arrive for my statement, two Officers pulled up in their cruisers. They informed me that they had apprehended a suspect that fit my description and that I would be given the opportunity to ID the suspect. I explained the details of the incident and gave my Identification to the officer. I explained to him that I was an ex Military Police Officer and that my Brother is currently a Police Officer. He thanked me for my service and commended me on my quick action in notifying the police as the officers were currently investigating a string of similar car break ins in center city. The officer theorized that because of the heavy police patrols in center city, this suspect was forced out of town to pursue his break ins. After taking down my statement the officers searched the area for the object that was used to throw at my window and in the process of that, they discovered a small, black tactical flashlight that was possibly used to shine into the vehicle to see the contents better. With no luck finding the rock/brick, the officer brought the suspect in the back of the police car to the scene for me to ID. He shined the light into the police car onto the suspects face and I positively ID'ed him as the man sitting on the curb next to my car at the time of the banging noise. Case Closed!


The Scales Of Justice!
The Scales Of Justice!

Awaiting Trial

I received a notice to attend a court hearing as a witness in the suspects case. I have to go sometime in July, 2015, so hopefully all goes well and I can update this Hub with the final verdict! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!!!


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