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Causes of Inflation

Updated on November 11, 2008

My Experience with Inflation the USA

Inflation by definition is an increase in the volume of circulating currency in relation to the availble goods and services. At least that has always been my definition of inflation. You will find plenty of opinions for the case and effect of inflation. In my life time the inflation has been steady What was once a land where average people could make a good living and live a some what trouble free life are gone. Call it what you will but but in 1987 I worked as a Surgical Technologist and made $17.50 per hour which included no benefits. 20 years later and all that experience my wage was still the same with no benefits. Now many would say this is because of the health industry crisis. They had to curb their wages some how. So why not pay the people who work in surgery the same amount of money. Which makes me think that their jobs are considered to be some what unimportant. Certainly many of us who believed the American dream are more that looking twice at what has happened over the last 20 years. If the powers that be are not running the government for purely personal profit motives than what are they really doing?

We can speculate on what inflation is and what it does and realize that we have just as good of a chance as the economic experts of predicting what will be the effects of inflation on American society. Certainly none of them know how much money is being printed because if they did maybe they would want to stop it. You could say that the quality of life in the USA and declined over the last 20 years. Rising crime, less leisure time and more stress in our life's could be a symptom of the inflationary times in which we live in. If you have your money in a bank, or maybe you have stocks or you are invested in land. Something is happening to the value of your assets. They are plummeting. More than likely they will continue to loose value for the next several years. You do not need a degree in economics to see that the USA is in a tail spin and has been for more than a decade. My solution is to become less dependent on the government. Become less dependent on your place of employment and diversify. Become less dependent on currency that we have no control of.


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