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Challenges New Recruits Face in Corporate World

Updated on January 18, 2016

The Big Firms

"I'm very happy to announce that during this financial year we made a profit of 50 billion dollars as compared to the last year. I'm very happy with my employees ". These are the words which are repeated by countless CEOs of various companies year after year. Represented by striking campuses and enormous brand names, all of them claim to have a so called ' Work Culture'. " We follow the best practices in order to be productive and produce results" boasts every manager when asked about the work culture of their company.

The work culture in most of the companies is similar. With exception of few firms like Google and Gore, same management practices are being practiced in all the modern world firms. Every company provides almost the same facilities to their employees.

Is having a big brand name enough or is it the happiness of the employees that matters? Do you work for a fat paycheck or because you really like to work?

Is having a big brand name enough or is it the happiness of the employees that matters?

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The Other Side

Most of the companies ensure that best of the services are provided to their employees in order to boost their productivity and performance. They provide employees with perfect working conditions, specially designed to improve human performance. From coffee machines to large ODC's everything is designed in the best possible way.

But has anyone of us ever wondered, that behind all this euphoria there lies a side which is often ignored. Beneath all this lies a dark cold world, a world where you realize at the end of the day everyone loves to play safe. Yes, I'm talking about situations where no one is willing to help you. Situations where all of a sudden company rules and regulations become more important than the employee. Situations which could only be understood by the person experiencing them. These are situations which most of the employees face when they join a company. Contrary to this point, there are always many people who never faced these conditions.

Lets discuss these situations one by one with examples -

1. Allotment of Locations

This is applicable to only those companies which provide training to employees before deploying them to projects. This is a very common practice for all leading IT firms of the world.

Usually employees are asked about their preferred locations, but sometimes despite that some get allocated to locations where they experience a total change. Most are able to cope up, but it is a challenge to move and live in such situations. A very minor issue, but ask those who feel helpless, ask those who cry everyday for a change of location and ask those who feel depressed whenever they step in the office.

Solution -

When stuck in a situation like this, never ever give up or develop the 'let it be, it was written in my destiny' type of attitude. The best way to tackle this problem is by being optimistic and tackling the situation with a very positive mindset. There are usually two solutions -

1. Find something interesting to engage your mind so that you feel good and positive.

2. Keep fighting with a believe you deserve much better than this, but without getting sad or depressed.

In the end, have a lot of faith in god, he might have some great plans for you.

2. Team Issues

Welcome to office politics ...Newbies ... As the time began to pass, every new employee come across something known as office politics. As new joinees, employees often try to adjust with the surroundings and culture but what they must not ignore is the office politics which is present in each and and every workstation of the world.

Office Politics can be defined as strategies people use to gain individual advantage for themselves or to support some cause. It is practiced only for personal interests and have no organizational interests. So make sure you look out of this when you join a new company. If you are a manager try to initiate team building sessions to avoid it.

Solution -

Try to understand the real motif of people behind this behaviour. It can be a challenging task at start but will get easier as the time will pass. Try to develop a good relation with everyone and ensure that there is proper bonding between everyone. As a manager, it is your duty to ensure that there is proper team-building between the members.

Also, sometimes directly confronting the person may also help because there might be some misunderstanding from his/her part.

3. Office Harassment

The worst form of evil that lurks around is sexual harassment. This is the worst problem that women face in offices. If you look from outside, you will see individuals dressed like professionals in office. They eat, speak and walk like professionals. But lurking among these professionals are many individuals who don't even deserve to be called humans.

They may be your teammates, managers, HR or any other person. They always play safe, act in a way that they have done nothing, keep their slate clean. Ladies out there don't ever fret for 1 second and take action against them. Be strong cause you are doing nothing wrong. They need to be punished like hell. But it is easier said than done. Often girls start by ignoring them and then tolerating them, but don't ever be afraid and handle these fools well.

For gentlemen out there, you may be surprised to know but you guys can also face this problem. 13% of cases of sexual harassment have men as victims.


Take initiative and make sure that the person gets punished. Complaint to the highest authorities and be strong and confident. Someone needs to weed out the pests from the company, be that someone and teach them a good lesson.

Don't keep it inside if you are victim. Make sure to discuss this with a close friend, relative or family member.

4. Treated like Shit !!!

This point is not valid for many companies but if you somehow manage to land under a bad project manager or a bad HR team then get ready to face some tough time. The biggest problem one may encounter under this scenario is explaining your state of mind to your boss. There will be situations when you will be told to stay in your limits as you are new to company and have no right to take decisions.

"We have a very positive attitude all over. Everyone is free to share their thoughts and ideas. We are not differentiated by hierarchy, we all are associates " echoed the words from a CEO's speech. Well Mr. CEO open your eyes and look at your company before passing these comments.

Solution -

Look for a way out of this situation, cause as an employee you have many forums where you can discuss these points and bring them up to the people who have the power to act against it .

So, it takes a lot to fight against a tough manager or a bad boss so wish you get a good one.

5. Playing Safe

Sooner or later every new employee will realize the fact that in corporate world most of the people try to avoid problems rather than tackling them or helping those who are already in trouble. In case of some difficulty managers or senior employees will try to avoid it and it is rare to find people helping others.

Its a cold world where everyone have self interests and somewhat self centred. Apart from this people don't want their name to come up in any dispute.

Its not a evil world but an ignored world where top management needs to take interest and nurture the new generation joining their family and support and help them out

© 2016 Akshay Sood


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    • akanshaakumar profile image

      Akanshaa Kumar 

      2 years ago from India

      Thanks Akshay for being many peoples voice...God Bless You !!! Keep up the good work. :)


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