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Bernie Sanders a Fight for 2020

Updated on June 16, 2019
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I couldn't get behind Sanders because he didn't run under his own party and I felt it was wrong. I felt the same way about the Tea Party.

Bernie the forever candidate

Bernie Sanders could have had a victory

Bernie Sanders ran in the 2016 Presidential election and gave the candidates a run for their money. He took the Democratic Party more to the left, with promising Medicare for all and the more he leaned to the left the more younger "millennial" generation began to follow his campaign. He even picked up those voters that had soured on the Clinton's and wanted someone with fresh ideas.

Bernie was well on his way, but could never surpass Clinton's 55% approval rating and in the end, he stepped down. Then Donna Brazile, who had been a good friend of the Clinton's wrote a book and in it she said that she saw evidence that the primary had been rigged in Clinton's favor. She quickly took it back, but the damage and the doubt would remain always.

America will never know if Bernie Sanders could have actually been the one that would run against Donald Trump in the end or if he would have won. It's a hard "what if" to live with, as a country and as Bernie Sanders who will never know.

Polls, analysts and amateurs alike can do the math and all the guessing in the world and it will never change the doubt that Bernie Sander's supporters will always have.

Bernie Sanders will take another chance at becoming the 46th President of the United States, he will run under the Democratic ticket and his followers are in full support.

Democrats have asked that they run a civil campaign and don't trash each other because in the end they have to come together and support one candidate. This is something that Bernie Sanders himself has mentioned, but to see the Tweets and Facebook comments of his supporters, they are divisive and don't show the Sanders campaign in a good light.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

What do we know about Bernie Sanders?

Bernard "Bernie" Sanders was born in 1941 to Eli Sanders who was Jewish and who left Poland in 1921 at the age of 17 and came to America. He worked hard to provide for his family, but they were never wealthy. Eli died in 1962, a few years after Bernie graduated from high school. His mother was from New York and also of Jewish descent. As a child she had been ill and it had weakened her heart. In 1959 after undergoing a second heart surgery, Dorothy Sanders passed away. Leaving behind her husband and two sons.

Though they were safe in New York, they lost many family members in the holocaust. And learning of his history early on, Bernie Sanders knew that the only way to make change was to become involved. The politician was born.

While in High School, Bernie ran for office and lost, coming in last in a three way race. After he graduated from high school he attended Brooklyn College and when his mom passed away, he left for Chicago and attended the University of Chicago.

He protested for racial equality and civil rights. In the late 1960's to 1970's he ran as a third party member in elections and lost. But by 1981, he decided to run for the position of mayor of Burlington and won as an Independent and was re-elected two more times. After serving three terms as mayor, he decided to run for Congress. Bernie was elected and served for 16 years. In 2006, he ran for the US Senate, won and was re-elected to two more terms. In 2015, Bernie decided to run for the presidency; and by 2016, he ended his campaign and gave his support to Hillary Clinton.

1972- Essay about rape fantasies

When he ran for office several years ago, this essay came to light. Although I only read the first page, I did come to the realization, that he wrote this in 1972, he was 31 years old and he'd lost both his parents. Bernie hadn't had much of a history of relationships, other than a short lived marriage from 1964-1966, which took place shortly after his father's death. From what I read, it was more of a struggle of the man and how he is perceived, as well as the woman and how she is perceived in his eyes. It was almost like someone thinking out-loud as to what was expected of each, and how marriages fall apart. It wasn't until 1988 that Bernie Sanders was in a serious relationship and married his wife, Jane O'Meara that he has spent his life with.

Democratic Socialist & Progressive

Bernie Sanders calls himself a Democratic Socialist and Progressive. But what does that mean?

Republicans would like you to think that the word "socialist" as used against Democrats would mean that you would want to overthrow the government, do away with capitalism and become a communist.

Fact: Democratic Socialist is nothing like that, the social programs like Medicare, Medicaid, VA Health Care and other programs that help our society is what the Democrats stand for. Nothing more nothing less.

Bernie Sanders is pro labor, pro economic equality, paid parental leave and the big one Single Payer Healthcare.

Single Payer Healthcare is not socialism and it doesn't make you a communist. Some European countries have maintained healthcare for all, and go a step beyond; they pay their mothers to stay home when a child is born to bond with the child and then return to work if they are ready.

Bernie Sanders wants to reduce military spending, more diplomacy with our allies. When negotiating trade agreements, he wants to emphasize on labor rights and environmental concerns in these agreements.

A Progressive is someone who favors or implements social reform or new ideas. Example, wind energy, climate change regulations, etc. They are looking to the future, not just tomorrow.

Bernie Sanders, incident with shower door received seven stitches.
Bernie Sanders, incident with shower door received seven stitches.

His heart is in it

Bernie Sanders is all in for the 2020 race,and his supporters have proven to stand behind him.

Bernie is also 78 years old. When swearing in ceremony takes place he will be 80 years old. At the end of his first term, he will be 84 years old and to run again at 84 years of age might not be possible.

Bernie Sanders has served his country well, but the possibility that he might not make it through his first term is a reality that the American people will need to face when going to the ballot box.

Recently, he fell and hit the glass in the shower and needed 7 stitches at the forehead; that could happen to any of us, but at 78 years old its not as easy to bounce back.

Show us your taxes

When Bernie Sanders ran in 2016, he shouted like everyone else about the Trump taxes needing to be released. But Bernie only released the 1040 Form which is not a complete tax form. And now that he is running again, he is back peddling on the releasing of his own taxes. By releasing his full taxes, he lets his supporters know if he is or has taken money or owns stock that has made his net worth of $2 million. Here are a few historical numbers that could make up his net worth:

  • As Mayor: 1981-1989; $269,000
  • As Senator: 2006- 2018; $1,980,000
  • "Our Revolution" book: approx. $174,00 a year for 2 years
  • In 2015, He had assets of approx. $195,000, his wife had $741,000
  • House 1 in Vermont, worth $405,000.
  • House 2- Lake House; worth $575,000
  • Washing DC Townhouse, bought in 2007; $488,999

Like with Trump, voters will never know if he doesn't release his entire tax returns.

Bernie Sanders Lake House
Bernie Sanders Lake House

Bernie's taxes still MIA

Democratic Socialist

Bernie Sanders is trying to beat the Republicans to the punch, by running as a Democratic Socialist. Since Republicans always use the Socialist card to scare their voters, Bernie Sanders narrative is to explain it and justify it and remove the fear from lack of understanding.

While this may work in some places, it may not work at all in others. Sanders is taking a big chance with this, the problem that some Democrats have with this, is the fact that he's an Independent and since he is speaking for himself, maybe he should call it Independent Socialism and leave the Democrats out of it.

© 2019 Lady Liberty


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