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Character matters when running for President

Updated on May 23, 2014
Mitt Romney at the 2012 CPAC Convention
Mitt Romney at the 2012 CPAC Convention | Source

Mitt Romney's character what do you know about him?

In the last year I have heard so many negative articles and blogs about Mitt Romney, that I absolutely had to write this hub. If you are following the GOP race, then you are well aware of the four candidates that are left standing going into Super Tuesday next week. Mitt Romney just won Michigan, Arizona and Wyoming, so he has momentum.

But, what I wanted to share in this hub were some of the things that I have discovered about Mitt Romney that may help you to understand this man in a more personal and down to earth way. The complaints I hear often are that he is "out of touch" and "so wealthy that he just can't relate with the regular folks". Well, that maybe so, but from what I learned about this man those misconceptions that I had - well, are no longer there.

Read on and keep an open mind.........and open heart, and remember character is very important when you are choosing the man who will lead our nation to a better tomorrow.

His days at Bain Capital and what he did one day that blew everyone away.......

In 1996 one of Mitt Romney's partners at Bain Capital had a daughter age 14 that went missing. Apparently she had attended a party in New York and got high on ecstasy. She had been missing for three days when Mitt Romney took action. He shut the company down, flew the 30 executives to New York to begin the search. He set up command centers in LaGuardia Marriott and hired a private detective to help in the search for this young girl. He set up a toll free number for tips and coordinated with the New York Police Dept. He also called everyone in their data base of companies to have them help in the search of the girl. Because of their efforts it made the evening news and a young man called in wanting to know if there was a reward for the girl. The police traced the call and were able to locate the girl who was in a basement going through withdrawals. The Dr. stated that a day later and the girl may have died. The young girls father will never forget what Mitt did, he was so grateful for all he had done. This speaks tons about his character, all that was important at that time was finding that young girl. Bet you didn't know this.

He saved the Salt Lake Olympics.......

The 2002 Salt Lake Olympics is another success story due to Mitt's take control and fix it attitude. In 1998 due to some scandals and bribery the Olympics were on the road to nowhere and the top two executives had to resign. The games were facing a $379 million dollar deficeit and sponsors were starting to pull out, canceling the olympics was not an option for Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney took over, refused a salary and even donated $1million of his own money to revive them. He began to cut costs, eliminating waste like fancy perks that were not needed and actually helped make them profitable in the end. He saved the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics.

Did Mitt Romney inherit his on......

Last night on the O'Reilly Factor I also found out something that I didn't know about Mitt Romney. He was asked if he had inherited his wealth from his father George Romney. He did, I was blown away because he has in the past said he had worked very hard for his success and had never mentioned that he actually inherited money from his father. But then O'Reilly told him, to tell the folks what you did with that money, I sensed what was coming after this. Mitt explained how he had donated all that money to charities, a big portion to BYU University, to honor his father. Wow, I was blown away I can't even imagine how much money he was talking about, it's just the fact that he has a very giving heart.

What he did in Massachusettes.......

I often hear him speak about his record in Massachusettes, having balanced their budget numerous times, even created a rainy day fund of millions for the state when he left the governorship. He also implemented stricter immigration laws for the state as well. Yes, he did establish Romneycare, but it was what the state needed, he listened to the people of Massachusettes, to get the 8% uninsured individuals insured. Others kept their own insurance, so nothing changed there. He has said that if President Obama had called him to ask him if it was a good idea to implement Obamacare on the Nation, he would have clearly told him absolutely not, but he didn't. He has stated that he would repeal Obamacare as soon as he gets into the White House, and I believe he will do it.

Just a footnote, Mitt Romney refused a salary while governing in Massachusettes.

Mitt is a family man of faith and a giver.......

Mitt Romney is happily married to Ann, they have five grown sons, and 16 grandchildren. I saw an article in People's magazine a few months ago and it featured a very touching story about Mitt and his family. He seemed so down to earth in the photo holding a pan full of handmade meatballs they serve on Sunday a spaghetti dinner. Yes he is a Mormon, and if we begin to judge him by this fact then we will really loose all the way around. A man's religion should not be a factor in the Presidency, Mormon's are the most caring and giving people I have ever known, they take care of their families and especially the elders.

The one thing I didn't know was that in his church for a few years he was their pastor. Because their pastors do not receive a salary, they count on volunteers to minister to the people. That is not an easy task and I have to tip my hat off to Mitt for having done this for his congregation for all those years. Also in his 2010 tax returns that he made available to the public for review a few months ago, he gave so much to charity and his church, yes he made a lot of money but he gives back in return. He gave more than most of the other candidates, a lot more. He is a man of faith and I believe our country is in dire need of someone of his character at this point in time.

I have heard him say on numerous ocasions that he is running for President because he loves his family very much. He does not want his children and grandchildren to be burdened by the debt that has been imposed by past administrations. I too agree with Mitt regarding this, our debt is out of control and we need someone like him to balance our budget and cut the ridiculous spending. One of the latest on the news was the new soccer field that was build at Guantanamo Bay for the terrorists that are there. It was over $750,000.00 to get this built for them, to me things like this do not make sense, especially when this administration is cutting back on our military, do we have our priorities a little scewed or what. Plus if this administrations goal is to close Guantanamo why would we be putting money into it?

You may not ever hear of these positive stories in the main stream media, and that is my whole point in writing his hub. I wanted to inform you about this man and his character. Basically all the candidates are good candidates and have good values and morals, some not so much. So, I encourage you to do your own research on the other candidates running for this high office, because their character traits may just surprise you. I don't know about you but I want someone who will be a leader, be a problem solver, take charge and not apologize for America. A leader who will bring back God into our lives, govern by the constitution and help this economy get back to being prosperous once again. God Bless America!

Did you know these facts about Mitt Romney?

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