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Charitable Trusts Linked to the Internet

Updated on July 13, 2011

Charitable Trusts Linked to the Internet

Americans are liberal and large-hearted people. A number of them give donations to charitable organizations, which are connected to the internet, towards aiding those who need help and those working for animal rights. It’s a nice thing if you are one among these! It is a wonderful gift to give to those who are in need and to support study of diseases for eventually coming up with a treatment. It is also a great thing to assist those who care for animals and their privileges. However, it is good to be aware of one point when donating to charitable institutions. All charities that are online may not be real. There are fake and unlawful people who misuse the broad-heartedness and generosity of those donating. They register false charitable organizations, involve you, thereby imparting the feeling that you are making a difference, and they end up filling up their pockets with your money. So, although you’ll feel that you are in the process of assisting those in need, you are assisting only those who are bursting with greed. Below are some very useful pointers to stay away from these kinds of charitable organizations.

· Undertake a proper study of these organizations. Very often, we feel so much for those in need that we get sentimental about an unfortunate circumstance in these people’s lives and we write out a check before even thinking for a moment. Although this is a great quality, we need to use more precaution. Try to get whatever information possible about the organization before sending them anything.

· Check if it is possible to get in touch with anybody who has received aid from the charity earlier. A number of these charitable organizations will recount anecdotes of people’s lives and how the donations have helped. If it is possible to contact the beneficiaries, try to get information about what assistance they received and any other details which will aid you in understanding if the concerned organization is legal and genuine.

· Check out the address given for dispatching the donations to. Once you lay hands on the address, it should be pretty simple to check out the landlord of that address. This is how you can do it:

To determine if the proprietor of the organization has a criminal record, you only require the address. Go to one of the websites which permits you to check someone’s background using their address. One such website is Using this online portal, you type in the address of the charitable organization. On providing this data, you can access the name and the telephone number of the person linked to the address. You will also be provided with marriage and death certifications, legal and unlawful court data, regional and countrywide court proceedings and many more details. In case this organization is illicit and wanting to use your donations for a wrong deed, you will right away find out. This is a fantastic means to ensure that your well earned money is indeed being used for bettering people’s conditions and providing them with their needs. This will also ensure that your donations do not go to illegal people and to cheats.

Cheking Charitable Organizations

Charitable Organizational Giving


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