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This is the truth about chemtrails, and their effect on the environment. The Poisonous Secret revealed.

Updated on February 14, 2016


What the government is hiding about chemtrails.

The Anti Santa. The Chemtrails inventor.

What the government is hiding about chemtrails.

A recent entry into the top ten of modern conspiracy theories is the notion that we are all being sprayed by chemicals dispersed at high altitude by airplanes, the notorious chemtrails, and that this nefarious activity is been undertaken by our governments. Various reasons have been put forward to explain why the powers that be might be doing this. Some say it is for weather modification purposes. Others say that our governments are trying to influence the course of global warming by spraying some agent that can lessen, or increase, the effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, depending on which school of conspiracist thinking they subscribe to. There are those who firmly believe that this chemtrail spraying is being done in order to cause some physiological changes in the populations on the ground, such as experiments in disease propagation, or trying mood altering, or other forms of mind control.

Of course responsible and sensible people in the scientific community, and within the governments and the military, deny that anything sinister is happening at all. They say that the trails that are seen in the sky are contrails, made by condensation from the engines of aircraft, and that there is no such thing as chemtrails.

Still the controversy rages on. Denial by the authorities is taken as evidence of a cover up, and no matter how many scientists are wheeled out to refute the allegations, the radio shows and the internet forums are buzzing with the talk of state deviousness, and even sometimes, downright malevolence.

I believe the time has now come to give rest to all the speculators. There is something happening, and it is quite bad. As President of The Ancient Society of Secret Historians, and the one person from whom no secret can be hidden, I can tell you now that there is something happening in our skies. Furthermore, if you care to read on, you will find out exactly what it is and who is behind it. The spokespersons for the governments are right, as also are the scientists. No governmental or military organisation is spraying the people with chemtrails. There is nothing in the design of aircraft engines that can cause them to emit toxic chemicals. Neither have any modifications been made to airplanes to enable them to disperse chemical agents throughout our skies. The contrails are being changed after they are ejected. They are being targeted from the ground. This is not being done by employees of the state. It is being done, instead, by the agents of a very ancient and malevolent being, who is motivated by a desire to bring as much confusion, madness and depression to the world as he can.

I speak, of course of The Anti-Santa.

The real cause of chemtrails.
The real cause of chemtrails.
Chemtrails cover our skies.
Chemtrails cover our skies.
Beneath this Jolly exterior is a heart loaded with sorrow.
Beneath this Jolly exterior is a heart loaded with sorrow.

The truth is in here


The Anti Santa. The Chemtrails inventor.

To explain who The Anti Santa is, his relevance to the chemtrails controversy, and to relate the origins of his long felt hatred for the human kind, it is necessary to go back some years into our past. Most of you will have heard of Santa Claus. The old gentleman with the beard, that delivers presents to children all over the world at Christmas, has brought excitement and joy to countless childhood hearts. Stockings have been hung up on Christmas Eve, to be found mysteriously filled up with sweets in the morning, and toys have apparently been beamed to beneath Christmas Trees; to be played with, and sometimes broken, on Christmas afternoon. The image of Santa Claus as the epitome of human generosity and goodness down the ages is well known to everyone. People still marvel at how he can manage to get around so many children, to deliver his gifts in one night. How many of us have not listened for the sound of sleigh bells on the roof, or looked out our bedroom windows to see if we could spot him flying by the moon. He may be a great man, but he does conceal a great sadness in his heart. Behind The "Ho, Ho, Ho, sometimes the tears fall.

The reason for this is because Santa Claus has a younger brother, and this brother is not a nice person at all.

When young Santa was growing up in Greenland many years ago, playing with the reindeer, giving sweets to the polar bears, and dreaming about how he would like to spread happiness and joy to the world when he grew up; there was one person who watched everything he did with a decidedly jaundiced eye. Cedric Claus was an altogether different type of child. He was much more inclined to feed reindeer to the polar bears than to give them sweets. If young Santa stroked a kitten, Cedric would pull its tail. Anything good or nice that Santa did his brother would always try to do the opposite. The result was that everyone loved Santa Claus, and everyone hated Cedric. The more the people, the polar bears, and the reindeer lauded the older brother the more the iron grip of insane jealousy took hold in the soul of the younger. He vowed to do everything he could to frustrate the plans of his hated rival.

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