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Chemtrails - Some jet planes are leaving trails of unknown composition in the sky!

Updated on July 7, 2013

Something strange is going on...

The point of this article is to help people who may have just recently heard about "chemtrails" get past their initial "come on man - what are you smokin'?" reaction that it is entirely appropriate for a reasonable person to have when someone tells them that some jet planes are routinely spraying chemicals into the skies, even over populated areas, and that the whole mainstream media is keeping silent on this large scale operation!

Normally, when a jet plane burns its fuel, bonds between the hydrogen and carbon atoms in the fuel are broken down, and each of these components oxidizes, which ideally produces CO2 and H2O - i.e. carbon dioxide gas, which is invisible, and water vapor, which is also invisible until it cools enough that it condenses into tiny droplets of water, or gets even colder and forms particles of ice. In the latter two forms, the exhaust trail is visible as a condensation trail (a.k.a. "contrail").

"Chemtrails", however, are something different. They neither look nor behave like contrails, as the following pictures will show.

Note - I have taken these photos myself, which is why I feel confident in saying that if you do the same thing I did (i.e. look at the skies!) you should be able to see the same things occurring in your area - which will render any doubts about the origins of my photos a moot issue. All that my photos need to do is to show you what to look for.

While looking at the chemtrail photos, please keep in mind that a normal contrail is of uniform composition, was blown out of the plane's engines at very high speed, and evaporates into invisibility as time goes by.

Turning on pumps...

Here is a photo that illustrates several unusual properties of chemtrails.

It looks to me as though the plane flew from right to left, since the right end of the trail looks older, as indicated by more settling out of the contents of the trail as it falls towards the ground.

So, what was the plane doing at the far right edge of the picture - flying with its engines turned off? I don't think so. So how does one explain the sudden beginning of the trail?! (This is one unusual characteristic of chemtrails - that they can begin and/or end abruptly.)

One explanation might be that the plane flew from a patch of warm air (where the condensation didn't occur) into a patch of colder air, however, if two air masses at different temperatures were right next to each other, you would expect that air currents would exist as the cold air tried to slip below the warm air - yet there is no disturbance in the line of the trail, and no indication of such air currents.

Since I'm left without an explanation for how jet engines could abruptly change from not leaving a contrail to leaving a contrail, it appears that what the plane left behind isn't a contrail.

What the plane left behind looks more like a trail of particulate matter than a vapor trail. It looks as though there is some non-uniformity in the composition of the trail since some of the material (perhaps the finer particles) seems to stay suspended close to the plane's flight path, whereas other material (larger particles?) appears to be falling towards the ground. (This non-uniformity in the way that different portions of the trail behave is another characteristic of chemtrails.)

Another unusual characteristic of this trail is that the material appears to have come out of the plane in a fairly rapid and regularly repetitive series of spurts (as if reflecting the repetitive cyclic action of a pump). If the plane's engines were ejecting their exhaust in a series of spurts, the passengers would be experiencing a pretty rough ride! That's not the case - the engines operate continuously and smoothly. So it appears that something else is installed in these planes that ejects material in repetitive spurts.


Another unusual characeristic of chemtrails is that as time goes by and the material in the trail disperses, the material appears to form filaments that grow longer and longer. This fine filament structure can be seen in the above photo.

It is also unusual how long chemtrails persist in the sky. They remain even after the plane is long gone. It doesn't make sense that vapor trails would consistently persist for such long times without evaporating.

Repetitive spurts

The above photo is another example of the repetitive spurts through which the trail material is expelled from the plane. Can anyone explain how the plane's engines could have created these regularly spaced spurts of material - perpendicular to the direction of the engine's thrust? My guess would be that these were created by some sort of pump that was ejecting material through a hole in the plane's side.

A bit later

This photo shows a different trail, photographed a longer time after it was formed. These trails often appear to disperse in the manner of a fibrous substance, where the fibers get teased out longer and longer as time goes by.

I'm guessing that this trail may have started out with the regularly-spaced-spurts characteristic, and, as time went by, each spurt got stretched out longer and longer, so that the trail now has a ribbed appearance.

Ran out of chemicals

In the above photo, I assume the plane was flying from the upper right to the lower left, where you can see that the trail ends abruptly - and then has one more brief gasp a little later on.

The area where the trail cuts off is worth a closer look...

What this zoomed-in view reveals is that, in the area there the trail shuts off abruptly, it appears that the pump kept running, and a little more material went down the pipeline, just enough to make two or three faint little additional spurts.

Overall, it looks like a sprayer that ran out of stuff to spray...

What is this all about?

The more you observe these "chemtrails", the less they appear to behave like trails of water vapor. So what are they?!

I don't know. The most benign theory I've come across is that someone wants to get a reflective material up into the atmosphere to reflect a portion of the planet's sunlight back out into space, as a way of trying to offset global warming. There are other theories out there too, many of a more sinister nature (just google "chemtrails" and prepare to read for a while).

Whatever it is, I don't think that mother nature intended for us to be breathing this stuff, or have the fallout be absorbed into our farmlands, and have who knows what effect on the ecology of the planet.


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    • isaiahkimgoodwin profile image

      Kimberly Goodwin 4 years ago from Concord, NH

      I have been researching Chemtrails for a year now. I like how you showed the photos of how it feathers out, and then it turns into fake chem clouds. I am sick about what they are doing to the planet on purpose. If anybody has any questions please go on Facebook to a site Global Skywatch and another Chemtrails. Also a website called and click on the links to the left. My children can even tell the difference between real clouds and fake ones. There is a great chemtrail app called SkyderAlert and you can take photos and they are sent to your local state reps and Senators along with a letter and petition. It also has a GPS of where you took the photo. These are real 100% no questions asked. It is in a Bill that passed Space Weapons, and admitted now. It is not being covered up like it once was.

    • profile image

      shadowcatcher 4 years ago


      Thank you for your comment, I think you made good points.

      The only point I'm puzzled about is the one about the evidence being flawed. The way I was thinking of it, the evidence consists of the photographs, and you agreed that you have seen similar patterns around the world!

      The rest has to do with interpreting and trying to understand what I'm seeing, particularly in light of the mechanism that is supposedly producing these trails (i.e. a jet engine blasting hot water vapor backwards at very high speed.)

      Also, the fact that these types of trails are commonplace (now) doesn't mean that they aren't deserving of some scrutiny!

      For me, it's about trying to understand how a vapor trail could end up looking like what I'm seeing.

      For example, can someone offer an explanation for how a jet engine could end up laying down regularly spaced puffs of 'trail', extending in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the engine's thrust?! This is one of the things that, when I look at it, my brain says this does not compute...

    • profile image

      Anon 4 years ago

      I have seen this pattern with contrails all over the world, so you have to ask yourself how many aircraft and what sort of international cooperation would be required to achieve such a feat.

      One way to help your understanding of the abrupt discontinuation of contrails is to wait and watch for another aircraft flying a similar path and if the contrail formed from that aircraft also has a similar start/stop point and pattern then you can conclude one of two things, all aircraft flying that route are producing chemtrails (unlikely) or the atmospheric conditions are causing the contrail phenomenon. Further to that there has been a great deal of study into the formation of contrails, mainly by militaries as they don't want their spy planes being highlighted by their contrails so knowing what flight path and altitude will avoid the production of contrails is of great advantage. So a small amount of research (i.e. google) could help your understanding rather than jumping to quite dramatic conclusions. Then again you can dismiss this research as government propaganda to hide their clandestine chemtrail programmes.

      Though I could can't prove that you are wrong for obvious reasons I just have to highlight that your evidence and thus conclusion are flawed.

      I remain open minded and if you have more substantial evidence then pictures of common place contrails found in magnitude globally then I will be the first to read it.