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Chick-Fil-A & Homosexuality

Updated on August 6, 2012
Photo of a local Chick Fil A on August 1st
Photo of a local Chick Fil A on August 1st

Here are my thoughts on the chick-fil-a & homosexuality controversy, if anyone cares. No one asked for my opinion, but we are in the day of blasting our thoughts and opinions on social media, so I’ve decided to take advantage of this wonderful liberty we have called “Freedom”, and speak.

Eating a chicken sandwich today is not going to make a homosexual straight, and at the same time kissing your same sex partner in a restaurant is not going to make a straight person gay. The entire display of appreciation and protest is a big mud fight that’s fueling anger on both sides of the fence.

There could certainly be more tact and poise demonstrated when celebrating our liberties!

In the end, people will still be gay, and Chick-Fil-A will still be the leading fast food chain in America. Those facts will likely continue for many years to come.

Today, on this August 1st, my kids and I will stay home, hang out and bake a big batch of cookies that my oldest has been begging to do for days. We have always taught our kids to, “Love your neighbor as yourself” and being a 4 year old kid, she takes that literally. She is always asking to visit our neighbors and see how they are doing. Today, she wants to bake cookies and pass them out.

As I thought about our immediate neighbors in our apartment complex, we have an Asian family with a little baby, a divorced homosexual man with his live-in boyfriend, a divorced African American man with his 2 teenage kids and an Eastern Orthodox Middle Eastern family. We have such a melting pot of nationalities & beliefs right within our unit.

And we are blessed to have relationships with each of them. Instead of bringing our neighbors chick-fil-a meals in order to make a statement, we’re delivering fresh baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies b/c my 4 year old daughter wants to bless them.

I’m grateful that right now my kids have come to understand that when a kid at school says mean things to them, or tells them that they are no longer their friend they know to forgive them for hurting their feelings and continue to love them and be friendly to them regardless.

My prayer is that as they grow up and are able to understand the ridiculous things that go on in the world around them, that they will be able to stand firm in what they believe but still be able to love their “neighbors” regardless of their differences.

As for tomorrow, we plan to hit up the pool or petting zoo, and while we’re out we will probably grab some chick-fil-a because when it boils down to it, their service is incredible, their restaurants are clean, they have a play area for the kids and the food is scrumptious. It’s only a perk that their beliefs line up with mine.

Here’s to pressing on in the marathon of raising my kids to see the bigger picture and to be a light wherever they go. May they continue to be a blessing and an encouragement to others as they perfect the art of seeing them through God’s eyes.


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