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He said, She said, They said

Updated on November 13, 2019

Crossview on the Chick-Fil-A debate

Here it is, another opinion on the Rights vs. Opinions debate. Actually it stemmed from the Chick-Fil-A debate a few years back, but seems to have gained new audiences in this new age of "Politically Correctness".

I always thought it amazing at how quickly one gains fame or misfortune just by stating their beliefs. How quick the masses are to form with or against you.

The masses would like you to behave, speak, have the same idealisms as they do. But I want to know is whatever happened to the great idea of personal opinion? While most will debate what they think is the issue, there is a larger issue when you stand outside that box.

I normally look between the lines, just a habit I acquired while in High School. Thank you again, Mr. Mulligan for that bit of wisdom you inherently passed to me; I just wish more had penetrated my dull mind.

Some wanted to boycott the famed fast-food chain, while others proclaimed their beliefs and covet the same. May I just say this, "Wake Up", it's ok to have an opinion the last time I researched it. I personally don't give a rats behind if your Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Black, White, Oriental, Indian, etc. Your life is your business. My life does not center around you. Sorry, but that's true. I will eat where I choose, drink what I wish, visit where I can. I may just acknowledge your life in order to put mine into perspective for myself. Thankfully we are not all alike, and I will learn something from it. I hope that my thoughts are mine alone and you will have some as well, and we can share them in an intelligent conversation and not those of a mass thought process. I think we have enough artificial intelligence thank you very much.

Now a quick review of what we have learned in the two hundred years since arriving in the Americas...

We proclaimed our freedoms. Freedom of religion, life, and pursuit of happiness.

This does not mean we can stomp on others to obtain them. This simply means we have been given those things and we are to be gracious enough without being told as you would a child, not to grab someone elses toy away without provocation or reason. If what you are doing hurts no one physically or mentally, then, by all means, enjoy yourself and your given freedoms - but don't take someone's freedom just because you "feel" differently.

A quick review of the last few years...

One person may not think, speak, or make a motion that is not approved of by the mass population. You shall not believe in God, you shall not mention prayers in school, you shall not pledge your allegiance to this country. You will be allowed to burn our flag, stomp, spit and whatever else you deem necessary to prove your lack of respect to this country that has given you these rights. Please while you do this, I beg you, keep in mind your "mother" country may have killed you for such acts as treason or disrespect. Also contrary to your beliefs, there is a written law about defacing our flag.. but we would not want anyone to be offended if we told you or arrest you, all in fear of hurting the mass population of non-believers.

Another look at today...While we have become a mass population of many nations, coming to a nation of opportunity, we have turned our back on the one thing we first came here to practice....the ability to believe and practice our beliefs without the fear of being condemned. Why? Because we have become a Nation of Hypocrites, failing to observe and hold each person's belief with respect and courtesy. If you are not tossing a rock through my glass window, why should I toss one through yours?

We are a nation of many disciplines, so let's be just that. Another lesson to learn if you haven't already- Unless everyone's opinion is required, keep it to yourself and you will be just fine!


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