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Once Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel

Updated on April 23, 2012

Rahm Emanuel Speaks on Mitt Romney

Now, Mayor of Chicago

I can imagine the ripping I'd get from Mr. Emanuel for the volumes of missing details. That's my disclaimer. More scrapbook than history,

Rahm Emanuel conversation with John King: "Americans have a right to be frustrated"

Looking Back - November 6, 2008

This morning, the news showed veteran Democrat, Rahm Emanuel, the fourth highest ranking Democrat in the U.S. government, emphasizing that his family was a number one priority in his decision to accept the charge of Chief of Staff. But early that afternoon, he accepted President Elect Barack Obama's first invitation to the newly forming Cabinet.

Upon hearing opinions that the selection of Rahm Emanuel, former advisor to President Clinton, is not an indication of change, the established democrat that he is, I find myself pondering. For one, I think, good, I'm glad to see that seasoned men and women of state will help run our government. And then I also ask, has there ever been a chief of staff quite like Rahm Emanuel?

The politician known as Rahmbo for his forthright, sometimes aggressive manner, has been outspoken on the importance of healthcare insurance for children and against the level of spending on the war in Iraq.

Some wonder if as chief of staff he'll have the ability to get along with people. Seems to me, he'll be a deterrent to anyone not absolutely serious about the mission at hand: to get this country's economy back on track and dealing with the other profound problems facing the new administration.

Rahm Emanuel Speaking out on Iraq Before Congress

Don't miss Barack Obama roasting Rahm Emanuel in 2005 - Hilarious!

The purpose of this Hubpage is to document history, albeit loosely, about Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. I am a supporter, in case it isn't apparent. But the news contained within emanates from numerous sources totally out of this author's control, which is a good thing. I hope you'll get to see every side and decide for yourself, one of the rights Mr. Emanuel works to uphold.

And don't miss checking out the hilarious roasting by President Obama when he was still Senator Obama. You'll see it somewhere on this page.

Barack Obama at the Roast of Representative Rahm Emanuel in 2005


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