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China a Global Military Power?

Updated on August 7, 2020
Chinese and Tajik soldiers arm wrestle during patrols near the city of Kashgar, in the northwestern autonomous region of Xinjiang, in May 2019
Chinese and Tajik soldiers arm wrestle during patrols near the city of Kashgar, in the northwestern autonomous region of Xinjiang, in May 2019 | Source

China has been trying to emerge as a challenge on the military front rather than the economic front against its rivals

China has never claimed to be the only global economic power, yet the whole world recognizes China as an economic power. Even the superpower America has not only recognized China as an economic power but has also made good use of China's economic power. But is China the world's largest economic power as well as a global military power? The answer to this question, sooner or later, has to be given to China, because without ever proving itself a global military power, China wills never hold the position of superpower. Perhaps the Chinese leadership is gradually realizing this. That is why for the past few months, China has been trying to emerge as a challenge on the military front rather than the economic front against its rivals. At present, not only Indian forces are facing Chinese military might in the "Ladakh" Valley, but also the superpower America is facing proxy war with China in many places. The situation seems to be calm. Military experts and analysts with a keen eye on international affairs are also fearful of a regular military war or small-scale clashes between China and the United States. In particular, the US navies around the Atlantic Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Strait of Hormuz are frequently said to be completely surrounded by Chinese forces, and China can inflict the heaviest damage at any time. It is currently hoped that China will not take the initiative to engage with the United States on the military front, but if the United States or any of its defense allies mistakenly took the initiative and angered China on any front, then China How will you answer?

"War gaming" is a modern scientific method in which military experts wage a fictitious war on paper and computer between two different countries and then the imaginary military resources and targets of the two rival countries

The world's largest military think tanks are conducting "War Gaming" to find out the answer to this question ahead of time and to understand the consequences, implications and consequences of the impending war between China and the United States. In other words, "War Gaming" is a modern scientific method in which military experts wage a fictitious war on paper and computer between two different countries and then the imaginary military resources and targets of the two rival countries. They use it against each other and in the end conclude which country won and which country won in this fictitious war. Interestingly, so far in the last two to three years, there have been at least five "War Gaming" between China and the United States by various think tanks, and in each "War Gaming" China has been the winner. Statistics and facts released after the "War Gaming" show that the United States is undoubtedly the largest military spender in the world, but there is no denying that China spends on defense in the world. China is rapidly trying to modernize its army, the People's Liberation Army. It turns out that China has become a challenge to US defense power, the answer to which the United States does not currently have.


In the last two decades, the Chinese military has made unprecedented progress in every field, but China has made the most progress in the air force and the Naval forces. In both cases, China has advanced its technological capabilities to the point where it has surpassed even the United States. However, no one has any documentary evidence to support this claim, but military experts are adamant. The Chinese forces are as powerful on paper as they appear to be. In fact, they have far more military power and resources. Because the world is completely unaware of what China has been doing militarily for many years, and the little that the world knows about it is more than enough to put the United States and its allies to sleep. China, for example, is preparing to build a J20 unit based on secret warplanes that would allow it to challenge US monopolies in stealth technology. In addition, with PL-15 missiles, 055 cruisers and advanced radars targeting its targets in the air, China is trying to prevent the United States or its allies from approaching Chinese borders or shores.

In addition, China has begun to use artificial intelligence (AI) in military technology to promote its national security interests around the world. Equipped with artificial intelligence developed by China. Weapons will not only be able to control future wars from afar, but will also enable better mastery of the battlefield details and allow Chinese forces to use artificial intelligence to coordinate battlefield planning. The importance of China's state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology can be gauged from the fact that, according to 2018 data, Chinese companies around the world are using artificial intelligence. The companies that managed to get the most rights in the field of intelligence were "Baidu" and "Ten Cent". Also in March 2019, all the rights were acquired by various educational institutions for research in the field of artificial intelligence. Among them, China had defeated the United States.

Chinese Military Power in 2020

China is making the most use of artificial intelligence in the field of drone technology, and China has developed artificial intelligence technology into unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) capable of automatically selecting their targets on the battlefield. Do it and target it. The two Chinese companies at the forefront of making AI-powered drones are Xi'an UAV and Qingdao Aircraft Industry. The Qingdao aircraft industry, which makes fighter jets, is the one that makes J-10, J-11, JF-17 and J-20 fighter jets. Yan UAV has built a drone called Bluffish A2. The drone can automatically demonstrate complex combat capabilities, including finding its target, monitoring enemy movements, and hitting selected targets. Military experts say such unmanned military weapons would enhance China's capabilities aimed at building a modern system that could help prevent the enemy from gaining access to Chinese territory. The systems are called anti-access or anti-denial capabilities. And the Chinese company "Ehang" has developed a vehicle-like drone called the 184 AAV, which is in one direction. It can fly up to 500 meters straight without human assistance and can be carried by passengers and loaded. It can also be used as a "drone armored vehicle". In 2018, China allocated 1.2 billion dollars for the UAV sector, but in 2019 this amount has been increased to 2.4 billion dollars. If these figures are used to estimate China's future investment, China will be spending 2.6 billion on development in the UAV sector by 2025. Like drones, China should be able to identify and monitor faces. Has also become a world leader in technology sales, and China's Ministry of Public Security is said to be building a huge database to identify people with faces, with the goal of the future. I have to keep an eye on each and every one of my enemies.

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China has also established military bases on a few islands that have been recaptured by force

It should be noted that China has also paid special attention to increasing its naval power. The Chinese navy currently has an aircraft carrier. Another ship will soon be part of the Chinese Navy, and by 2030 four more aircraft carriers will be part of the Chinese Navy. In terms of strength, the Chinese navy is currently the second largest navy after the United States. China also has a large number of missiles. These include DF-14 missiles with a range of 7,500 km, and some sources say that China has the capability to hit any location in the United States with these missiles. China is preparing to make its forces the world's largest and most powerful army by 2050. China is now so entangled in the "Ladakh" Valley that it will not return without a victory that the world will not recognize as a major victory. In addition, China is preparing for a full-scale war with Taiwan. On the other hand, the Chinese navy in the East and South China Seas is determined to do more against its rivals. Not only that, but China has also established military bases on a few islands that have been recaptured by force. Through these military bases, he has been able to monitor the entire region. And in any case, the Chinese military is in a position to respond immediately.

After the African country of Djibouti, China is now preparing to build a naval base in the Pakistani city of Gwadar with the participation of Pakistan. China considers both bases as its logistics posts for peacekeeping missions or relief operations in the Indian Ocean. China and Pakistan have also deployed thousands of troops to UN peacekeeping missions and are conducting operations against pirates in Somali waters. That is, this time the Chinese leadership does not appear to be in the mood to make any major mistakes or give up on the military front, and China seems more determined than ever to become a global military power under President Xi Jinping. Simply put, China has made all preparations to use its full military might against the United States and its allies. It's too late to play the drum of war.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Rao Muhammad Shahid Iqbal


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