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Chinese Citizen Wuhan Reporters Pierce the Communist Internet

Updated on February 11, 2020

The new corona virus currently causing epic loss of life and infections in China is also causing the communist regime Internet holes to plug as their citizen reporters leak unapproved videos and photos to the world.

China is known for its seemingly sealed Internet. The government only allows certain apps on phones and monitors nearly all the traffic of its citizens just like the oppressive regime it is. They even have drones with loudspeakers warning citizens not to spread rumors and wear masks for face official trouble from police. It is all an effort to contain the information to the world outside of its borders about this deadly new virus that has spread across the globe in lesser amounts. After a month after discovery in Wuhan, China tried to contain and handle it. Rumors indicated that it originated with bats or snakes sold at a market. Other rumors state that the Wuhan biological lab in Wuhan that was studying the virus had infected some of the medical personnel that unknowingly spread it while buying food at the same market.

The Chinese citizen reporters, while they are few in numbers, have managed to expose the actual horrible conditions in videos and photos by using VPN. Using this Virtual Private Network creates an impenetrable tunnel for Internet users that prevents any penetration or cutoff by Internet security programs because they cannot see what is being sent. It is odd that the Chinese Internet security would not know this but like elsewhere in the world, a VPN is a secured tunnel.

Most of these citizen reporters have been professionals- a lawyer, a doctor, other medical staff. The videos and photos show large amounts of dead bodies waiting to be taken for cremation, packed full hospital beds filled with patients, stories of how life in Wuhan actually is.

As these citizen reporters use their cell phones to document facts that make it out of the country for the world, Chinese police track and locate them. They threaten them or their family about spreading false news and rumors. They manhandle them. If that does not stop it, they simply detain them stating they are in quarantine to silence them. Their loved ones are not told anything about what is going on, where they are, or how long. They are just gone one day.

Chen Qiushi, a former rights lawyer, is one that went to free Hong Kong to post his videos and then returned to Wuhan just before the area was closed. Police were able to track him and he vanished. Chen had 225,000 followers on Twitter and FB and this caught the eye of the Chinese security. Many of his accounts are deleted.

Li Wenliang, the whistleblower doctor, was the first MD to warn the Communist regime of this new corona virus in December, 2019. He was ignored until bodies started to toll. The regime never told the public of this virus in the early days hoping to contain it. When it was apparent it was out of control, the told the public the doctor was a hero for warning them. However, they continued to keep him from talking publicly about it. He has since died from the virus he warned of.

With over 1000 dead in China alone shows the virus is far from being contained and gave reason for the communist regime to call upon the West for help. But the citizen reporters have created a "whack a mole" problem for China with so many millions of cell phones!


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