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Choosing a Political Party

Updated on May 9, 2011

Political Parties

It can be hard to understand want politicians and politics, so by understanding the basics behind the political parties can be essential and a lot easier to understand when choosing a politician to run your state, country, or country.

The following is an incomplete, but (hopefully) close to complete, and easy to understand explanation about the wants and beliefs of five of the more popular parties, listing the two most popular first. The others just fall into place in not particular order other than alphabetical.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please do so in the comment box below.

Just remember when choosing a political party there may be different things in each that you agree with in terms of what the party fights for, but usually one party has more things that you agree with than another. Or, you can pick your political party by the individual politician running and what he says and claims to fight for and want.

Democratic Party

Founded to fight for the Bill of Right, the Democratic party has changed its platform throughout the years...

The current Democratic Party platform:

  • Supports prosperity by strengthening the economy.
  • Evaluate the non- political aspects of the life of people.
  • Protects the country's security in order to provide peace.

The Democratic party fights for economic growth, affordable health care, retirement security, and civil rights.

Republic Party

Founded by anti- slavery activists, the republican party has kept many of the basic platform beliefs, but as people change, life changes, and politics change.

The current platform tends to include:

  • International democracy
  • increase investment opportunities
  • strengthen the communities
  • Increase affordable health care
  • Protect the country's families

The Republican party, also, supports for the war on terrorism, tax reductions, and a stable, thriving international economy.

Communist Party

The American Communist party fights for equal distribution of the wealth. What pushes the Communist party is the dream and hope is to get rid of private property and state- owned production. forming one society.

Green Party

The newest political party, the Environmentalists fight for what is good for the environment and the world. They're belief is to provide real solutions for problems of the world.

Libertarian Party

Libertarians believe in personal freedom and responsibility. They fight to keep the government out of personal, family, and business.

They want the government to play a smaller part in society and lower taxes.

Socialist Party

The United States's Socialists believe in freedom and equality. Socialism is the nice in- between Capitalism and Communism.

Socialists fight for production in terms of usages versus profit, employment, control, and ecological harmony. They want to provide health care, education, and welfare for free, which means high taxes.


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    • profile image

      cim 6 years ago

      Is split vote a good idea

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      Many of us today don't understand what drives the Democrat party in today's society.

      To understand who, what and why regarding the modern day progressives in our Government go to Google and check Congressional Progressive Caucus. There are many articles exposing members of congress who are in the progressive caucus. One may be surprised as to what is occurring in our government today under President Barak Obama and the leadership of Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi. The question remains for the citizens of the United States, do we want a Socialist or Marxist type of government.

      With the recent signing of legislation, Healthcare Reform, Financial Reform, taking over of the student loan program, ownership in the auto industry and Fannie and Freddie, the government controls 60% of the economy. America needs to wake up and speak out if we the people reject the transformation of our government as we know it today.

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 7 years ago from home

      good broad overview nice one- I wrote a different type of ana;ysis on the politics based on the instance that I gave from an extra terrestrials point of view Nice job

    • elb22 profile image

      elb22 8 years ago from California

      kind of confusing but seems to be written by a liberal...who else would forget that the most prosperous times in our economy have been during republican presidencies like Reagans or after we have won wars waged with honor and patriotism by people who are undoubtedly republicans by nature of their willingness to sacrafice their lives for our country instead of just slandering it and complaining. As to supporters of this idea that not understanding is the cause of dissension in America. Ignorance is the cause of dissension in America. We have become an illiterate society that has to he fed information and since liberal politics control the media (your a liar if you deny it) you can't get any other view points of political issues in america. There are many resources out there to determine your political views that are full of usefull and complete information. I am also tired of partisan politics and wish there were no parties but more and more consider myself independant which for Americans makes the most sense if we are going to label ourselves at all. unfortunately this info is like your kid learning about sex on the playground from another kid. Please take the time and do the research and make your own choices not just the popular peer pressure decision forced on many by loud mouth prius hippie hypocrites who made plenty of money from conservative principles but sit on the sidelines complaining all the way.

    • Lucas Gonzalez profile image

      Lucas Gonzalez 8 years ago

      Thank you for posting this. I find it to have the no. 1 most important element of becoming a discerning citizen of America: an educated and considered opinion. As I personally have political ideas outside of the two party system (I fall into one of the lesser categories mentioned above) I greatly appreciate efforts such as yours to educate Americans in politics. This is what is lacking and making our country worse: that people don't really know who and what they're voting for. To be informed is the best way to be a good citizen and consequently a good American. Thanks once again.

      Comrade Luke

      (Check out my hubs and blog at or look me up on twitter and facebook... Luke Bradford Knowles)

    • profile image

      John M Byrne 9 years ago

      Can you help clarify? This is more of a plea, than a question. Please destroy the "non sequitor" of Conservative vs Liberal. They are not mutually exclusive terms. I am very conservative as a father of nine and a son among nine children in my early Irish Catholic family years. (Ain't Catholicism Great") In both social capacities, I had to be very conservative and a flaming liberal to solve and help solve so many problems. I had help, and in that regard, we lived by the philosophy of the Three Musketeers: "All for one, and one for all" It could be subscribed as being Communistic or Socialistic, in its dally governing and happiness. Remember, We are not in business to make a profit. We are in business to stay in business, and do business right, and then we will make a profit. In our sports regimen, we are not plaing to win, we are playing to enjoy the sport and play as trained, and with good swordsmanship. If we do that, wewe will win most of the time, however we will have accomplished the purpose of our sports, healthy growth and the inherent values of teamwork. We will win most of the time.God Bless! John