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Popular Chief Minister Dies in chopper crash.Andhra State is a Uncontrolled State

Updated on February 8, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Dr.Rajsherar Reddy.Late - CM Andhra State.

Mrs.Sonia Gandhi paying her respects to late,Dr.Y S R.
Mrs.Sonia Gandhi paying her respects to late,Dr.Y S R.
The Only Photo of Dr.Y S R just before he boarded the fatal Chopper.
The Only Photo of Dr.Y S R just before he boarded the fatal Chopper.
Dr.Chief Minister - Born 1949-Died 2nd Sept 2009 in Chopper Crash.
Dr.Chief Minister - Born 1949-Died 2nd Sept 2009 in Chopper Crash.

He Saved Congress,Late,Do or Die,Dr.Y S R,C M of Andhra State.

Dr. Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy famously known as Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy or YSR was a popular political figure in the South Indian politics. Born in Pulivendula, Andhra Pradesh to Y. S. Raja and Jayamma Reddy on July 8, 1949. Reddy was married to Vijaya Lakshmi. They have a son, Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, a politician, and a daughter, Sharmila. Jagan Mohan is representing Cuddapah Constituency in the 15th Lok Sabha. He also owns Jagruti Publications and a new channel Sakshi TV.

We knew that Dr.Rajashekar Reddy was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.We did not know what he had done in Andhra State to help the poor and the people at higher level.With in a couple of years he had worked silently to topple the previous non congress Govt.He went on foot over 800 miles covering all rural areas,talking to the poor,hearing what they said and it was just the grid and with guts he did solve many of the problems of the poor.Every Govt Employee got free Medical Benefit increased pension that they never expected as soon as he was the Chief Minister of the State.He loved his class mates so much that when they from Karnataka went to ask for donation for a temple in his state,he told them that he would shift the temple to Karnataka if they loved the temple so mich.During his college days in Gulbarga in Karnataka he fought for abolishing dress code on students but said he was wrong years later when he visited his college whe he was the Health Minister of Andhra State.He spent his school days in Karnataka's Mining Town Bellary.Whe his college fined him for some mischif Rs.5/ ,he paid Rs.50/ and did not collect the change.He never allowed any body to garland him when he won the elections to college students union.When there was water shortage in his college hostel,he arranged to dig the dry well by his friends and his organized 'Shramdhan' and there was water waiting for this Student YSR,He arranged Blood Camp when there was shortage of Blood in his college Hospital.He arranged to collect left over Medicines by discharged patients and gave them to poor patients.He started a Nursing Home in his Home Town which runs even now.He was known as Raju in his college by his friends.To day the entire state demands and is dictating that his son be made the Chief Minister while the congress Party at Delhi is trying to put some dead wood in his place.Over 50 persons have committed suicide after hearing him dead because of unbearable grief.

We have Chief Ministers who have come to power by any means and all means.What do they do.We know that and we can't tell you that.We are helpless in this voting democracy of our country.We see them in public with the persons who need not be with them.We can't tell who they are.We know what they got but we can't show you where it is though it stands in the highway on over several acre of land.Our City has no Mayor since more than two years but we do not know where or who he is and when he we will see him.

We have 34 Chief Ministers but none has turned up when the mutilated dead body of Late Dr.Rajashekar Reddy came to his home at Hyderabad.Each Chief Minister is a Maharaja in his State but not our dear Dr.Rajashekar Reddy.He was in his office only 10 days in a month and 20 days touring his state rural places meeting his people and saying Hello to the Bureaucrats only after hearing how they were performing from the people he used to meet.

He died because there was no road in his state for over 800 sq kilometers to go to the place where he wanted to go.No Chief Minister goes by train as we all know what it smells like inside and how it stops when you want to go and how it goes when you want it to stop for just drinking water bottle that you need to buy for your kid as there will be no water to drink in our trains.a recent survey showed that Bed Rolls given in a/c couches were not washed had bacteria present in several samples.

He died because he wanted to check if the bureaucrats were doing their jobs.The pilots gave their life to help their Master do his Job.They died doing which no other person would do.They may have not followed the procedures for flying but they followed their leader when he died,they also died.His personal Secretary went along with him leaving behind his young family for ever.They all gave their life for the people of Andhra State.Our mostly friendly neighbor among the other 3 states with whom their is a dispute,which the people do not have.He worked Silently and died silently.

This Hub is in memory of a Leader like none in our 28 states and 7 union Territories. Long Live Late,Dr.Y S R 's Memory.


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