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Chris Matthews Totally Unprofessional Attacks on Bernie Sanders

Updated on March 7, 2016
Virginia Allain profile image

Politics affects all our lives. I made thousands of phone calls in the 2016 elections and now lead a group of women activists, all retirees.

Social Security Is Socialism


Chris Matthews Goes Crazy on MSNBC

For some weeks, I've seen discussions of how biased Chris Matthews is when he mentions Senator Bernie Sanders. Actually, most of the establishment media journalists and political commenters are putting a negative spin on Sanders' campaign while giving his Democratic opponent lots of free air time.

This time, Matthews crosses the line while interviewing Hillary Clinton about her big win in Iowa (for the ones who missed it, the win consisted of coming in 1/10 of 1% ahead of Sanders in the caucus). The February 2nd interview shows Matthews gushing over HRC while ranting about that Socialist, Bernie Sanders. If you want to see the strange "interview," I'm including a YouTube copy of it below so you can see for yourself.

Now, as a news person or a political commentator, Matthews ought to prep with facts for his show. The use of "Socialist" instead of the correct wording "Progressive" or "Democratic Socialist" shows his bias. The use of the wrong term is intentional and he continues on to red-bait Sanders.

Fans of Hardball with Chris Matthews didn't hesitate to call him on his rant. I think he lost a lot of respect from viewers who could see how off-base he was. Many are saying they will no longer watch his shows. Some even suggested viewers unsubscribe on cable to MSNBC to get their point across.

Take a Look at This YouTube Video of Mathews and Clinton

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What Matthews Said

Matthews gushes over Clinton and the Democratic Party and all they accomplished over the years. Then he says "Bernie Sanders isn't a Democrat."

He continues, "There ain't going to be a Revolution." At one point, Matthews said Clinton's campaign should run attack ads featuring the hammer and sickle against Sanders. The implication is that Sanders is a communist which is totally wrong and intended to frighten and inflame the viewers.

The reality is that Democratic Socialism is not the same as just Socialism and definitely not the same as Communism. It's hard to believe that someone working in the news media is ignorant of the differences. That means he is willfully using the red-baiting phrases in an attempt to frighten voters away from Sanders.

What Is Democratic Socialism?


Lowlights from Chris Matthews' Interview of Hillary Clinton after the Iowa Caucus

Reactions By Viewers to Matthews' Attack

  • A university professor from Pennsylvania commented, "It was shocking how biased Matthews was. It wasn't an interview with Hillary, it was basically an endorsement and campaign ad for her...while bashing Sanders. The most unjournalistic, most unprofessional "interview" I've ever seen. I don't see how Matthews' role is to play SOFTBALL with Hillary."
  • A social worker from Michigan said, "what he's doing clearly isn't fair and impartial journalism. He should no longer call himself a reporter, but more of an "entertainer". Maybe he should head over to Fox."
  • A university student from Minnesota pointed out that "Chris Matthews seems terrified of Bernie Sanders. He looks visibly worried and shaken every time the groundswell of support for Sanders at the grass roots level is mentioned."

Democratic Socialism Is Not Communism


Possible Reasons for Chris Matthews Negativity to Bernie Sanders' Campaign

  • Isn't his wife running for Congress? Didn't she endorse HRC? Isn't this a bias he should be announcing?
  • Chris Matthews is old enough that he received the grade school indoctrination against socialism and communism during the Cold War. I remember how that was drilled into us with Khrushchev as the bogeyman.
  • Maybe Matthews thinks if he cozies up to Clinton enough, then she'll appoint him as White House press secretary or something.
  • Perhaps Matthews is too lazy to look up the definition of Democratic Socialism. Maybe he really does think it is the same as Communism.

Matthews And His Wife - the Hillary Connection


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Who Thinks It's Time for Chris Matthews to Retire?

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© 2016 Virginia Allain

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    • profile image

      gowie 22 months ago

      He asks guests questions and butts in with his "two cents" before the guest can say a word . He and Joe Scarborough are soooooo obnoxious and boring!! Why don't they pack up and leave! Such know it alls......leave!! Oh and Chris take Hilary with you,

    • profile image

      TOM OWEN 22 months ago

      I am totally insulted at your lack of professionalism when dealing with Bernie Sanders. And your preference is clearly HRC. Journalist are supposed to be fair and objective. You are neither. I change the channel when you come on the TV. Despite your opinion (of which I don't need to hear) Bernie will win the nomination. Learn to be objective or get a real job.

    • profile image

      JennilunaP 23 months ago

      I saw the part where Matthews kept asking Bernie how he would get 60 votes to pass his new policies... and then wouldn't shut up long enough to let Bernie respond, he just kept saying How are you going to do it. Can you get 60 votes? how? Have you ever gotten 60 votes??

      That was it for me. NEVER watching that A**hole again.

    • heytoto profile image

      Karen Kolavalli 23 months ago from Lexington, Kentucky

      I have been dismayed by Chris Matthews' blatant endorsement of Hillary. I think you're right about the term "Socialism" being a red flag for Chris for whatever reason and that he's not even aware of how far he's moved away from journalistic integrity. While watching his latest rant on tonight's show about Bernie not even being a Democrat, it seemed that he wants him to be disqualified from representing the party--similar to the Birther debates going on with the Republicans.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Yes Dear 23 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Yes, i saw that. Matthews made him out to be some militant if he was some kind of guerilla fighter.

      Communist....the age old Character assasinating tool. Bernays would be proud.