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Casey Anthony on Trial: Cindy Anthony Still Doesn't Believe Caylee is Dead

Updated on May 23, 2011
Cindy Anthony and Caylee Anthony
Cindy Anthony and Caylee Anthony | Source

Followers of the Casey Anthony case have had some serious reading to do: Discovery documents, depositions, journal entries, Myspace blogs, cell phone texts, jailhouse interviews and letters from friends and family members.

I'd consider myself a serious follower of the Casey Anthony case; I've been reading and writing about it since June 2008. I thought I read every document and letter relevant to the case, but somehow, one letter slipped past my radar.

I recently read this letter, written by Cindy Anthony, in July 2010. In the letter written to Casey Anthony, Cindy says:

"I have never given up on you. I see your strength and commitment to fight for your freedom and for Caylee. When Spring comes and your trial is over we will find her together. I continue to seek her and continue to have hope that we will are be reunited soon."

Excerpt From Cindy Anthony's Letter

What Does It Mean?

Does Cindy Anthony actually believe that Caylee Anthony is still lost out there, waiting to be found?

Caylee Anthony's remains were discovered in December 2008; this letter was written in July 2010. Has Cindy Anthony carried on for the past 2 1/2 years with the belief that Caylee Anthony is alive? If she accepts the fact that Caylee is no longer with us, what does Cindy mean by "find her together?" Caylee's remains were found. She said she continues to "seek" Caylee, and she hopes they'll all be "reunited soon."

What does this mean?

If she doesn't believe the child is dead, this is very troubling -- Cindy Anthony needs help. Worse, though, if she accepts the death of Caylee, this letter could be a subtle reference to a suicide pact.

How do you interpret this letter?


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    • profile image

      mae 5 years ago

      get real you idoitscasey killed her daughter Da. had all the evidence he needed the stupid jury did not care people whats wrong with you wake up

    • profile image

      SouthernNJmom 6 years ago

      Cindy is admitting what she knows to be true. To her Caylee is not dead, the child found she admits was not Caylee. So where is Caylee and why does the child that was found have the same DNA as a family member of the Anthony's....? Now that's the question that the DA never asked. They never found the right witnesses, and they had the wrong person in jail. Where is Caylee? That's what the Anthony's really want to know.. Cindy will crack soon, and then the hunt will be on.

    • profile image

      dhillbiss 6 years ago

      why is everyone blaming the jurors or the defense lawyer for letting Casey Anthony go? The real blame should be the D.A.!! Reality check, If the D.A. would of did there job right, it would be all said and done! So, before everyone

      open their hater mouth, think before you talk the crap! I'm not saying I condole what she did, just saying to use your common sense and, think before you talk!!

    • profile image

      susietrotter 6 years ago

      can't believe they have let this go on for so long,clearly Casey murdered her daughter and should get the same.

    • magnoliazz profile image

      magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Cindy has a screw loose, the poor woman cracked under the strain of this horrible nightmare. I am thinking that she probably feels guilty too, she should have known what her daughter was like, and took steps to get Caylee away from that miserable excuse for a human being.

      What a messed up family. They believe this lying bitch, how pathetic is that? DNA does not lie, that was Caylee they found, no doubt about it.

    • profile image

      Finn03 6 years ago

      correction:...that CaSey is somehow delusional..., of course

    • profile image

      Finn03 6 years ago

      Possibly, Cindy thinks that Caley is somehow delusional and cannot admit the truth to herself. The letter could be an attempt to say 'I am on your side, and accept 'your truth' no matter what'.

    • profile image

      oksoldiers 6 years ago

      I've lost close family members to natural causes, my brother to suicide, and my boyfriend to murder. Out of all of them, there is only one death that I still struggle with boyfriend's. Despite the fact that he had been shot in the head in front of me and I watched him slowly die while waiting for help, I still couldn't fathom that he was really gone. I, like Cindy, thought for years that there was a possibility that he was still alive. I know how absurd that may sound, but it's the truth. Even today, 8 years later, I still find myself wondering from time to time, then reality sets in. I don't think that Cindy is a monster, just a grieving grandmother and mother who's life has been turned upside down by this, and her holding out hope is the only thing that's keeping her afloat right now.

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 6 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Cindy is a monster who created a clone of herself in Casey. George got stuck in the middle. Just my opinion. Nice hub!!! UP!