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GOP: Francisco "Quico" Canseco the one hit wonder

Updated on June 28, 2015

The Candidate

Top Gun fell right into politics as usual

Mr. Canseco met with the community members of Southern Bexar County to hear their concerns and work to see if his office could help with the situation. Promises were made and promises were broken. Once Mr. Canseco left them, he was never heard from again.

This is politics as usual and sadly for the people of Southern Bexar County who had been experiencing wild fires and still void of proper funding. Politics as usual did nothing to help the community, just slowed down the process. Leading many people to ask, where was Mr. Canseco? Had anyone heard from Mr. Canseco?

News Flash, Canseco Campaign Gone Viral

Viral email, from the Canseco campaign called Obama and the Democrats, thugs. And on the night of President Obama's State of the Union address, Quico Canseco's viral emails were letting Republicans know that he had been chosen by no other than John Bohener to deliver the Spanish-Language Republican address to the Nation, following the President's address, to let American's know about his principles, the parties principles and how they will make America better. He didn't end there, he asked for money to keep his seat "conservative and strong."

Ciro Rodriguez

Ciro Rodriguez shows his temperament

Francisco Canseco

The Republican wave drove Quico Canseco into office. He made promises to the people of Southeast Bexar County, that he didn't follow through on. He may have done the same to others, which made him a one hit wonder.

Republicans called him a "young gun" and one of the most formidable candidates in the country.

His history, an attorney and a businessman with ties to the banking industry dating back into the early 1990's. He said he came from the private sector. Francisco ran for office in 2008, when he was defeated by Lyle Larson during the Republican primary.

He took over a district that was predominantly Democratic, that is until the Tea Party put the GOP on the front burner. In his attempt at re-election Quico Canseco needed to get the same kind of push from his party? A push that didn't come.

Ciro Rodriguez

The main thing that did Ciro Rodriguez in, was his inability to even appear to be listening. He was always to busy looking around the room to see who he was going to move on to next and ended each conversation with "it was good talking to you" and he'd walk away to mingle with the next person he wasn't going to listen to. The temper made famous on You Tube. Yelling and slapping the table of a woman who voiced her opinion sealed his fate.

Ciro Rodriguez signs were plastered on every tree, fence post, and many other places that didn't actually require permission or support to have signs on. From Somerset, Texas to Northern Bexar County you could see a Rodriguez sign, but signs didn't vote, people did.

Ciro Rodriguez without shame; attended a function at the fast growing subdivision in South Bexar County called Mission DeLago. There was a ceremony there to honor the late Jim Maddux with a park named after him. Ciro Rodriguez was a guest speaker who unlike the others who spoke fondly of Mr. Maddux and honored the man; Ciro Rodriguez rambled on political issues and campaign stump speeches. Leaving just after his speech, which was shortly after the ceremony began, once again showing the people, that he wasn't interested in honoring a great man, he was interested in campaigning.

Do Latin American's believe this?

Quico Canseco, gave his address to the Nation on Spanish television. Canseco followed the Sarah Palin, Tea Party agenda. The same fear tactics only to a different target group, the Latin people of this country.

According to Quico Canseco, he called President Obama a liar, stating that Obama telling the American people that our nation was improving was not true. He told the Spanish speaking Americans that President Obama was elected to fix things and instead he made it worse. He told them that President Obama's spending was putting Americans on a collision course and as Republicans, they wanted to offer people the opportunity to improve their own lives. (He never gave specifics on how.) He went on to talk about America facing economic catastrophe, but that his solution was a "private" economy. (No further explanation).

He pushed on for less government intrusion on big business and how this would let workers keep their money. He told them that government stifles oil companies that would provide employment for thousands of people or that the governments policy would increase their utility bills which would make it a policy of poverty. He moved on to the need for private sector jobs.

Another idea, a simpler tax system. (No further explanation). He even told them that we need medicare and social security reform. He blamed politicians that deceive the American people, by not wanting the reform of medicare and social security. Politicians he said would keep young men from finding jobs and not have the protection they deserve in old age. And of course, the wrong way to fix the economy and it's recovery would be to raise taxes. The best way he said was to take away the benefits from those that don't need them and not offer preferences to those that do nothing to promote development. (Who will be the judge and jury on this panel?)

He went on to defend the Republican party by saying that the Presidential attacks were not true. Republicans offered and approved bills to reduce the dependence on loans, reforming medicare and social security along with programs to encourage job creation, but the President and his Senate allies rejected them again and again.

He went on to blame the President again, this time for dividing the American people and unless we change the policy for employment and growth, we will not have enough money to maintain our security and our government.

He accused the President of thinking that the American people could not make decisions for themselves.

2012, he said would be the year to demonstrate to doubters of the Republican Party. Republicans, he said, speak for the dignity and ability of ordinary people. Republicans are those you trust to tell the American people the truth about precarious conditions and present a credible solution.

He asked them to advance their positive suggestions with confidence because Republicans know that Americans have freedom in their blood.

This is how in touch Quico Canseco was with the Latino Community and their needs:

  • Canseco voted to raise taxes on the middle class
  • Canseco voted on doing away with medicare and "privatizing" it.
  • Canseco said he'd vote against raising the debt ceiling. (This was not for allowing new debt, but for paying off debt that the country has right now, that could keep it moving forward.) Under President Bush, the Republicans voted to approve raising the debt ceiling 7 times.

The latin community knew better and voted Quico Canseco out.

Spanish Republican Speech

Does the Latin community buy what Quico Canseco is selling, if you are Latin, do you?

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  • profile image

    JJS 7 years ago

    I was at the meeting at the Southside High School where Kiko Conseco was in attendance. I concur - he's very genuine, personable and likable, and he was very generous with his time which was notable considering the fact that he was already voted in and didn't have to stand there and gladhand any of us in hopes of getting our vote at the polls. He gave us advice on how to proceed with the problems we were facing with the ESD and pointed us toward the right people with whom to file a formal complaint. I, too, hope he steers the course and manages to keep his feet on the ground and his head on his shoulders. If so, I have no trouble being his friend for life.