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Civic Groups Revisited

Updated on March 21, 2019

As I had written about in the past, The Lulawissie Township has quite a large number of civic organizations for such a small population. It would appear to some that with such a sparse population, that everyone in the community would belong to at least one club. And it is quite possibly true that is the case. For example, I belong to the Catholic Men’s Charity Organization, the Optimists and the G.L. R & G.C. G.A. & B.S. (The Greater Lulawissie Rod and Gun Club, Gentlemen’s Association and Benevolent Society). We call it the “Benevolent Society” or just “B.S.” for short, and we meet at the “social club” just outside the city limits, in that small warehouse down by the tracks.

Other clubs in the town consist of the Lions Club, of course, The Ladies Temperance Guild and Social Sewing Circle, The Boy Scouts (and if you have been following this story at all, you will know that the Scouts are the Lions Club) and the Organization for Southern Resurrection, or the “OSR”. The OSR is a group of rowdy young men, and a few old ones that are hell bent on proving the point that “The South Will Rise Again” and have their own version of “The War of Northern Aggression”. They meet every 2nd Friday night out at Lakeside Park, drink Jack Daniels, wave rebel flags and shoot guns at the island. It seemed funny to learn that many of the members of the OSR are also members of the Baptist Men’s Charity Organization.

But as of late, the OSR in their effort to maintain a state of clear-headed thinking, which is a task they have discovered is an uphill climb, have taken on a political stance. In this predominantly Catholic and die-hard Democratic community, they have gone as far as to support Trump’s wall with little or no forethought as to what standards the community has previously set in stone in their political history.

They seem to forget that in the 1960’s during the elections, the community campaign slogan was “Be sure to get out and vote! Vote for the Kennedy of your choice, but vote!” And while the township as a whole has undyingly supported any and all democratic candidates, they aren’t necessarily proud of the choices they have made. But this is a proud community and they will not back down from their traditions.

It is of no surprise that that the current chapter president of the OSR, Archie McGregor, is also employed by McGillecuddy’s Gun Shop and Indoor Range as a self-proclaimed small arms expert. He is usually the first one to shoot at the island on the odd Friday, and the last one to run out of bullets. Their competitor across town, David Lonergan, owner of Dave’s Gun Room on Fahy Drive, is said to be secretly in support of the wall as well, but during his run for city council in the last election, he graciously reminded us all that “as Lulawissians, we should remember that we all wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Irish Immigration.” His wife, Lucy let it slip at the Sewing Circle that he was all for Trump’s wall. It is unlikely that he will be re-elected, but you never know.

As for me, I try to stay out of politics, especially the second amendment debates. The usual talk down at Fahy’s pub is generally about second amendment politics and religion, and it seems that for many southern boys, guns and religion are the same thing. I just like to sit quietly at my table with Sammie and listen to the rhetoric and watch Sister Veronica shake her head and laugh as she listens to the drunken babble. Once in a while she’ll interject some Catholic Doctrine from behind the bar, but for the most part she stays quiet. Occasionally Father Mike, who frequently sits at the dark end of the bar, will lift his head up from the bar long enough to laugh out loud.

Well, my friends, that’s the latest from Lulawissie. Remember nobody’s a stranger in Lulawissie, you’re just a friend we haven’t met yet.

Have a blessed evening.

©2019 by Del Banks

Michael McGillecuddy (L) and Archie McGregor.
Michael McGillecuddy (L) and Archie McGregor. | Source

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