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Classic education VS modern one: the role of John Dewey

Updated on January 13, 2016

J.D. at 46 years old


Whether written just before the beginning of the XXth century, "The school and society" by John Dewey is a modern classic that outlines the nowadays education; so that during the 1960's and 1970's his thougts crossed the ocean and Eruopean public schools started to use him and his doctrines as a base for the new post-fascism-post-war culture.

Fundamentals of Fascism were order and discipline; as a result on its people, resoluteness and austerity became the public values.

The anti-fascists were instead seeking to create an atmosphere in which creativity could explose in a spontaneous and non conventional way.

A bookcase with some education classics


Being the son of a psichologist and a schoolteacher and pedagogue -both have studied during the 60's J.D. theories- it is very probable my education to be based on these liberal theories. Only studying J.D.'s works I understood the aproach there was before, and believe me it is interesting: as it presents many pros and just a few cons.

Classic vs. modern as an unending dilemma


In the classic education menthality -the one that was the default in Italian bourgeoise until 1950's- the knowledge of a sum of technique makes up the profession's command. Everything one does outside his job is not in anyway connected with it (one's private life and his job have got a very distant amount of values and not much to share).

After J.D.'s theories and its revolution, personal interests developed in one's private life have to be connected with professional skills. The knowledge of the society has to be important also for the scientist; that could mean a rise in creativity, a more organic sproach for them, but also an impressive loss of energy.

I am deveping one talent concerning property management and condo's administration. As you can easily understand, linking private administration (economy) with politics is very modern and energy requiring too. For now, I am not trying to link my activity with politics, as it mixes two fields, and I want to follow the classic path.


When you are a private worker, you simply cannot do their job as you are too much focused on yours; in the classic perspective, you get into politics and that becomes your first activity. Old style realism for new spirits.


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