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The Swamp Is Full of Creatures

Updated on March 29, 2019
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The swamp Trump was going to drain corruption out of and make Washington a better plan. The swamp is overcrowded with very best and Trump.

The Swamp Is full of crooks

Donald Trump made campaign promises to the American people if he was elected president, he was going to drain the swamp in Washington getting rid of all the corruption and the greedy people. He was going to create a package of ethics reform to make the Government honest and bring the very best people to Washington.

I will only hire the best people and surround myself with serious people. The serious people he hired were inexperienced with no experience in politics including his daughter Ivanka Trump and his son-in-law Jared Krusher. Ivanka was a businesswoman who was made adviser to her father the president, with an office in the West Wing around classified information. Ivanka was Trump eyes and ears because the president only trusted his family. Jared Krusher a businessman was made senior adviser to the president. Jared went to bring peace between the Palestine and Israelis but was not successful.

Trump has given Jared all the responsibility of solving the nation problems while he travels campaigning for the 20/20 election. Trump didn't bring the best people in the White House, he brought in longtime friends with shady pasts. Manafort, Trump, campaign chairmen were convinced and sentenced to seven-year in prison. Michael Cohen president longtime lawyer who would take a bullet for the president was sentenced to 3 years in prison, Flynn and Stone are waiting to be sentenced.

The swamp is full of criminals with the President in the middle of the Swamp. Robert Mueller has got rid of some of the key players all accept the president and his family. Our intelligence agency has proof that Russia inferred in our election and Trump was aware of it, collusion or no collusion.

Trump supporters to open up their eyes and realize that Trump never had any attention of draining the swamp or building a wall, or fixing the illegal immigrantion problem because he never thought he would win. President Trump is dangerous and a criminal if not today one day will answer to the laws that were created for all mankind.

Paul Manafort Trump former campaign chairman was indicted for conspiracy, money laundering, lying to the F.B.I and lying to the grand jury. Michael Cohen Trump personal lawyer Mr. fix will be serving three years in jail for crimes he committed when he was with the president.

George Papadopoulos a former adviser to Trump was found guilty of lying to the F.B.I and went to jail. Roger Stone one of Trump oldest friends pleaded not guilty to lying to congress obstruction and witness tramping. The Swamp has been partially drained by Robert Muller, leaving Donald Trump the president in the middle of the swamp trying to get out.


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