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Climate Change is no longer a theory

Updated on July 14, 2019

The tipping point

We have reached the tipping point of Climate Change. Now it can no longer be dismissed as just small insignificant changes in the climate. World records are being broken on a monthly basis. Every year, the heat and temperatures cross the limits set by the previous one. The temperatures have already risen to a point where it's becoming unbearable for many, specially in the developing third world countries.

While the disastrous impact of heat waves is being felt the most in places like South Asia, even Europe and North America have started to feel the heat. The temperatures this year across the European continent broke many limits and have made countries like France start recognising this as an emergency. There seems to be a consensus at this point that something has to be done, or else we will all suffer in the future.

The worst impacts

The UN has warned that one climate disaster is taking place every week. Here are the various ways that Climate Change is leading to disaster. The most horrifying thing is that unless something is done, these will get much worse.

1. Heat waves. Thousands have died in heat waves in Europe and South Asia. Diseases have spread that have mostly impacted children and women.

2. Drought. Cities in South Asia are running out of water. This is expected to get worse as Monsoons are getting drier year by year. The future wars over water predicted by several analysts might become reality sooner then we thought.

3. Floods, Tsunamis and rise in sea levels. Melting of ice caps is leading to unexpected floods and rise in sea waters that could drown entire cities. The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is at risk in it's entirety. The country has also seen a sharp rise in climate disasters recently.

The countries that are least impacted have no reason to feel that they will be unaffected. The climate disasters will lead to endless refugees flooding (pun intended) their countries. The amount of refugees from climate change will be much much larger than from war, as the people won't have any other choice in this case.

''The amount of refugees from climate change will be much much larger than from war, as the people won't have any other choice in this case.''

Time to ignore the deniers

It's no longer time to continue the debates, the time has come for action. Rapid, undisputed action. Everyone has to contribute. Everything has to contribute. Whether it is reforestation, using greener energy sources or creating electric transportation.

It can no longer be pretended that this is still a debate. Not when people are dying and records are being broken. Not when the temperature anomalies rising is a fact shown by all recorded data. The time for talk is over.

Do your part!

What can you do?

1. Call out, and expose anyone who denies the climate change. Don't give them a seat at the table anymore.

2. Raise awareness regarding the ways we can limit the impact of climate change. Let everyone know what they can do. Knowledge is power.

3. Limit your own carbon footprint. Only use your car as much as required. Try to use solar power and other green energy sources whenever you can. Contribute to more environment-friendly solutions.

4. Finally, we can all plant a few trees! Simple yet very useful.

Let's hope we can all make a change and limit the impact of global warming. Our future generations deserve better.


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