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Climate Change solutions - what next?

Updated on December 7, 2011

Climate change

Climate change it is no wonder people get sick of politics. . Here in Australia the Climate change debate was a hot political topic. Before the last election when labor Government was elected by a resounding majority one of the cornerstones of Labor Government policy was the promise to take action on climate change.

East Anglia Emails.

The so called scandal of fake emails which in the grand wash-up turned out to be at best a storm in a tea cup severely took the momentum out of the dialogue for change that had been built up through consensus and collaboration of the worlds top climate scientists. Almost all ot the climate scientists working in the field of climate research agree wholeheartedly that carbon emissions have a direct causal link with the greenhouse effect and as such will cause severe weather disturbance now and progressively so into the future. As such they agree that tackling climate change requires drastic and immediate action to restrict and reduce the output of greenhouse  notably  carbon.  So the vested interest amde all and sundry about the so called fake emails in a concerted attempt to derail international progerees on carbon emission abatement schemes. for such ana ct is a crying shame to our future children and grand children who as a result will have to take more drastic and costly action to ameliorate the effects of climate change...

Mandate for change

Well two years on what do we have. we have a lot of reports .We have a scheme government subsidised to insulate roof in homes in order to reduce the consumption of electricity for heating and most importantly air conditioners in summer. We have a un-conditional proposal put before the Copenhagen summit last december to reduce our carbon emissions by 5% by 2010.


The Climate change conference in Copenhagen was at best a partial success. Attendees agreed a voluntary scheme to come up with targets that could be monitored. According to press reports the Chinese were belligerent when it came to signing up to enforcable targets for the reduction in carbon emissions. Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme(CPRS)


According to the National Geographic water will become a major issue in world affairs in the future. Climate change has already caused significant changes to rainfall patterns. Especially here in Australia where most of agriculture business and energy production is reliant on a plentiful water supply.


Penny Wong the Environment Minister has issued a number of water initiatives to reduce the consumption and waste of water.  Ascheme  to allow irrigators to selll the water to the government so that it could release water into the Murray Darling River systems was introduced.  Queensland which has suffered drought for years has received a god sent in that we have had three months of susbstantial rain after years of dry weather,  As such the dams have gone from a average lelve of 29% to 98% in that time.  Neverthe less the Murray-Darling river system which supplies the foodbowl of farm produce in Australia has been reduced to a trickle in recent years.


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    • barryrutherford profile image

      Barry Rutherford 7 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Sorry no i disagree !

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      Barry, why persist when the "so called" scientists have admitted to cookig the books?