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Hillary Clinton Will Win in a Landslide

Updated on October 17, 2016

Secretary Hillary Clinton is a dishonest and corrupt establishmentarian corporatist neocon. But she will be president. And it won't be close. Voter turnout will be sadly low as barely a third of the population will vote due to voter suppression tactics and apathy. Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate and a deeply flawed politician - but she will dominate the Electoral College.

Donald Trump has a baseline of support who couldn't care less if he admitted to being a serial killer. While the sheer number of such individuals is saddening there simply aren't enough of them to carry the Electoral College. Straight white males would need to turn out in unprecedented numbers. That simply will not happen. The country has changed. Demographics have rendered the Southern Strategy obsolete.

The Trump campaign isn't exactly encouraging turnout when they begin - months in advance of the election - to blame the loss they know is sure to come on a rigged election.

To be clear: The election is rigged, just not in the manner that Trump purports. Our campaign finance system gives us false choices. The Electoral College system, super delegates, unbound delegates, and caucuses undermine the will of the voters. Voter suppression tactics disenfranchise tens of millions of felons, students, people with common names, the poor, minorities...

That's not at all why Trump is riling up his rubes. He is talking about (black and brown) people driving from polling station to polling station and impersonating people (who they somehow know are already registered but not voting) in order to vote multiple times. It's logistically impractical and utterly non-existent.

No matter. Trump is encouraging his followers - who are promising to take heed - to physically intimidate individuals they deem suspicious. Whom does Trump deem suspicious? Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims, inner-city residents... Anyone black or brown or unlike him. Unlike them.

Worse, following the candidates' lead in conceding the election months in advance while refusing to accept its legitimacy, his followers are openly calling for armed revolt if and when the election goes the way it inevitably will. Conservatives - as they are wont given the stupidity and unpopularity of their agenda/ideology - threatening to fall back on their good ole 2nd Amendment remedies.

Donald Trump is a fascistic, authoritarian, dimwitted, fraudulent, thin-skinned, bullying, racist, bigoted, misogynistic, sexual predator who is unfit to be dog catcher. His followers are repugnant know-nothings who revel in punching-down on those with less power. Their collective antics are an embarrassment which have permanently stained our supposedly-exceptional nation.

Elites beware: The economic pain which leads to such lashing out will outlast Trump. Trump flutters and flails about. His successor - by simple virtue of not being Trump - will be far better disciplined though equally maniacal and depraved. Think Ted Cruz 2020 featuring a Republican-controlled congress and a spineless, Wall Street-funded Democratic minority with yet another decade of gerrymandering the House red...


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