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Clinton vs. Trump Second Live Battle

Updated on October 12, 2016

Defining the concept of MAGA

There was no defining of what the concept of Making America great again stands for or consists of, sorry to say. Neither was it clarified exactly which time period is being referred to when suggesting to make it great "again". But it was nevertheless repeated quite a few times in less than 30 seconds. Mr Trump (Yes? Is... is that okay?) made sure people heard once again about his MAGA concept, but nothing more than that. What it really is, we cannot explain. You either feel it or you don't. It's a concept, deal with it.

MAGA stays a mistery like a black hole in space. It's sucking up all of your brains and leaves you with nothing, pondering about the concept of MAGA phenomenon in the terms of worshiping. MAGA becomes you, and you become MAGA. MAGA is all you can hear and all you have to say. Be one with MAGA and may MAGA be with you. Make your life MAGA again.


Extreme moderators

No matter how much I opposed Trump's politics of political incorrectness, building walls as if it were 1961, stimulating intolerance against Muslims and Mexicans, I have to say the moderators this time seemed more extreme than his rhetoric. They were clearly hating his guts and therefore I believe the debate and the questions posed to him were not fair. And when they asked him about the video scandal in which he says that he grabbed female genitals, it got really lame and just ridiculous. The moderator actually asked him: "Have you ever done that?" Really? Has he ever grabbed someone's p-word? No, yeah I did but I didn't go full palm. You cannot say I did the full palm thing. There was like a small part of my palm that was still flying in the air. Believe me it felt good, it was huge. But I have to say it was very shameful and I apologize. But I think you should also apologize to me for asking me this question, I think that would be fair.

At the end Trump said that it's just words, a so-called locker room talk. And strangely enough I agreed with that! It really is just words and almost every American politician has said something just as immature and offensive. The moderators, at least, should've stuck with the topic and actions of this man like failing to pay his taxes for 20 years. That's why they're there, to moderate and know when to move on to the next and more important issues. But I guess you need to use any kind of tool you can to bring his campaign down. And this bus scandal sure is going to contribute to it big time.

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You're just wasting your time

The whole debate seemed like a big stand-up comedy stage where the two candidates were just battling and cursing each other out telling jokes about one another's mother. This time Clinton was not much better than Trump in the terms of behavior, you could tell she was playing his game. She studied it very closely and then applied it to her own benefit. She talked to the public as if they were a bunch of sheep. And you know what? They - never mind. She spoke about Trump directly and accusing him of many things instead of sticking to her own program and focusing more on how to implement her policies if elected president. She did not see a comeback coming after stating that it's good someone "like Donald isn't in charge of the law in our country". To which he cleverly thought of replying: "Because you'd be in jail". That made me giggle too, to be honest. Bottom line is: don't play Trump's game because he really is the best at it. Trump then received a huge applause to which the moderators yet again reacted with a harsh note, this time to the audience, i.e. Trump supporters: "Please don't applaud because it's just wasting time." The real question is, is the round of applause or this whole presidential mockery what's wasting our time? But then again, if you had a few good laughs watching it like I did, it's not really a complete waste after all. It's cheaper than going to an actual show and the entertainment is guaranteed.


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