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Clinton vs Trump 2016 - What Happened and Why?

Updated on January 22, 2017

What Happened in the 2016 USA Presidential Election

In school, elections were mostly “popularity contests”. The 2016 USA presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was similar but debated on a lower, dirtier, more expensive level than ever seen in school elections. The real issues were weakly covered while dramatic issues such as corruption, sex, and what the other guy is evil became the spot light.

Well, what happened?

- Hillary Clinton, her supporters, most politicians, and the majority of mass media were embarrassed and lost the electoral vote. Some say because her plan forward for the country was simply a continuation of Obama's which - sorry to say - did not deliver.

- Donald Trump, his family, some conservative politicians and working class supporters, and FOX news were thrilled and won the election. Some feel because he WILL bring change - real change include national pride, reduce the ridiculous pandering and belittling of minorities and women, and forcibly boost American business interests which should create more American jobs.

I admit even I was surprised with the amazing, supposedly "come from behind" Trump victory as my faith in America’s remaining potential for goodness, honesty and hard work has been shaken for some time now.

Election Results Map & Spend Profile



- Trump’s strong public image from TV shows, beauty pageants, and business

- Trump’s clear and consistent message for change - Make America Great Again!

- Trump’s promise to DELETE the overpriced & corrupt Obamacare (ACA) and build something better

- Trump’s passion and authentic-ness. His daring to say and do politically taboo things

- Trump’s support by the NRA and select military and law enforcement groups

- Trump’s pro AMERICAN business growth, reduced regulations and desire to “win” versus foreign business competitors

- Trump’s desire for American military support to be financially respected and remunerated by foreign powers when deployed

- Trump’s not releasing or digging into distracting, overly detailed information such as complex tax returns or detailed plans. This helped to keep his message to the people clear and simple

- Trump’s extended family and friends support – including his attractive wife and daughter

Trump Altruism



- Clinton’s message of business as usual with Obamacare, etc based on her ~ 30 years of shady experience & cheating hubby including support of unpopular deals like NAFTA and ACA. (See: )

- Clinton’s misuse of an obviously compromised liberal news media.

  • Obviously timed release of multiple decade+ old “sex grouping or verbal scandal allegations” against Trump. (The people are desensitized to sex. Semi-sex scandels with no pictures or proof are less impactful. Heck many people are barely amused with Netflix House of Cards series or the 50 Shades of Grey movie.)
  • The false early polling data about a “sure thing” Clinton victory early on backfired. It probably caused many of the Clinton supporters to not bother voting since their vote seemed unneeded

- Clinton implying Trump was a tax cheat for taking tax deductions for large business losses that later allowed for a few years of zero tax liability due to the carryover loss

  • Most working tax payers KNOW that passive business and stock losses are normal and legal ways to deal with future taxes.

- Clinton’s complaints against Trump for his push on the Obama birth certificate issue and the Russian/ Putin supposedly scandalous support for Trump

- Stock market futures on election day implied stock market crash if Trump won was believed! Yet before the 800+ point drop on Nov 9, 2016 occurred as threatened by media, the DOW instead rose over 256 points?

- Hillary’s email scandal and her + Obama’s possible manipulation of the FBI to cover it up

- Clinton’s campaign budget and spending was DOUBLE that of Trump

  • Clinton received TRIPLE from super PACs and foreigners over Trump
  • Clinton personally contributed about 1 million- or 1% to 2% of Trump’s personally contributed 50 to 90 million- financially to their race. (“Trump's actions showed more conviction”. Trump spent 50 times more personal capital than Clinton yet Trump won the race "cost effectively" since he spent around half of what Hillary did.)

- Barack Obama and Bill Clinton’s fervent campaigning for Hillary Clinton and against Trump. Even select Republican such as GW Bush did not vote Trump? Yet They all FAILED


Was the election rigged?

Was the election voting miscounted. Did we have another "chad" issue

See results

Segments of the public disliked both candidates’ personality and style for varied reasons.

Clinton being untrustworthy and a cornerstone in old school corrupt Washington politics. Her hubby cheated on her with a questionable attractive Monica Lewinski in the White House yet Democrats thought out of date tape recordings and old semi sex allegations against trump would sway modern America?

Trump having multiple divorces and no military or political background coupled with a strong, aggressive NY personality. Trump’s supposed anti- women or anti-minority positioning was not proved although many college students appear to believe it and are staging post-election protests.

THIS election was a PROTEST VOTE and Mr. President Elect Trump was the result.

People the government and mass media is corrupt. Politicians do NOT care about the country as a whole or its future. Trump as a true outsider appears to care and with his conviction might make America Great Again for us and our children. Wouldn't it be great to truly believe in and be proud of a leader again!

It was the democrats and compromised politicians that rammed in place a crooked Obamacare / ACA federally enforced public HealthCare plan. This is unforgivable and should be a negative legacy for Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and others. Many people are now paying between $1,000 and $3,000 each month for BAD healthcare insurance with high copays and more impactful high deductibles. Those ultra-high prices include people between 50 and 70 years of age. The government LIED about ACA and its age tiered pricing. They also failed to work the backlash effect by doctors and hospitals which has resulted in lower quality HealthCare and an inappropriate desire by some to get back the money lost to big insurance by inappropriately requesting costly follow ups or other treatments.

Healthcare in 2017 is going to increase in cost by 20% to over 100% for many people as compared to 2016. Hundreds of working class Americans have voluntarily dropped healthcare to instead opt to pay the penalty and in cash for any needed healthcare. That reality is according to 2 hospital workers in Houston Texas. Obama's healthcare earmarked corruption known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has resulted in potentially millions of working class families now voluntarily have NO healthcare to try and instead gamble and save for their kids college fund or retirement versus paying the absurdly high cost of ACA insurance. The politicians and the artificially enriched insurance and pharmaceutical companies should pay this abusive tax fee - NOT the people!

BE HAPPY. America’s working class and NON-SEXIST men and women have spoken and were heard!

Charity Foundations?

A 2016 article compared Clinton and Trump foundations. Unlike the biased media, this comparison added truth and clarity.

Just as in the election, Clinton represented and controlled big money, big business, big favor and big corruption.

CLINTON foundation with $350 million is assets and 500 employees VERSUS Trump's less than $2 million in assets with zero employees???

CLINTON is a criminal similar to the crooked press. The HUGE Clinton foundation is criminal in keeping over 90% of contributions for internal costs while sharing less than 10% of such contribution with those they are "saving". The over sized 500 employees group is obviously a "get your payoff" set up.

(jan 2017 update: ! it is official Clinton Foundation was a scam and backed by illegal foreign contributions. The shut down of Clinton's foundation occurred right after foreign donations stopped once Hillary lost the election. See link below)

In contrast, TRUMP's foundation is less than 1% of the size of Clinton's with no real money involved. People READ the FACTS. Trump is a billionaire and $10 to $20,000 to him is insignificant spend. TRUMP has virtually no staff in that foundation since he is NOT BRIBING or giving PAYOFFS like Clinton.

TRUMPS organization is a part time vehicle to occasionally try & help other good charities.

CLINTON's organization is unbridled corruption to the core with 5 cent on the dollar given to those they profess to help. Yet the media tricks many into believing the opposite.

REAL Violence and Hate


Voter Violence - who is doing it and did Media cause it?

Two parallel strands of reports about violence were running across the American landscape in the days before and after Donald Trump’s shocking election to the presidency.

There are reports of pro-Trump violence - but are they true?

A female Muslim student at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette claimed two white men wearing Trump hats ripped off her hijab and stole her wallet the day after the election... and then.. the 18 year old Muslim woman later admitted to police she had fabricated her story, and the Louisiana incident is formally no longer under investigation.Public Information Officer Karl Ratcliff said police will charge the student with filing a false police report. Meanwhile her identity has been carefully protected even though guilty of slander and filing a false police report - but then against she is Muslim and their SIG has afforded that race extra right beyond the average race American under Obama.

Gay Canadian filmmaker Chris Ball claimed he was severely beaten and bloodied by Trump supporters in Santa Monica, California, shortly after the election. However, evidence of Chris Ball’s attack has not been confirmed by local police or hospitals as pro Trump related. Further, Ball, says he’s now “in good spirits:” and does NOT THINK it was really a political issue – it was a hate issue, fueled by the charged atmosphere of the election night, with a group of drunk people who used Trump’s rhetoric as an excuse to get in a fight. He feels it could very well have been a Clinton supporter, or just someone else with a homophobic attitude on any other night – it’s an ongoing issue.

On the other hand, very visible anti-Trump demonstrations rocked many cities across America in the three days after the election. While many demonstrators were peaceful, many others were violent.

In Portland, a few members of an angry crowd vandalized 19 cars at a dealership before heading to a different part of town to smash the windows of several businesses. According to USA Today, demonstrators met with an anarchist group, after which they vandalized buildings, kicked cars and knocked out power.

Another issue that was indeed covered up 2 days after posting was a pro Trump supporter being publicly beaten by a half dozen black pro-Clinton supporters.

Story: A group of ~ 6 men and women viciously beat a 49-year-old man named David Wilcox while screaming phrases such as “You voted Trump” and “Don’t vote Trump.” This was after a black sedan side swiped his car in Chicago on November 9, 2016. Vehicles were stopped to discuss issue and exchange insurance. "David stopped and parked and asked if they had insurance, and the next thing that he knew they were beating him up for voting for Trump - apparently due to his bumper sticker. His life was threatened, car was taken, and no one was arrested. He is a white guy and the attackers were black men and women." See media links below including video while available.

This Trump supporter "fear" of corrupted Pro-Clinton support violence applies to many areas of the country including downtown Houston Texas and in other cities where pro Trump supporters wanting to reserve tables at restaurants or churches are being asked to reconsider or at least NOT by wear red or have any pro-republican campaign material shown in public. This is being down out of FEAR of pro-CLINTON supporter VIOLENCE. Again Trump is also trying to calm the environment and I agree with him that the unchecked liberal violence was caused by the democrat controlled mass media and the mis and dis information propaganda they routinely share.


Look how Republican Jeff Bush was treated by NBC's Today show for an 11 year old tape of him laughing at Mr. Trump male jokes and comments about attractive women. The tape was illegally made by others then unethically hidden and release by Clinton supporters at a well planned time to try and derail Mr Trump's campaign. Bush had just started a new job for less than 6 months on the Today show but was IMMEDIATELY FIRED for being associated with an 11 year old conversation? Bush had no complaints or other missteps associated with his work other than not being a Clinton supporter. Result- Bush was fired.

In contrast, Matt Harrigan a stark -raving rich white California liberal of cyber security firm "PacketSled" uses his CIA connected sleazy judgement to make multiple Facebook postings about how bad America is and how he wants to shoot Mr Trump? These are criminal offenses yet it took days before he was ~ forced to resign as CEO. The media - again- was biased and didn't note that Matt is STILL EMPLOYED by the same company in public relations role. RESULT= Matt was NOT fired and still has a job at same office.

Liberals are punished much less severely for far greater misbehavior than conservatives.

Chicago car jacking by Pro-Clinton "supporters"

Video pulled - as predicted- by YouTube

As I predicted on 11 Nov 2016, the short YouTube video that illustrated wild, criminal, pro CLINTON supporters violence against Trump supporter was removed by YouTube around noon on Sunday 13 Nov 2016.

This removal was apparently done to reduce tension and cover up violent, multiple black on single white crime since the act in question embarrasses the democratic party and their mass media reporters.

Consider that YouTube is a business and removing a politically controversial and liberal damming semi-violent video on a Sunday morning was done as a special favor for someone.

See this alternate "short version" link ( while it lasts) :

White Women are sexist if they voted Republican?


How Clinton campaign think woman think

14 Nov 2016- on MSNBC former Clinton campaign communications director Ms. Jess McIntosh claimed it was "white" women with “internalized misogyny” who couldn’t bring themselves to vote to elect the first woman president.

Jess stated that she, Clinton and Obama feel that American society is not comfortable with Women having powerful roles.

She made the clear plea to the American public stating" Why.. Why would we ( women ever) vote against our self interests". (link )

This statement was made after looking at the 2004 to 2016 white women vote for president figures stating that a consistent pro republican position was seen in 4 straight elections.

Yet the democrat politicians and campaign people feel the reason for this is internalized anti female sexism?

PEOPLE - Jess and Clinton are overt SEXISTS..

READ her statement above or listen to it on the link playback. She and the media are by definition sexist - when they ask and expect any female to vote for another female out of self interest and not out of what is thought to be best for the country.

Democrat online feedback summary on Trump

Are Republican or Democrat supporters more violent?

Mild /small anti-Obama post election protests

There were some fringe anti-Obama republican protesters in 2012. As many and 30 or 40 people in one area according to the NY times. Yet no injuries or property damage was reported?

Did those bad conservatives have inappropriate signs and say stupid things like " Not my President"? Yes a few did.

Now we have false media spawned daily protests causing millions in damages and injuries by liberals.. Chanting the same exact " Not my president" phrase they copied from 2012. Some of whom are paid protesters and many more of whom did not bother voting !

Who is SEXist in America?

Sexism versus misogyny

Do all Americans in the USA embrace sexism, misogyny or none of the above? The answer is "Yes" to sexism, sometimes to misogyny but it different ways with a varied range of what is right. look at the ads above associated with news clips for example.

Women and girls think differently and ARE treated differently than boys. Everyone knows this and few honestly want it to change. This behavior and social mindset is trained by parents, friends, and media just as a differently reality is trained into boys.

There are pros and cons ... fun and pain... associated with either the traditional male or female roles in society.

Live, enjoy and deal with it - OR you can be dishonest and hypocritical like liberals tend to be regarding this overt reality.

Vote cheating?

What about voter fraud claims? Both sides noted concern over voter fraud but team Trump was the most concerned.

Anything to this issue? Lets look logically at the situation.

1. Which group had the strongest party and longest term political connections?

2. What states voter identification "laws" make cheating very easy with NO ID required?

Clinton clearly had the strategic advantage with a 30 year long DC political career with the Democratic party.

Clinton won more of the states with "no voter ID" required. Trump won over more of the states with photo ID laws.

Therefore if there was cheating then Clinton Democrats are more likely guilty.

Voter ID vs 2016 results


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