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Clown Returns to The Circus.

Updated on April 26, 2020

Dominic Raab's tenure as Deputy Prime Minister may be coming to an end. It was announced yesterday, that, Boris will be returning to work. Boris has stated he is "raring to go". Even, Trump said, how surprised he was to hear Boris sounded so well, on the telephone, from Chequers.

How Mr Raab feels about handing back power to Boris, is not known, however, he may feel relieved or he may wish he could have stayed at the helm. Perhaps, one day, in competition perhaps, with Rishi Sunak, he may offer himself as leader of the Conservative party, when Boris hangs up the keys of No 10. Boris spent time at St Thomas' NHS hospital in intensive care and by all accounts, it really was life and death. However, Boris pulled through and has been recuperating at Chequers. Although, not officially at work, Boris, as reported earlier, phoned world leaders including Trump. How much input, and guidance, Boris had, whilst, Mr Raab was to all intents and purposes, Acting Prime Minister, is not known. Obviously, Mr Raab would have been overseeing the policies of Boris, while Boris was out of action.

Before acquiring as it were, COVID, Boris glibly went around shaking other's hands. Obviously, from this, this is where Boris would have been contaminated with the virus.

Once out of the hospital, whilst, Boris, recovered from COVID, at Chequers, he made a video. On the video, he thanked the NHS staff who had looked after him and seemed indeed, very thankful.

Whether Mr Johnson's brush with death and his incredible treatment at the hands of NHS staff, will make him more humble, remains to be seen. Certainly, when Boris was attending the daily press briefings from No 10, Boris often looked more serious and sometimes out of his depth. Whether he was overwhelmed by standing in between two officials who were more knowledgeable than he about COVID is not known. Or whether it was the sheer enormity of dealing with the COVID virus is also, not known. One thing is for sure, we may not see, the Benny Hill like clown persona many have come to know Boris for.

Sir Keir Starmer, no doubt, will be facing up to, Boris, this Wednesday, at Prime Ministers Questions. It will be interesting to see how it goes for both men, as it will, be their first time, facing each other, from the government and opposition benches. Last week, Sir Keir had a polite, it seemed, gentle, discourse with, Mr Raab, standing in for Boris.

Sir Keir has questioned when will there be an end to lockdown? However, Dominic Raab has made it abundantly clear, there will be no end to lockdown and social distancing, for now. Mr Raab also reiterated the mantra that a vaccine for COVID.. is some way off. The First Minister and Foreign Minister (Dominic Raab) has said any ending to lockdown and social distancing, was, not his decision.

For now, it would appear, according to 'YouGov' (who correctly guessed the outcome of last years general election) that the Conservatives still have the backing of the public over other parties. However, all that could change, if the public feels the governments handling of the COVID virus is not going well.

Certainly, when you look at countries like Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, The Faroe Islands, New Zealand and Iceland, whose numbers have been fewer (in deaths and infected) the UK's death toll and infected is, to say the least, horrifying.

The media, people, etc are quick to point the finger at China (rightly so, from whence the virus outbreak started, in the city of Wuhan) but, the UK government knew about the coming pandemic last December and yet did nothing. It seems they treated it with a very 'couldn't care less attitude'. It was only when the COVID virus hit the UK big time from 23 March that the government put us in lockdown.

So as Boris returns to work tomorrow, we will have to wait and see, what he does next as regards being Prime Minister. He has much work to do not only with COVID, but with trade agreements with the US, deals to be done with the EU, and indeed, the fate of our nation.


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