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South East Bexar County Awareness: Bexar County Commissioner Rodriguez Can He Tell The Truth

Updated on June 23, 2014

They hold the fate of South Bexar County's Health & Fire Safety

Bexar County Commissioners
Bexar County Commissioners

Commissioner's statement another lie to the community

Commissioner Rodriguez made a statement to the media after the airing of the Kens5 coverage. His statement claimed that he was aware of the communities desire to circulate a petition to remove the members of the ESD6 board.

Commissioner Rodriguez stated that he asked the District Attorney's office to look into this because he understands that it's not quite simple to remove board members serving a current term.

This is his attempt to mislead the community once again. Anyone who has visited the website and has seen the application for board and commissions appointments has read the final clause before they sign the application.


Maybe, what Commissioner Rodriguez meant to say was that he was asking the D.A. how to keep the petition from being accepted. Chapter 775 of ESD Law states that a petition of signatures has to go before the ESD board themselves, if they have enough signatures, the board can vote to push it to the next level which then goes to the commissioners court for approval.

Never the less, Commissioner Rodriguez has used this out before, when he removed Andrew Herrera, former ESD6 board President from 2005 until 2009, when he was removed without cause to be replaced by Ms. Mendelsohn in June of 2009. As well as former member, Susuan (Sue) Matthey. Both long standing members of the southside community. Ms. Matthey's family history goes far enough back that the Southside ISD named it's Middle School after this family.

Commissioner Rodriguez seems to treat the people of the South Bexar County community as though they are ignorant or illiterate. With the Internet and other media; all comments can be substantiated-fact checked.

Commissioner Rodriguez, drops the DA's office as quickly as Kim Darby dropped Attorney J. Noble Dagget in True Gritt. Yet, nothing has been heard from the DA's office on any of the actions of the ESD6. We did at least get to see J. Noble Dagget once in the movie True Gritt, but the Bexar County District Attorney's office is missing in action when it comes to ESD6 activity.

Nov 3, 2011- Ms. Mendelsohn due to make payment

Reporter Joe Conger covered the ESD6 and VFD's, doing a follow up story. In the story Mr. Conger made it clear that the VFD's, the community and the SISD representatives had little faith in the fact that Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn, President of the ESD6 Board and her members would actually make their payments for September to the VFD's; which were to be paid at the meeting the evening after they met with the representatives of the entities involved in lawsuits with the ESD6.


As Mr. Conger pointed out, the board could not establish a quorum and payments were not made. According to Ms. Mendelsohn, it wasn't that they didn't have the funding, it was just that members couldn't make the meeting. A new meeting was set for Nov. 3, 2011 at the ESD6 (unmarked) building on 1604 South next to the Southside Baptist Church. The building also houses offices rented at Chaparral Produce. If heading west bound, it will be on the left hand side with a 3 rail white fence for those ever interested in attending. The meeting coincided with the date the ESD6 collected it's first large sum of tax dollars for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

The ESD6 had to take out a "pay day" loan to make payments the prior month, of which they didn't pay the VFD's what was owed. The VFD's once again attempted to receive payment. However, Ms. Mendelsohn with a history of not paying the full amount owed and instead usually striking out almost half or more of what is owed, had the VFD's uncertain as to what they would actually receive. They would however, as has been customary; be paying their Attorney, Louis T. Rosenberg for his work.

The agenda called for the district to lien all equipment and apparatus that the district made payments on. A waste of taxpayer fees once again on the attorney, Louis T. Rosenberg. Many of the items owned by the fire departments were purchased with grants. As Mr. Gil Perez of the SAFE-D said; items purchased with grant money especially from the Forestry Service cannot be owned by anyone except the person's that originally filed for the grants. Which could explain why, Ms. Mendelsohn told the fire departments, when she took over the board, that the VFD's should let the ESD6 apply for the grants since they would be responsible for the payments.

A lie by omission is still a lie, although for Ms. Mendelsohn and Commissioner Rodriguez, it's a typical day at the office. Once the items are no longer needed, they revert back to the grant provider to be redistributed. They cannot be sold either.

Do you believe that Chico Rodriguez has lied to the community?

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  • profile image

    InTheKnow 6 years ago

    There is a petition now in existence asking for the recall and removal of the currently sitting ESD 6 board members. To my knowledge, a copy of the petition is held at South Bexar Fire & Rescue and at Ata-Bexar VFD. I haven't heard whether Sandy Oaks has it or not. I'm sure there will be many of our community members that would be interested in signing this petition. The more the better! This petition will call Chico Rodriguez's hand. What will he do when he is faced with an extremely large number of signatures from registered voters knowing that he is up for re-election in just a number of months?

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 6 years ago from These United States, Texas

    JJS- good point, from their actions so far, it is highly unlikely that the commissioners will remove anyone.

  • profile image

    jjs 6 years ago

    @ keneth e bouldin - The legislation that creates a county wide ESD has NOT been signed into law yet. In fact, it is still stalled in committee. The law that did pass was one that give the county commissioners the authority to remove a board member of an ESD. previously, only the other board members of an ESD could remove one of their own and then only if a board member had missed too many meetings. It was at their own discretion, though. Therefore Loren Brewer was allowed to continue to sit as an active member even though he hadn't been to a meeting in forever. The question now is simple. Will our commissioner's court vote to remove any of the ESD 6's board?

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 6 years ago from These United States, Texas

    Sadly Mr. Bouldin, you are correct on all counts. I was told that there were at least 7-10 qualified community members with backgrounds in business as well as fire safety that applied and were not accepted.

  • profile image

    Kenneth E Bouldin Jr 6 years ago

    I would expect to see the same underhanded politics in December like we saw last year. Many people (myself included) applied to Chico's office to try to get appointed to the numerous positions that were already vacant, and becoming vacant. Well the positions were filled by Chico's and Sylvia's cronioes, and none of the new applicants not affiliated with Sylvia were appointed. \Its a shame that Chapter 775 pertining to ESD Laws, states that ESD's have to approve for any actions to be taken against them. Kind of like letting the fox guard the hen house isn't it, instead they pass legislation that was passed that makes a County Wide ESD, and requires there to be a vote for the positions. I like that idea, but don't think its fair to the other properly run ESD's in the County to suffer due to the Criminal mismanagement of ESD#6.