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South East Bexar County Awareness: Community Let Down by ESD6 and County Commissioner

Updated on June 23, 2014
Commissioner Rodriguez (second from left)
Commissioner Rodriguez (second from left)


Community members and volunteer firefighters showed up with hopes of finally being heard; only to be let down someone her is suppose to serve the people of his community, but like the greedy politician that he has become, his arrogance was in full swing and the peoples disappointment was as well.

Not all the Guests Showed Up

Commissioner Rodriguez of Precinct 1 set up a meeting with all those involved in the lawsuits between the ESD6 vs. Southside ISD and ESD6 vs. VFD's. While members of the community and those involved directly were lead to believe that the representatives from the District Attorney's office as well as the representatives from the Fire Marshall's office would be in attendance, they were sorely disappointed, as neither showed for the meeting.

As the meeting began, it was evident that the County Commissioner, Chico Rodriguez and his staff had no intent to hear the concerns of the community, but more of an opportunity to bash those that are considered to be in their eyes as "bucking the system".

An involved member of the community that was in attendance called it nothing more than a circus. Where the ringmaster was the County Commissioner. The famous Rodriguez temper flared when County Commissioner Rodriguez was put in a pressing situation, sometimes having his assistant take the heat off of himself.

Once again, the community was let down by it's representative, Commissioner Chico Rodriguez.

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