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Comparison between city life and village life

Updated on January 17, 2016

City life vs village life

A few people have been asking me why I relocated back to the village and left the city. I give them a few reasons here and there – like leaving the city for economic and financial reasons. These are the two major reasons for a city to village migration. However in my village here in Kenya, young people look forward to the day they will move to the city either for education or work. As I write this blog, I do not consider myself to be a young person. Moreover, I was born and brought up, and also educated in the city of Nairobi. I have thought of creative ways to make money online and therefore, there is no urgent need to be in the city.

After extensive research and thoughts about online ventures, I realized that I can do it only as a hobby at the moment. Such ventures require a lot of resources in terms of internet bandwidth and the money to pay for it. These two resources are very scarce for a hustler like me. Time is not an important resource for now; therefore, I have decided to continue with university education and upon graduation search for a job here in Kenya.

There are a lot of cities in the continent of Africa such as Pretoria and Johannesburg down in South Africa and to the north of the continent is Cairo in Egypt. In between those two cities are other cities and a well-known one is Abuja in Nigeria. Kenya has its own world-renowned city called Nairobi. Although there are other small cities in Kenya such as Kisumu, Eldoret, and Mombasa, people tend to prefer Nairobi because of its international appeal. There is Nakuru also which I believe is well on its way to become a city. Lately, I have been thinking of moving to Nakuru for my university education.

In the village, it is not like it used to be in the past, where the people were not civilized in any way. The only form of civilization in the past was schooling and agriculture. Nowadays there is almost everything a person will need in the city, but we all know that needs vary from person to person. For an upcoming freelancer/blogger like me, all I need is an internet connection and a computer to earn my living online; in an honest and integral way. Furthermore, I require a serene environment so that I can concentrate in writing my blogs. City life is in contrast of my needs because it is always bustling with economic, social and political activity.

The list below summarizes the comparison of city life and village life:

City life

Faster access to goods and services

Access to physical and virtual educational materials

Technological advancements are announced in the city first.

High cost of goods and services, including foodstuff.

A bustling environment

A superb social life, such as night clubs and/or social clubs.

Village life

Slower access to goods and services

Access to only virtual educational materials

Technology reaches the village at a later time.

Low cost of goods and services, including foodstuff.

A serene environment

A lackluster social life.


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