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Concerned About Us All

Updated on May 5, 2020

Concerned about us all and the world

Welcome to our article (55), Concerned about us all

Dear readers, we are concerned about what is happening in the world, because we see problems ahead. So, we want to have our say about our concerns. We can hear the politicians talk about it, telling us that they will fix them. But they are getting nowhere here in Australia and in most other countries of the world.

Anyhow, to understand what we are saying, it is enough to look at the news; there are wars going on in the world with no end in sight, there are refugees that these wars create, there are refugees that run away from their own countries, because they believe that they can be better off in another country, which they think is doing better than their own country, according to their point of view. But we believe that all what glitter is not gold. Anyhow, these refugees don’t understand, that if they are a problem where they are, they will be a problem in the country they go.

We believe that there are things that can be done, to improve the present situation, it is all a matter of planning what needs to be done in the long run. Today most things are done on a day to day basis since there are disaccord how to fix things, in a permanent way. While we are writing this article, there is this refugees’ crises in Europe that needs to be fixed. So, let us look at this refugee crisis, and then comment about it.

This is one of the physical maps of the world that we live in

This is the map of the world that we live in; but in this world we the people have many problems that need to be looked at and solved if possible; here-under is this article that we are writing, where we put forward our views, we hope it could help.
This is the map of the world that we live in; but in this world we the people have many problems that need to be looked at and solved if possible; here-under is this article that we are writing, where we put forward our views, we hope it could help. | Source

Today happenings, the refugees problems

Dear readers, today the sudden tragedy of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea, has prompted me to go back to talk about them; you see, it is hard to ignore this event, because of the large number of refugee that have died, the report says that 700 to 900 people have died while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, from Libya to Italy, or we should say from Africa to Europe, since they come from many countries, and most of them are not Libyan citizen.

As you know, we have written a few refugees articles before, so, we are concerned about these tragic events, which have happened in the last few days; but at the same time, we are concerned about the outcome that these refugees may have in the long run, for themselves and for the countries that take them unwillingly, because they put a strain to the economy of that country.

We believe that it is a worldwide problem, so, not only Europe but the entire world must do something about this, because the large movement of these refugees, which may not refugees, but are people that are not happy, with the way of life that they are living, in their own country of origin. So, they want to move away from it, and go to live somewhere else. They want to do this, because they believe that the problem in their own country is not their fault, and they deserve a better life.

But they don’t see that they are part of the problem, and wherever they go they can create the same problems; then, they don’t know the dangers that they will encounter during their journey, and the strain that they put on the countries that are forced to takes them, because they create a problem wherever they go. Now, let us talk about what is happening, and then, what are the reasons for this large number of people to become refugees. Because the outlook does not look good.

Refugees that have just disinbarked at the port of Catania

This group of people here are the lucky few left, they have been saved from this the overloaded boat carrying over 700 people that sang very quickly after colliding with the rescuing larger boat that came to their aid.
This group of people here are the lucky few left, they have been saved from this the overloaded boat carrying over 700 people that sang very quickly after colliding with the rescuing larger boat that came to their aid.

The outlook is not good

For everybody involved the outlook is bleak. One of the reasons is the great number of refugees, that move freely from one country to another.

As we have said above, this group of people disembarked at the port of Catania are the lucky few saved, because over 700 people have lost their lives. But that is not all, because when we look at the Italian news, or any European news there are more refugees everywhere, the whole scenario is freighting, there are old boats full of people everywhere.

So, we must start thinking, why this is happening, and what can be done to stop this unwanted emigration. Just to have an idea of what is happening now, look at this photo here under, where people are in danger and are crying for help. Of course, there are a lot more boats and other floating devise that these refugees use to reach Europe, just because they dream of a better life there. But the question is, can they live a better life there, or is it going to be a dream that will turn into a nightmare. Therefore, we are concerned. But let us try to understand the main reasons why this is happening.

Refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea and crying for help

This is just one photo of refugees that cross the Mediterranean Sea in very poor boats that usually sink in the middle of the sea, so they usually end up crying for help to the Italian navy or any other sea worth boat that happen to be around them.
This is just one photo of refugees that cross the Mediterranean Sea in very poor boats that usually sink in the middle of the sea, so they usually end up crying for help to the Italian navy or any other sea worth boat that happen to be around them. | Source

What are the main reasons?

When we think about refugees, we want to know the reason why they become refugees. The first thing that we want to know is, if they are real refugees from a war, or some other catastrophic natural events. If they don’t belong to this groups, then they are not happy in their own country; this can be due to badly run governments that have not real powers. If that is the case, then, the people themselves are partly to blame, because they have a negative mentality, as they are not looking how to improve the situation for themselves, they rather try to rob each other of those things that are there, this usually makes things worse, because by robbing and killing the country itself becomes poorer.

But that is not the only thing, these robberies and killings usually escalate, to the point that large gang of thieves are formed, with the mentality of trying to grab things from other people, or to control other people, this way of living may result in internal wars, which in turn will make that country even poorer, and therefore, harder to live a normal life and earn an honest living. This vicious circle needs to be stopped, right in the country where it originated, because that is the only way to stop it affecting its people. We must point out, that this vicious circle will continue to exist, with those people wherever they go.

We believe that the entire world should be involved in this, because the entire world is affected by this refugee’s movement. Now we must ask ourselves what can be done to improve the present situation.

This is the greatest problem, because it is not easy to change people mentality, but it needs to be done, or all of us will suffer the consequences; it is obvious it is a vicious circle that needs to be stopped and fixed. Therefore, when we see these things happen, we are concerned. Now let us look at the emigrant problem in Italy.

Looking at the emigrant problem

As we have said in our last article, Italy modern history. Today Italy and most of the Italian people, are trying hard to cope with the illegal emigrants, they come in from Africa and the Middle East, and they are a problem now and in the future, so, in this post, using our own imagination, let us see what these problems are.

People that emigrate are usually poor people, they happen to live in a poor country, the reason that their native towns and their countries are poor have many reasons, but above all the poverty is lack of good management of the resources that they have, but that is not the only reason; because sometimes this poverty may be due to changes that are unavoidable; if that is the case, then those people that emigrate have the right to emigrate.

Now we believe that, if a region of the world has been able to provide for a good living standard, to a certain number of people for a long time. Then the same region should be able to provide for the same amount of people indefinitely, if that region has a good government and management, and the people that live there try to do their best and use their resources wisely.

Therefore, our views are that those people that become illegal emigrant, they are not the best people that can plan for themselves, in such a way that they can support themselves, so, they are becoming poor. Because they are becoming poor, they start looking around and see that other people, that are living in other countries are better off than they are, so, they wish to be like them and move to that country.

Here I want to point out that, they do not ask themselves, why the other people have been able to have a better standard of living, they only see that they have it, and want to have that higher standard of living for themselves. In fact, that is the only thing that they see, they don’t even ask themselves why that has happened. So, they believe that the world owes them that same standard of living, just because they are living in this world. So, when people emigrate in great number, most of them will emigrate, because where they are living, it has become poor, and they are not able to look after themselves properly.

Now, we believe that the problem that these emigrants have, is going to stay with them with the rest of their lives. We must admit that some of them will be able to look after themselves and become good citizen of the country that they have emigrated.

But when they emigrate in bulk, they are going to bring their own problem with them, so, the countries that are forced to accept them, must be careful, otherwise they can end up like the emigrant themselves, therefore, one day their own people, are going to become poor and emigrate somewhere else, because they have become poor, just like the emigrant that they were supposed to help; I hope that I have explained myself clear enough.

Now let us try to understand, what their problem were in the country of origin, and why they have fallen behind the rest of the world. So, let us see, what could be the reasons?


What could be the reasons?

When we look at the illegal emigrant in Italy, we see that today most of them are African emigrants, this makes us think that perhaps it is the changes of temperature, which have been caused from the global warming, it has impoverished these countries to the point, that people go to live somewhere else. Therefore, has been humanity themselves that have brought about this problem, so, if that is the case than we have to be reasonable, so, we have to help those people that emigrate the best way we can, after all it was us the rest of the world, that has caused this global warming. This is one of the reasons but is it possible that there are several reasons why these people emigrate, so, let us imagine what else could be.

The second in line is the political scene; people belong to one party or another, they struggle for power, the struggle becomes so great, that they end up in violence and wars, so, there are refugees that run away from their own country, who is to blame here is hard to say, because both sides blame each other; but the rest of the world end up, by helping those refugees on humanitarian grounds.

Why these wars are started is hard to say; they seem to have a chain reaction, from a small argument they become enlarged, until they become real wars on a large scale, that may last for years to come; as we know these days there is this war still going on in Iraq, and worse still most of the Middle East have wars going on, the outcome of these wars is that people are displaced and become refugees.

The wars’ refugees emigrate to other countries the best way they can. The countries that receive these refugees must accept them on humanitarian ground, it is cruel if they don’t. So, the rest of the world are willing to help these refugees, and they do it willingly. But, this willingness to help them may result one day in serious problems, as we have seen, from the many violent acts that these people are capable to inflict.

Having said that, now we want to see what most people think about it, and what is their opinion of how this problem can be solved.

A simple man opinion

I believe that the world leaders should meet and find a way how to improve the economy of these impoverished countries, if this is the problem that causes most refugees. But at the same time, they should make clear to the people of those countries, that they are better off if they remain in their own country.

The reason for doing this is for keeping the stability of all countries involved, because the whole world system can become economically unstable. You see, the receiving country, has got to spend so much time and effort when these refugees arrive, then has to feed them and look after them, all these things put together cost a lot of money, that this country may not have; so, it will slowly impoverish the receiving country, so, their living standard will go down and it will continue to go down, if the refuges continue to arrive in large number; in fact, it can go down to the same level of the countries that the refugees come from. So, the number of incoming refugees, must be kept to a minimum whenever possible; this is my point of view, but there is more.

Anyhow, this article is becoming too long; but we will talk about refugees another time, after we write a few articles that are more personal. So, see you in our next article called, Health safety net fails.

See you soon.



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