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Congress Cares

Updated on May 13, 2013

There’s a misperception that Congress doesn’t care about the American people. That’s just not true. Why just the other day, April 25, Congress held a hearing on long term unemployment in the Joint Economic Committee and only one uncaring Congressional member in the 19 person committee showed up, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn). The rest of the committee members were out helping new lobbyists find their way around D.C. or applying for jobs to help corporations take advantage of their legislative ties once they leave office. But the selfish Senator from Minnesota decided to ignore the needs of the lobbyists and corporations that receive government contracts and showed up for the meeting on long term unemployment in her committee. She acted as if the unemployed matter more than the rest of us.

Another example of how Congress cares is the sequester. Head Start is just coddling children, and the sequester is helping 70,000 children get off the teet of the U.S. government and pull themselves up by their own booty straps. Congress cares about education but not if it means helping poor kids. They can’t help at risk kids in Head Start when they have billionaires' profits to protect. Besides, they're almost all millionaires in Congress, and they can’t start going after their own kind in the name of some Godless (liberal) idea of fairness now, can they?

By cutting emergency response funding by over $1.2 billion dollars, communities all over America will have to become self-reliant during a disaster. That’s how much Congress cares. Education will also be cut nearly $1.1 billion dollars so they can show they care for students. That will force more people in American to be self taught. Einstein dropped out of school as did Vincent van Gogh, so what’s the big deal?

Security spending will be cut $1.3 billion dollars to show Congress cares. There will be $79 million in cuts to embassy security. With these cuts, another Benghazi might happen and then Congress can blame the President. It’s a win-win for the country. Besides, people can just arm themselves if they want more security. Cuts to programs that help people are for their own good like beating a child helps the child become a better person.

Because they care a lot about the people, Congress members have been getting richer and richer. By becoming wealthier and using their work in government to enrich themselves, Congress members are shining examples for other entrepreneurs. Besides, if Congress members couldn’t enrich themselves by using their connections in Congress to work in the private sector to make millions, who would want to serve the nation? They are doing it for us.

Gun violence is another example of how Congress cares. People get shot all the time by unregistered guns, but background checks should not be required just to stop a few deaths. Waiting a few minutes to get your gun is a burden that is too much for anybody to bear. As James Eagan Holmes might say, “It is a terrible thing to inconvenience a man by preventing him from his God given guns (with a background check) just to save a few lives.” Thankfully, the Senate has filibustered the latest attempt at background checks for all gun purchases because savings lives should not be an excuse to keep insane people or criminals from buying guns. You see, they care a lot.

There are many caring actions Congress commits such as keeping minimum wage low, passing the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, approving surveillance on citizens, and authorizing war authority for the president. With all this caring Congress is doing, it’s no wonder the legislative body is more popular than ever.

Tex Shelters


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    • forbcrin profile image

      Crin Forbes 

      5 years ago from Michigan

      Congress really cares Tex!

      They know that the population number in the US has to be controlled, and what other means are there for controlling the population numbers?


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