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Congress Doesn't Represent the Nation

Updated on August 4, 2017
stvpaulson profile image

Author/Writer has served his communities with distinction and honor. He is a published author of short stories. He served in the US Navy.

Do you know ?

... They represent their Individual States

Nowhere in our great Constitution does it require that congressional representatives "look out for" their own individual state's interests. These "elected officials" are elected from the "several states" to decide issues for the country as a whole, not to get money and projects for their own state from which they may be elected. Think back to the original founders of our country! Did they represent their own territories or did they consider the United States interests above their own? Certainly the answer must be the latter.

We now have an unworkable congress full of individuals who seek to enrich their own states above the interests of the country they're supposed to be watching out for. We spend more than we take in because the individuals don't "owe a debt" to the country as they see it, but rather they owe a debt, in their minds, to the state who elected them into office. Even though these elected representatives are paid by the U.S. Government to run their offices and conduct United States business, they still vote with their own states welfare in mind. Any bill that may bring the slightest burden on their own state will be argued against forever. Any bill which doesn't give their own state some of "the pie" will be voted against as well. A bill which comes forward through thoughtful design to benefit the entire country (like the Balanced Budget Amendment) will be tabled forever because it doesn't do anything good "for my state" so I'll vote against it, even though it is the right thing to do for the country.

State serving Representatives and State serving senators have no place in national debate and implementation of national laws and decisions because they are only looking to serve their particular state from which they were elected. We, as a nation, must begin to demand more from our so-called Government officials or we'll never get anything accomplished and will end up on the "Ash Heap of History!"

I say to anyone who may read this, "Please write a letter to your United States Representatives and Senators and require them to vote for what best serves the Unites states, rather than only voting for or against those bills which serve their own/your own state." This action will go a long way toward solving the "grid lock" of Washington, D.C. in which we are now stuck. How dare these congress persons not vote for a "balanced budget amendment" when that is what the people they represent are demanding of them? These single-minded persons should all be impeached for failure to do their sworn duty to the country! They are not in D.C. to stand by and watch what others do. They are not there to go to parties where cookies are eaten that cost tens of dollars each to eat just because those cookies were prepared for the "Government." They are not there to ride around in Limos and break common laws because they are given immunity from prosecution. They are there to do the business of all the People of the United States. Each and every member of our Congress must be held accountable to tell the entire truth to all the voters of the U.S. The people of this country should never accept a statement from a congressional member like, "We'll just have to pass this to see what it really says." Cannot we all see through these sorts of statements? Are we all so stupid? I, for one, am not!

Let us call to mind and into action the idea that our elected representatives in the Federal Government are there to run our country and its business in a fair and balanced manner. They must get the budget voted on and passed and it must be a budget that we all can live with, including our future posterity for whom we pray will be able to enjoy the freedoms that we now, and in the past, have all enjoyed up 'till now. Let's make our country strong by electing strong persons of character who will do the right things for our country regardless of the effect on any one or few states. We must act as a "whole" or end up divided into very small and fruitless bits of a country.

We are now facing a time in our history when our government is about to perish because of very bad financial decisions made by those we've elected who, incidentally, are mostly the very rich of our Union...Millionaires who have little share in what becomes of the middle-class and poorer of the nation. Our Presidents sit in office more concerned about being re-elected than they are in meeting with and guiding discussions on how to get our great country out from the terrible debt that is crushing us. They must take action, not sit by and watch as the nation slowly falls into the abyss of financial ruin.

My fellow Americans, it is almost too late. We are in grave danger. Let us all work toward bringing the United States of America back from the edge of the cliff and let's get rolling again!

Here's just one of my ideas:

Let us consider the current situation: we have too many people representing "we the people" so that no decision ever gets made in a timely manner. If we the people were united behind the idea of reconfiguring the map of the "United States of America" into more manageable parts, e.g., like maybe 16 districts/states instead of 50, then we'd need only 32 Senators and X number of representatives. Decisions would happen faster, there'd be less desbate to slow things down and more people could contact their representative easier. There also would be more accountability to the people by each of the representatives, too, and we could have debates aired on TV stations around the country due to the fewer number of representatives to speak for/against each bill/law. The President would have a smaller number of persons to deal with and the people would be better represented because the divisions could be based on things like the type of area (rural, suburban, urban, populations, types of business of the areas, and more.

Remember that when the Constitution was placed into force, there were only 13 states and that made it a lot easier for things to get done because debate could be heard and then acted on. The people knew their representatives and the representative actually carried out the will of the voters. Special interest parties didn't exist and with fewer representatives involved, we could know who was doing what, and how much money was being transferred to whom.

Of course something this sweeping in nature would require vast changes to the existing Constitution but think of the rewards we could reap from such changes. Perhaps it is time for the U.S. to change the way we are represented so that the great numbers of populations in our country could have true and real representation, not just a bunch of multi-millionaires running the country the way they personally think best for the rest of us. And with fewer numbers of representatives to deal with, change of those Reps could also occur more timely for the affected persons (Reps who didn't do their job could be replaced faster with better people from the populace).

I know that many people feel the same as I and we all want to change the system to be more reflective of "we the people" so that we get out of our massive debt situation and make bills that do real things that the country needs done.

As for the three divisions of government, I don't believe that we need tamper with that at all. We need the built-in checks and balances this design provides. And we certainly need a more responsive government and a more timely way for those Reps who've failed us to be re-called or impeached. We need more accountability and much more openess in our government.

Let us get the ball moving before all is lost and it's too late for our posteritly to have hope.


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    • stvpaulson profile image

      Paul P Stevenson 5 years ago from Everett, Washington, USA

      I've thought for many years that we need to redivide the country into five-six equal divisions, then have as many as four-6 reps and Sen from each sector do the work of the Congress. This would get much more done in our country and the people would be heard and represented and costs to the country would be greatly reduced.

    • stvpaulson profile image

      Paul P Stevenson 6 years ago from Everett, Washington, USA

      More representatives would mean even more gridlock and longer debate periods. Nothing would ever be implemented for us. The fewer people there to muck up the system the better for all of us, and fewer representatives means better accountability. Openess would also be available because TV wouldn't have so many persons to interview, so much verbage to include in their reports, etc. And we still would have the checks and balances of the three sectors of Government.

    • tamarawilhite profile image

      Tamara Wilhite 6 years ago from Fort Worth, Texas

      One solution would be increasing the number of representatives, so that each one represents fewer people. And with more districts, it would reduce moneyed-lobbying because there are so many more representatives and less power for each of them.

    • stvpaulson profile image

      Paul P Stevenson 6 years ago from Everett, Washington, USA

      I hope twenty-nine million voters will read this article!