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Conservatism: The Obstructionists' Roadblock (Pt. 1)

Updated on July 30, 2014

This is a precursor to America's Woes

A Fact the GOP wants people to forget!
A Fact the GOP wants people to forget! | Source
The once pristine part of the NYC Skyline
The once pristine part of the NYC Skyline
Parts of the Equation that put America's economy into a tailspin
Parts of the Equation that put America's economy into a tailspin
Mastermind of many Terrorist Attacks on American interests abroad.
Mastermind of many Terrorist Attacks on American interests abroad.

That Giant Snowball rolling into hell!

I'd be remiss if I were to say that America's economic downward spiral, is solely the responsibility of George W. Bush. By no means am I giving him a pass, instead pardoning him on his gullibility to be easily mislead by some of his high ranking advisers. And in some cases being straight-out lied to by some of those same advisers,

At this point I'm not going to rehash the less than suspicious manner unto which, the then Republican Presidential candidate George W. Bush was declared the winner of the 2000 Presidential Election. Because it's far too little and far too late for that argument, besides it's a moot point now. We can never undo the historical events that have since taken place.

Again the events of September 11th, 2001, were not directly or indirectly the responsibility of President Bush or his Administration. Merely an example of or lack there of inter-agency cooperation and inefficiency between the intelligence and law enforcement communities, namely the N.S.A., CIA, and the FBI. Of course there's no documented proof that had there been better inter-agency cooperation that the events of 9/11 could have been avoided, but there's a better than average chance that it would have been prevented.

It's no doubt that the September 11th attacks were masterminded by Osama bin Laden and carried out by al-Qaeda. This prompted the Bush Administration's War on Terror, which led to the boots on the wars (military offensive) in Afghanistan in 2001 against al-Qaeda as well as the Taliban regime and later against Iraq in 2003. The war in Iraq was the result of blatant misinformation (lies) on the so-called existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's) in the possession of Saddam Hussein.

Both of those wars alone didn't put the country into the economic crisis that we're currently facing as a nation but when you add on the prescription drug plan that wasn't fully paid for and the impending financial debacle of 2008. Collectively those events are what led to the massive national debt (deficit) that President Obama inherited when he was elected to office.

Now looking back in hindsight given the facts that Tea Party / Republicans want average Americans to forget. it's plain to see that the GOP has been using political smoke and mirrors to distract us from the truth about their real agenda for America. They've fought tooth and nail to distract us from the facts that the Tea Party has thrown average Americans under the proverbial bus in the interest of self preservation and the Special Interest Lobby.

Would our economy be in much better shape if the Tea Party / Republicans didn't obstruct President Obama's efforts

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    • profile image

      retief2000 3 years ago

      The very first image in your hub is pure deception.


      Year Year

      Ending National Debt Deficit

      FY1993 09/30/1993 $4.411488 trillion

      FY1994 09/30/1994 $4.692749 trillion $281.26 billion

      FY1995 09/29/1995 $4.973982 trillion $281.23 billion

      FY1996 09/30/1996 $5.224810 trillion $250.83 billion

      FY1997 09/30/1997 $5.413146 trillion $188.34 billion

      FY1998 09/30/1998 $5.526193 trillion $113.05 billion

      FY1999 09/30/1999 $5.656270 trillion $130.08 billion

      FY2000 09/29/2000 $5.674178 trillion $17.91 billion

      FY2001 09/28/2001 $5.807463 trillion $133.29 billion

      Did the National Debt rise while George W. Bush was President, Yes.

      Was there an actual Budget Surplus, no.

      Was the growth of the National Debt slowed after CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS took control of Congress in 1994, Yes.

      Was Clinton wise enough to sign those CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN budgets, Yes.

      Was Clinton wise enough to sign CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN welfare reform, Yes.

      Were the Republicans wise enough to continue their formerly conservative ways, NO!