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Conspiracy Theories: Mass Shootings

Updated on June 19, 2013

It seems that more and more we are seeing shootings in the news; Schools, Malls, Movie Theaters, everywhere these days. It's a sad state of our world when countless people lose their lives after someone snaps and goes on a rampage at their local gathering spot. Recently we've had a shooting at an elementary school. What kind of sick person does it take to shoot innocent kids!? Conspiracy theorists think they know:

CIA Involvement

Theorists will believe the CIA has involvement, that the CIA has brainwashing or hypnosis techniques in use to create these situations, using unknowing victims to commit the crimes. Facts do support the possibility of this all, there were such projects in the past such as project MKUltra.

Mkultra was a psychological control, or brainwashing, experimental project run by the CIA from 1953 through 1973. For 20 years the US Government used American and Canadian citizens as test subjects, without their consent or knowledge of the tests. Using many and often unethical methods and treatments, the CIA was able to successfully brainwash people into doing many things they normally wouldn't have dreamed of doing.

One MKUltra report describes having two 19 year old female subjects, one was hypnotized to sleep only to wake up with a certain command. The other, whom was deftly scared of, and opposed to firearms, was in the next room being hypnotized. She was told to go awaken the other subject, but not given the proper command. When the other subject didn't rouse from her slumber she was to get mad, go into a fit of rage, grab the pistol on the counter and shoot her in the face, her rage becoming uncontrollable. Sure enough, when the other subject didn't get up, she went into a fit of rage, and pulled the trigger of the unloaded and disabled pistol pointed directly in her counterpart's face. Read the released document here.

Unfortunately, in 1973 the then director of the CIA, Richard Helms, ordered all documents relating to the project destroyed. However, some 20,000 documents remained when they were filed incorrectly and were released via a Freedom of Information request in 1977, telling us most of what we know about the project today.

With all the time spent and with 6% of the total CIA budget, it would be quite hard to believe they haven't found any of the things they were seeking - and who's to say they stopped, instead of letting the heat cool off before picking up where they left off under another name?

James Holmes (Aurora, Colorado)

Many sites are reporting now that the shooter in Aurora Colorado, James Holmes, shows signs of being a victim of an MKUltra-esque experiment or operation.

James Holmes was performing experiments at Salk Institute of Biological Studies as an intern. This by itself doesn't amount to much, but the type and nature of the experiments is mind blowing. His resume states that he had used flicker fusion to create a form of mind control inside of a computer program he's written, while working at Salk. He's also written a paper titled "Temporary Perceptions of Causality," a look into brainwashing and mind control.

The Salk Institute also teamed up with military and government agencies such as DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) on many projects and studies, such as the "Peak Soldier Performance Program," studies with intention of developing psychological and physical technology to make soldiers more effective.

Being involved in mind control experiments already, the CIA wouldn't have to look much farther to find their candidate. After the shooting James had no idea how he got where he was, he had no recollection of the the shootings. Is this just him trying to get an insanity plea, or does he honestly have no memory of the events?

Adam Lanza (Newtown, Connecticut)

Everyone interviewed since the shootings, whom knew Adam personally, all have the same general statement, something along the lines of "How? How did this introverted shy kid kill anyone?" None of his family or friends believe he could have done this. This isn't all, however, when you dig further into who Adam Lanza really is, and the situations surrounding the events, you might even agree with them. How does a 20 year old kid from a more or less privileged family in Connecticut turn into a mass murderer, before taking his own life?

Here's a pretty insane link here, I personally called bull- well, you know, on this one. Upon further reading my head nearly exploded. Adam Lanza's father, Peter, is the VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. Peter is heavily involved in the Libor scandal, and was set to give testimony in front of the US Senate. Libor is the London Interbank Offer Rate, or the interest rate at which banks are allowed to loan each other money. Many banks are implicated in this scandal, supposedly manipulating contracts stealing trillions of dollars.

Here's the crazy part - Reports say that James Holmes' father, Robert, was also set to give testimony before the US Senate in the same case. Robert is the lead scientist with FICO, a credit score analysis company.

Adam Lanza was documented as a child with Autism and was on prescription medications. As such, he was already seeing a psychiatrist and putting any chemicals into his stomach that said psychiatrist gave him. Is it difficult to place an agent psychiatrist into play and use mind altering chemicals, as they did in Mkultra, to create a sort of "Manchurian candidate?"

Where can we find a more direct CIA or DARPA tie? CIA has many many ties to the banks and Wallstreet. If you search "GE Capital CIA" on Google you will get result after result of Linkedin profiles with both names on their resumes. Its easy to believe in some "cross pollination" so to say.

It is certainly possible that he was just a psycho. He snapped and went on a rampage. How psychotic do you need to be though? This kid went to his mother's room, picked up some firearms, selected and loaded the correct ammunition for each, walked out to the other room and shot his mother in the face. Okay, I could see a regular person of disturbed mental status perpetrating such a crime. It happens a lot actually.

What really gets me is that he then stole his mother's vehicle, drove to the local school and proceeded to shoot rooms full of innocent children point blank. No motive, no rage toward the kids for anything done, just, boom. Shooting his mother I could wrap my head around, parents do things that anger their children all that time - hell, its their job! With such mental illness it would make sense. But, after shooting his own mother, consciously getting in her vehicle and driving a few miles away to enter another building and kill more people... Neither he nor his mother had any ties whatsoever to the school or the district.

After the Aurora shooting failed to cause the uprising and anti-gun sentiment they wanted, the CIA/Government needed something more intense, something that would stay in the news for days, grabbing everyone's attention whether you're looking or not. Something that would tug at your heartstrings.

What better than children?

Past Suspected MKUltra Victims

Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Jack Ruby, James Holmes, Adam Lanza. What do all these names share? They all in one way or another have a tie to the CIA. They all made national news through murder. They all exhibit signs of possible involvement with project MKUltra, or projects like it - including having no memory of their crimes, for those who lived.

So. Why?

It all boils down to control. The theorists all have different plots in mind but most lead toward Illuminati, elitists or the New World Order. The basis being that utilizing these attacks, they can sway the American populace away from firearms and turn the people against firearm owners, thus disarming the citizens more easily and without fight. With its people being disarmed, taking over a country or instating a totalitarian dictatorship would be a ton easier.

The theories behind the organizations mentioned in the above paragraph are very involved, and will require their own hubs to cover, so keep an eye out for them if you've enjoyed this one!


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    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 3 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Bravo! Well written.

      I'm not wild about the distance you put between yourself and "conspiracy theorists," but I suppose it's only natural after the Orwellian treatment we've all received by the mass media in America. People knee-jerk react to "conspiracy" like it was the plague. Only the conspirators themselves would desire this.

      We've also been conditioned to think of American war as a "peacekeeping action," and who doesn't love peace?

      One threat to the psychopaths who want to take over the world is America. One major impediment in America is the Second Amendment. Very likely, we will continue to get lone gunmen killing lots of people until the "masses" rise up and demand the solution the psychopaths have been wanting all along.

      The only real solution for us is to change ourselves so we no longer have Egos they can play like a symphony. The only real way to do this is to do what Christ and the Kabbalists (real Kabbalah, not New Age junk) tell us to do -- love others as ourselves and wish for them everything they desire -- even turning the other cheek. So few truly understand the importance and power of this. But now is the time to learn.