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South African Conspiracy Theories

Updated on October 3, 2014

SAA Flight 295 - 1987

A Boeing 747 named Helderberg was a commercial flight that crashed into the Indian Ocean on the 28th November 1987 due to an in - flight fire from the cargo area, killing everyone on board.

There were 140 passengers and 19 crew members on the flight. Davie Uys was the Captain on this flight.

The Helderberg took off from Chiang Kai Shek International Airport in Taiwan with a stopover in Mauritius and final destination was to be Johannesburg International Airport.

The aircraft was a mix of passenger liner and cargo.

47000 kg of cargo and luggage were loaded onto the plane, including 6 pallets of cargo on the main deck.

A Taiwanese customs official performed a surprise inspection and found nothing suspicious.

Thirty - four minutes after departure from Taiwan, the flight contacted Hong Kong to obtain clearance from Elato to Isban and made a routine report to the South African Airways base in Jan Smuts Airport.

At some point during the flight a fire broke out in the cargo section and was not extinguished before impact.

A smoke evacuation checklist was not completed. This would require the aircraft to be depressurised and doors to be opened.

A charged fire extinguisher was found in the wreckage which means someone must have tried to put out the fire.

The Accident

The flight left Taiwan and communication with Mauritius was a 23h48 where the Captain mentioned that there was smoke and that the plane had to do an emergency descent. He could not give a location at the time but said that there was smoke, they did open the doors, they lost some of the electrics and he told someone to closee the hole. He declared an emergency with the air traffic controller and was not heard from again.

The flight did not make it to Mauritius and landed in the sea with debris only showing 12 hours after the accident. The aircraft crashed at 00h07.

Only one flight data recorder was found at a depth of 4900 metres under the ocean.

The official enquiry stated that the fire had started in a pallet in the cargo area and that the crew became incapacitated due to smoke in the cockpit. Their final report said that it was due to a lack of fire detection and suppression facilities in the cargo area of the plane.


1. As it was in the Apartheid era, it was said that the SAA flight was carrying cargo for Armscor, a South African arms agency.

2. The South African defence force was carrying red mercury on the flight for its atomic bomb project.

3. The government placed a rocket system into the cargo hold during an arms embargo.

4. Flight recorder information was edited and tapes went missing for a cover up.

Project Coast

This was a top secret chemical and biological weapons program in the apartheid era, headed by Dr Wouter Basson, also known as Dr "Death" a cardiologist who was allegedly the cause of death to many anti - apartheid activists.

Enemies of South Africa were perceived to have had chemical weapons in the 1970s and it urged the country to create a program as a defensive measure by carrying out research using vaccines.

In the program they created toxins and biotoxins intended for use by military in conflict situations. They followed Russia by creating artificial objects with lethal chemicals imbedded into them.

South Africa did not want lethal weapons but explored non - lethsl toxins for riot purposes and played with drugs in order to create a non lethsl weapon in the form of an aerosol spray.

Compounds were manufactured in large quantities and was successfully weaponised into a fine dust or aerosol.

In 1982, 200 prisoners were killed with muscle relaxants and in 1983, a gel - like ointment was rubbed onto the bodies of tied up prisoners which failed to kill them and they were then injected with an anaesthetic drug.

In 1989 there was an order to contaminate the water suply of enemies in Namibia with cholera and yellow fever organisms but the attempt failed due to the chlorine levels in the water at the camp.

Daan Goosen developed a vaccine for males and females to make them sterile and at the time they were looking to find a way to give it to blacks without them knowing.

At the end of apartheid, the "weapons of mass destruction" programs were stopped but despite efforts to destroy stocks, equipment and information, it still remains and there were fears that it could get into the hands of terrorists. The program was offered to the FBI who said that the strains were obsolete and no longer a threat.


Project Coast was the creator of chemical weapons of mass destruction and Dr Wouter Basson, alongside American government, created the HIV virus.


Vela Incident

On the 22nd September 1979 a satelite detected a double flash of an atmospheric nuclear explosion over the Indian or South Atlantic ocean.

The Vela satelite program was a nuclear detection system created in 1963 to detect explosions in space and in the air. Each satelite had a lifespan of about 18 months.

The vela 6911 was a more advanced system designed in 1969 and at the time of detection it had been running for over 10 years and had detected 41 atmospheric tests.

At the time of the 1979 explosion, the Carter administration would have to take definite action if the information came our correct and South Africa or Israel would be implicated.

During President Carter's administration, there was a collapse with a major ally, the Middle East. He was in the middle of an upcoming election campaign and if Israel were to be linked to a nuclear explosion, Carter would be required to take action which would cause problems for the administration.

A panel of scientists known as the Ruina Panel, were to create a review of reliability of the Vela satelite data as it had been operating for longer than normal and its electromagnetic pulse was inoperative.

The panel concluded that it was probably not from a nuclear explosion but could not rule out that it was of nuclear origin.

It was later investigated further and data found showed that it was a nuclear explosion coming from near Prince Edward Island.


The South African naval ships were operating in the area on the night of the flash.

Israel and South Africa did a joint test

It was believed that Israel had advanced nuclear weaponery and at the time South Africa was searching for a weapons program, unknow to the world. The U.S did detect nuclear testing grounds in the Kalahari desert.

SSS Spies on you

The South African Intelligence agencies, routinely access private citizens sms's, phone and email conversations illegally.

It is said that South African agencies have access to covert apparatus that is used to spy on citizens and the role of surveillance according to the President Jacob Zuma is undeniable. Companies such as the FTTH have installed fibre optic cables and government agencies have joined forces to get the information that they want within 36 hours.

Jacob Zuma would not have become president if they had not had this technology if the crime intelligence had not leaked information about the former Scorpions boss, Leonard McCarthy.

No citizen is exempt from hiding and it has the capacity to pinpoint your location, hear your cellphone conversations, access your personal cellphone and email records.

One of the states eavesdropping centres, over a period of four years, carried out over 3 million interceptions.

Rica was formed to ensure that getting this information would have to be done through a judge, making it a legal enquiry and if the judg feels that it is justified, he will then issue permission to spy.

The criminals act allows for agencies to obtain permission to locate a suspect after requesting permission from the high court.

The office for interception is in Sandton, Johannesburg and it houses technology and expertise to scrutinise ordinary citizen's private lives.

Cellphone operators are obliged to make provision for a live feed via the office, making interception easy.

Under long existing interception programs, the agencies can spy on any target whilst a member of the police will open a case and allow for legal documents and permission to do so, even though they have already been spying.

Outside agencies have been abusing the technology by paying for information on soon to be ex's for divorce proceedings and RICA came into place to prevent this from happening.

A former policeman worked with intelligence information and when he left the force he was aided by an employee at the agency in his detective business. Things went sour and information about his bank details and business were used to sabatage his business.

Faith Radebe, the inspector general of intelligence ignored the former police, Deon Loots, who reported that information ws being used illegally to destroy him but had not received any fedback.


The government and political parties use the technology in order to gain information that they require for personal gain.

The technology is used to spy on everyone and is used when necessary to find suspected criminals and tenders for specific projects.

Cellphone, telephone, email and websites are checked and companies such as FTTH, telkom, cellphone companies are working together to allow access to information for the national security agency's.

Kalahari U.F.O
Kalahari U.F.O

Kalahari U..F.O Crash "Operation Black Horse"

On the 7th May 1989, a naval frigate contacted Cape Town's naval headquarters to report and unidentified flying object, heading towards the African continent. It was detected by radar at a speed of 5746 nautical miles. The headquarters also said that they had detected it by radar, millitary ground radar and at D.F. Malan International Airport, Cape Town.

Radio contact was attempted and Valhalla air force base was notified and two mirage fighters were scrambled. The object changed it's course and did not communicate with the pilots from Valhalla Base, Pretoria.

At 13h59 a squadron leader confirmed visuals with the object and ordered two armed, experimental canons to fire at the unidentified airborne object.

Several blinding flashes appeared from the object as it headed into a northerly direction. It decreased in altitude and dived into the desert where it was surrounded by millitary intelligence officers, medical and technical staff in order to retrieve the object.

They found a crater with a silver object embedded deep into the ground surrounded by a magnetic field which the intelligence officers were told to remove and take away to be examined, in a classified air force base.

Two "alliens" were found and taken to level 6 at an air force base.

Two helicopters with South African pilots were killed trying to near the object.

The objects were taken out of a craft and sent to Wright- Patterson Air force Base to be studied and examined.

The United States worked out a deal with South Africa to provide them with advanced weapons in exchange for the UFO. There were 3 alliens, one of which died in the craft after it was taken down by the cannon.


There were American pilots on the aircraft.

a Captain James van Greuren exposed the project "Black Horse" defected and now lives in Germany.

The area of impact was filled with sand and rubble to disguise all evidence of the event taking place.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      5 years ago from South Africa

      They apparently did have documents leaked from the army base by a man named Gueren. The document was written by Dr Wright who was looking for further information from witnesses but I would have to see an alien before I could say i believe!

    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 

      5 years ago

      Interesting hub. Can't deny the bio weapons, UFO not sure it could just be a Jinn that got caught :-)


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