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Control a Man’s Thinking

Updated on August 11, 2014
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Clarissa is a published author. She has a BA in Psychology from Ottawa Univ., MA from Webster Univ. and an EdS from Walden Univ.

Carter G. Woodson 1933 Wisdom

"If you can control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his action. When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself. If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door; his very nature will demand one." --- Carter Godwin Woodson, 1933

You would think Carter Godwin Woodson was writing for the Black audience of today. He wrote his amazing book, “The Mis-Education of the Negro” in 1933; yet, it is still relevant for the Black community today.

Who controls your thoughts? Who controls your ideas? Whoever controls your innermost desires is the one who controls your destiny. And, whoever controls your destiny is not responsible. You are responsible because you have relinquished control of your mind. Let's talk about how you can reclaim your power and start owning YOU!

Too Educated For My Own Good

As I read this profound literature, I could not help but think about all the flack I received from family, so-called, friends, Black and non-Black colleagues, and frienemies who believed me to be against the Black cause. See, what I have thought my entire life was actually communicated in a book by a man I have never met and whom I had not acquainted myself with until some 20 years ago just by curiosity of the title.

If the Black condition as described by Woodson in 1933 was of concern and solutions provided, why has the Black condition continued to implode and erode at break-neck speed? Is the Black community that afraid of success that it will continue to sabotage its future? Is the Black community so mind-bent that success can only be seen in non-Blacks? Mr. Woodson’s words rang like gongs in my brain because every day I witness the erosion of the Black community as it limps toward what it hopes to a finish line. But, that “finish line” has been moved again and again. When will Black community accept that pain and suffering is the fire that makes iron stronger--iron so strong that it cannot be broken?

Stop Blaming Others For Your Miseducation!

With many urban school districts in disarray, it’s time for the Black community to stop blaming everyone else for its academic ills and hold its local school district administrators accountable for major failures. Our children deserve better. I have worked as an educator for more than six years; and I can personal attest to the fact that ALL parents desire their children to get a quality education. Other ethnic groups demand this quality, so why don’t Blacks demand the same? We should all be standing up and shouting to the highest mountains for quality education for all our children. No one else will and that is evident in the huge academic disparity between Black students and non-Black students. We can sure march when a restaurant doesn’t want to serve us; but where are we when it comes to denying our children a worthy education?

In a YouTube video, Jesse Jackson proudly proclaims that President Obama should be “. . . proud to be the FOODSTAMP president.” (Click HERE to see video) Has he lost his freakin’ mind? Oh how I wish Mr. Woodson was still alive to knock that fool upside his knucklehead. But, one cannot force sense into an empty crevice. Wow!

Our Children, Our Future

We are the authors of our destinies. We determine which route to take toward success or failure. Let’s choose success. All it takes is one step at a time – one completed task from our list of goals. Small success is still success. Let no one dictate to you your worth or value. You own your worth and value


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