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Control and Power

Updated on May 25, 2013

Who is in Control?

I was thinking about why I have significantly reduce how much media information that I monitor. I find that it is just exhausting watching the world or should I say how the people in "control" present the world. After getting bombarded with negativity for years from the local, domestic, and international news, I came to the conclusion that the world is lawless with the illusion, that humans are in control.

I see a world where 10 percent of the population dominates close to or more that 70 percent of the world's resources. I have no idea how this could be if we had intelligent governments in "control" of taking care of the basic needs of citizens. So much suffering in the world and there are some with billions of dollars worth of resources.

Is there no one to say enough is enough or do we as humanity society let the allurement or the material nature lead us in to a more dangerous path than that which we are on now.

I sat back and thought about what was really wrong in my heart. It was not that there is no control in the world. The real issue is that my heart and my senses are too engaged in this world and I have to practice controlling my own senses, so I could need less and have less desires in the world. This is the solution to many of the problems that we have today. In plain terms the human ego is out of control.

For example, we think we are such superior beings that we have the right to slaughter animals to eat them. This is not a very loving human spirit that should be guiding society. This type of mentality contributes to over aggressive behavior as a species.

Human beings want to control everything as a species and as individuals, and they cannot, no matter how hard they try. I came to the conclusion that we as a species are very tiny relative to the universe and we should learn to live a civil life with all of the creations not just humans. Rather than trying to control things we should be working with resources to make life more peaceful for ourselves as well as others. This line of behavior will lead to a happier life a more healthy life, one reduced of stress and anxiety.

Well my main point to the reader is despite all the different forms of governments and religions, institutes of higher learning etc, the goal is to control the self and live in harmony with nature. This will create a more pleasant society, one where in the media there will be more positive stories than negative.

Best wishes

Dhira Krishna Das


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    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      maybe 1% are in control of 99% through control we as individuals give up in our personal and public lives to them for money and the things it allows us to do and would not be able to do without or what we see as our patriotic duty or what passes for it.

      Imagine a world where money is not and cannot be used to control peoples attitudes and loyalties towards their fellow man and how they react to situations they would otherwise oppose.

      Even then those who would control the rest of us would likely try to find another way to control people. Maybe idealistically rather than materially.In other words through religion which in the extreme can be just as oppressive as secular governments.

      So,what is the answer to this conundrum ?

      Moral and ethical character seems to be the answer.Whether it's secular or religious.

      Then the only question is - what constitutes moral & ethical character?

      We should know from history what does not constitute moral & ethical character through histories life lessons with war - poverty - disease - famine - etc and technology and how we use it or misuse it what should and should not be done in the future.Otherwise we have wasted our time and the time of those we claim to love in our lives and are destined to be the selfish creatures we currently are on the whole.

      We should think of ourselves as stewards of the planet and all life on it and not as simple creatures without consciousness on the level of the animal or mammal bodies we inhabit.

      Are we in fact Spiritual beings having a human experience or humans having a spiritual experience. If,we are spiritual beings that incarnate into human bodies and do so lifetime after lifetime.What is the purpose if not to learn from our experiences rather than degrade ourselves by continuing to act as if we were nothing but mammals with only one life and nothing else.

      We should instead live life as the eternal beings we really are but currently do not recognize on a mass scale.