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Coppers and Sherriffs and Patrol Folks (remastered)

Updated on February 17, 2020
Ericdierker profile image

An avid outdoorsman and trained in "first aid" Dierker has seen a lot of action around emergencies.


"Policing" really means to keep things all tidy and clean.
"Policing" really means to keep things all tidy and clean. | Source

First Responders

I always loved the phrase "if you are in trouble call a hippie". Still cracks me up and I did have a few years of being a hippie and a couple also on patrol. Let's just say I enjoy the humor and love the notion. So if you call for the cops, you might just get a hippie cop who only does it to fuel up his Volkswagen bus that he delivers food to homeless out of.

May I humbly suggest that if your house is on fire not to call your neighbor first to get out the hose, but rather 911 for firemen.

Some days are not as good as others. A bad crash right in front of me on the road back from my hiking. I did this deal and we paid good money for me to get re-certified in WEMT. (Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician) I think it was 911. Or maybe when my son was born. CPR and stitching someone up should be taught always. I guess they teach being sensitive these days.

My boy knows triage. You do get to hike in the Grand Canyon without knowing; breathing and bleeding, shock and dehydration and head trauma. Even when you are below 10. Nothing special really just mountain man stuff..

You do not have an ambulance. Arriving in under 12 minutes.

Saw Him In Phoenix. You Figure, Not My Job.

Just A Church

I walked here in 2001
I walked here in 2001 | Source

So Fast

I was pumping on his chest and holding my knee to staunch some blood going out. And blowing into his mouth.The Coppers, Sheriffs and Highway Patrol and firemen were there quicker than even a saint. Just get home and wash out the blood but do not let the boy and mom see it.

Patrolmen and Sheriff's deputies and police and firemen save lives so often. So all we see is that they killed someone.

I praise them. Young men and women sworn to protect and serve. Into fires they race. Into gunfire they respond. I am in there shadow.

They are the wind beneath our freedom.

Heroes Are Our People


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