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Corbyn Accuses Farage of Snake Oil Con.

Updated on May 10, 2019

Corbyn and Farage.

Jeremy Corbyn was in Kent, launching Labour's EU election campaign, at which, he spoke at length, to a gathered crowd.

Jeremy Corbyn lined his sights up, for a verbal attack on Nigel Farage. Mr Farage,, when speaking on 'The Sophy Ridge Show', aired on Sky News, challenged Mr Corbyn, to a live TV, debate.

Whether Mr Corbyn, was responding to this challenge, can be known only to him. However, Mr Corbyn accused the Brexit party leader, of selling 'snake oil', in other words, promising much, that would deliver, nothing, in the long run.

Mr Corbyn, painted a picture, of Mr Farage and his no deal Brexit, as a UK exit, for the rich and elite, amongst us. Leaving no protection, for jobs and workers rights, in this country, again according, to Mr Corbyn.

Mr Corbyn said Labour was the only party, that could see off, Farage and protect the UK modelled on tolerance, diversity and decency.

Mr Corbyn did acknowledge, however, that 17 million people, had voted to leave the EU, and, their vote, must be, honoured. The Brexit Party, under Mr Farage, is flying high in the polls, and, it will take a miracle, perhaps, to stop them, damaging, Labour and the Conservatives, in the EU elections.

Both the Conservatives and Labour, know that Mr Farage has tapped into a groundswell, of leaver anger. Anger from leavers, who feel, the two main parties, are not, honouring their vote, to leave the EU. It seems, many leavers, hate the fact that Labour and Tories (Conservatives) might arrive at a compromise deal, for Brexit. For example, that might include, still staying in some form of customs union with the EU, still allowing, perhaps, free movement of people from the continent, to the UK. Most hardline, leavers, want a complete break from the EU, nothing else, will cut it.

Mr Corbyn was asked how Brexit negotiations were going with Theresa May, he replied, it was difficult speaking, to a government, that is, disintegrating.

Mr Corbyn has been accused, of sitting on the fence, when it comes to Brexit, however, Mr Corbyn would not apologise. Mr Corbyn said Labour wanted an alternative Brexit, (as opposed to what Mrs May was offering, which, has been defeated thrice, in parliament), a general election or Labour would back, putting the vote, of whether the UK, should be in the EU, or not, back to the people.

EU Elections.

European Union parliamentary elections, will take place on, 23 - 26 May. EU citizens will elect MEPs, from various parties to this chamber, that decides, EU affairs.

Voters in each, of the bloc's countries, will vote to select, representatives, (MEPs-Members of the European Parliament), derived, from each nation and their, political parties.

Once elected, these MEPs, from the respective parties, of their home nations, will form, Pan-European groups.

These groups are formed through parties or MEPs, having a similar, ideology, be that, left or right.

751 seats are up for grabs, for the major and minor, political parties, of the UK. When eventually, the UK, does leave the EU, these seats, will reduce, from 751 to 705. With 27 of the UK's 73 seats, being given to other nation's, MEPs.

The Brexit party expected to be the biggest party, to gain more of those, 751 seats, has attracted, 90,000 members. Each new member, of this, fledgeling party, pays £25.00 to join.


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