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Corbyn-May Brexit Deal: How Likely?

Updated on April 4, 2019

May and Corbyn: A Date, No One Foresaw.

In reaching out to Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, this would appear to some, to be an absolute act of desperation. Having had her Brexit deal trashed both in and outside of parliament, with nowhere else to run, Theresa has reached out across the chasm of politics to grab, Jeremy's hand.

The Maybot and Jezza, are due to meet again today, possibly to knock out some deal, that Theresa before 12 April, can take back to Brussels. Mr Corbyn with his negotiating team, together with Mrs May and hers, met for the first time yesterday although Mr Corbyn said later last night, that the talks had been, "inconclusive".

There will be those in both Labour and the Conservatives, who will hate the very idea of a May-Corbyn deal. Especially, if this deal is presented before the EU, and agreed upon. This hypothetical deal, will then determine the UK's relationship with the EU, once the UK, is out of the EU.

Of course, this deal, if there is a deal, will have to be ratified by parliament perhaps, once this is done, it will hopefully be the deal that the EU will accept and the UK can then leave, making losers, sorry leavers, very happy bunnies, indeed. Well, they may be happy the UK has left the EU, but if the deal contains clauses where we are still close to the EU, like having to accept freedom of movement, the smile will soon leave the faces of those on the right, of the Tory party.

If there are mass resignations from leave ministers in the cabinet, this could see the end of Theresa May's days in office and possibly, a general election called. Jeremy Corbyn himself is not on the safe ground either, whether it be over Brexit or on other issues. His party is split over Brexit, so what will happen if there is an agreed May-Corbyn plan?

The UK was due to leave the EU on 29 March but, this did not happen. Instead, the EU agreed with Mrs May, to extend the leaving deadline until 12 April. Reason being, that if her plan was finally backed by MP's in parliament, then theoretically at least, the UK would leave the EU, with her deal intact.

However, if no deal is agreed upon, there is the looming notion, that the UK will leave without a deal, with all the chaos (or not) that might bring. Theresa May in parliament made it clear, there are contingency plans for a no deal Brexit, as did the EU.

As we approach that cliff-edge date 12 April, it is going to be interesting to see what transpires, as the clock ticks down, to that date.

Never In My Lifetime!

Did those people like Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson et al, realise the hornet's nest that would be unleashed, when people voted for leave on June 2016? The lies printed on Boris Johnson's battle bus, during the referendum campaign, about the millions we could get back from the EU, once, we were out, for the NHS? It is easy, to ascribe all the blame for the disaster we are in now, on the leave campaign. Probably though, it is not that simple, no doubt, lies were told on the remaining side, too.

No one group, party, individuals, whatever, comes up smelling of roses on this one. Over the 2 years since 52% voted to leave the EU, as opposed to 48% wishing to stay, the whole process has been an unmitigated disaster. From David Cameron, resigning the office of Prime Minister to the hapless Theresa May, taking over.

Never, since the time of Cromwell and Charles 1st, has there been a time when politics has been such a hot potato. Brexit has divided politicians, communities, groups, faiths, individuals, friends, families, etc.

There is genuine hatred between many leavers and remainers, it would appear that the establishment wished to remain in the EU largely, while it seemed many ordinary folks wished to leave the EU (but not exclusively). It seems immigration, was one issue, why so many working-class people voted to leave, as well as the austerity unleashed on the less well off, in this country, since Tory rule began in 2010. It seemed the populace at large, largely voted to leave the EU, in revenge against the government, led then by David Cameron.

Going back to the Cromwell scenario, there have even been rumours, of civil unrest, on the streets of the UK, for one reason or another, over Brexit.

Channelling Oliver Cromwell and the 1600's again, that word, 'civil war' has been used, meaning an armed conflict over Brexit, between the Leave and Remain sides. So far, though thank God, the war has been more of a war of words, with marches and counter-marches.

As Bob Dylan sang "The Times They Are Changing" but in what way remains to be seen.


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