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Corbyn: To Hand in His Notice.

Updated on December 13, 2019

Labour leader: Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn, gained his seat, in Islington, which will see him, once more, be an MP, for that area, in North London. What Mr Corbyn, did not gain, however, was a victory which would have seen him, be, the next occupant of No 10.

It seemed the writing was on the wall, for Labour, when an Exit Poll, seemed to give the Conservatives a thumping majority. Of course, polls are only speculative, however, as the night went on, the general election was becoming a nightmare for Labour. Blyth, a constituency that had been Labour for generations, fell to the Tories. Many other Labour seats fell to the Tories too, and, as morning broke, Boris Johnson, emerged with a comfortable majority.

It seems now with this massive mandate, Boris will take the UK out of the EU, and, a Queen's speech will follow, in the new year. The Queen's speech, written for her by the government of the day, will outline, Conservative policies, for the UK.

For many, this Conservative victory will be the harbinger, of disaster. Disaster for the poor and others who suffered under the Tory policy of austerity and the disastrous benefit known as Universal Credit. Poverty levels in this country are at a record high and food bank use (even amongst working people) has grown exponentially.

Many Brexiteers will welcome Boris's victory, as for sure, Boris's plan will take us out of the EU. However, Nigel Farage, admitted last night, that Boris's Brexit, was not his, however, he would accept it. Mr Farage's Brexit party was also a big loser in last nights general election, as they failed to capture 0 seats.

Mr Corbyn may stay on as leader until a successor is chosen. Mr Corbyn said, he and his party would be undergoing a period of "reflection". He said in the coming days, Labour, would be reviewing policy to see where the party was going. Mr Corbyn said for sure, he would not be leading Labour into another general election.

Labour's defeat, is the worst since 1935, with Labour having won 202 seats in this election. Back in 2017, Jeremy Corbyn had 262 seats in that general election. Back then, he reduced Theresa May's majority to a wafer thin one. Corbyn back then was riding high, he appeared at Glastonbury, with a huge audience cheering him on. His own movement in the Labour party, Momentum, was creating the Labour party, in Corbyn's image. Labour's manifesto, for the 2017 general election, 'For the many, not the few', seemed almost Biblical.

In this general election, Brexit was always going to be an issue, covering up bread and butter issues, unfortunately. Corbyn came off the fence about Brexit and said in any second referendum put to the people, whatever the result, he would be neutral. Corbyn, banged on about, the NHS, austerity etc, but it appears, it wasn't enough. Many working-class Labour voters voted for Brexit, and in this election, switched to Boris or the Brexit party, to gain what they voted for, Brexit. John McDonnell, Labour's shadow chancellor, admitted it really was about to quote Boris Johnson, "getting Brexit done".

Of course, as Labour MPs, members and supporters paw over the whys, wherefores and how Labour lost the election, there will be blame, mainly of the leadership. This is only natural after such a huge defeat, however, Labour must not fall into chaos and confusion, a civil war, if you will. Blairites might re-emerge from the woodwork and say having such a far-left agenda, was toxic to the majority of their supporters.

Of course, as Mr Corbyn says, a period of reflection will be necessary, but, after Christmas, Labour must look to the future.

Runners and Rider to Replace Corbyn.

Sir Keir Starmer - 2/1 favourite.

Rebecca Long-Bailey - 4/1.

Angela Rayner - 10/1.

Jess Phillips - 10/1.

Emily Thornberry - 10/1.

Yvette Cooper - 10/1.

John McDonnell - 14/1.

Clive Lewis - 18/1.

Lisa Nandy - 25/1.

Odds from Betfair - correct as of 7 am 13 Dec 2019.


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